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Ping wheel

The Ping Wheel.

Pings are callouts for communication with teammates without the need for voice or text communication. They cover many actions such as marking enemies, announcing loot, calling "dibs" on announced loot, telling teammates where you are going, and many others. Each ping triggers a voice line from your legend, and a text message in the chat if enabled.

Pings are bound to Middle / RB / R1 / RB by default. Holding the button brings up the ping wheel.

Location pings[ | ]

These pings put a marker on the map for everyone in your squad.

Basic ping[ | ]

Ping Basic

By default, the basic ping triggers a "let's go here" voice line. However, it can also be used to highlight and vocally point out items, map features, or enemy ability usage. The following things can be pinged with unique voice lines:

Ping wheel[ | ]

Ping wheel

The Ping wheel

Bringing up the ping wheel allows for seven more options. These pings do not change depending on what you ping. They are, in clockwise order:

  • Ping Enemy Here Enemy Here (default F on PC)
  • Ping Looting Here Looting Here
  • Ping Attacking Here Attacking Here
  • Ping Going Here Going Here
  • Ping Defending Here Defending Here
  • Ping Watching Here Watching Here
  • Ping Someones Been Here Someone's Been Here

Other location pings[ | ]

  • Ping Deathbox Banner When dead, you can ping the location of your death box for squadmates to find and retrieve your banner.
  • MapIcon Respawn Beacon When your squadmates have your banner, you can ping the nearest respawn beacon. If your teammates cannot reach and use the nearest beacon before The Ring closes over it, it will instead ping the closest beacon that is inside The Ring.
  • Ping Nice You can ping a Holospray to like it. If it was dropped by an enemy, the enemy will see your ping. There are no voice line associated with this ping.

Legend specific pings[ | ]

  • Bloodhound: Bloodhound can pings Tracker Tracker clues to report to teammates, with details such as time ago show up in the kill feed. The general voice line and icon will be based on Ping Someones Been Here Someone's Been Here ping, while clues that indicate combat will utilize the Ping Recent Battle Recent Battle pings.
  • Mirage: Ping Decoy Shot Mirage's decoys automatically ping the location they get shot from.
  • Wattson: Ping Fence Crossed Wattson's fences automatically ping enemies that cross them.
  • Crypto: Ping Someones Been Here While in drone view, Crypto can ping a banner display to announce how many squads are nearby.
  • Ash: Ping Enemy Here Ash's Marked for Death Marked for Death passive allows her to ping enemies by interacting with Death Boxes. She can also ping recently-created Death Boxes from any distance within the map view, by clicking on the skull icons in it; details such as time ago will show up in the kill feed.
  • Vantage: Pinging enemies with Spotter's Lens Spotter's Lens will report with voiceline and message in killfeed of that particular enemy's armor type and how many players are alive in their squad. Killfeed will also report the Legend type.

Vocal pings[ | ]

These pings only trigger voice lines for yourself and squadmates.

Response pings[ | ]

The following are options when pinging another squadmate's ping:

  • Ping Ok Ok - used to acknowledge a basic ping, an Enemy Here ping, or a Someone's Been Here ping
  • Ping No No
  • Ping I Can't I Can't
  • Ping Join I'll Join You - response to Looting / Attacking / Going / Defending / Watching Here pings
  • Ping Dibs Dibs - response to weapon or item pings, to indicate you want that item

Thanking squadmates[ | ]

When a squadmate revives you, or when you pick up an item that a squadmate dropped or pinged, you have the option to thank them. They have the option to respond with 'you're welcome'.

You can also thank squadmates for putting down Dimensional Rift Dimensional Rifts, D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. Heal Drones, Dome of Protection Domes Of Protection, or a Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique using the basic ping.

Requesting items[ | ]

Using the ping button in inventory menus allows you to request certain loot items from your squadmates.

  • Ping a gear, attachment, or survival slot to request that attachment or piece of gear.
  • Ping one of your weapons, or the ammo required for the weapon, to request the appropriate type of Ammo.
  • Ping an item in the Health Kit wheel to request health or shields.
  • Ping your Ultimate's icon in the inventory screen to indicate its readiness.

Other vocal pings[ | ]

  • Using the ping button on a downed squadmate announces that you're coming to help them.
  • Using the ping button on a dead squadmate's death box suggests that you should retrieve their banner.
  • Using the ping button on a reviving enemy to alert your squadmates.
  • When down, you can use the Ping Help Help ping to alert your squadmates that you need to be revived.
  • Wraith can share the warnings she gets from Voices from the Void Voices from the Void.
  • Seer can share whether or not he detects anyone when he uses Heart Seeker Heart Seeker.
  • Attempting to use healing items when you do not have any will have you ask for health or shield.