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The universe of Apex Legends spans many planets in many star systems. They are divided into two regions: the Core Systems and the Frontier.


The Frontier was initially discovered and settled by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and its various subsidiaries, each with conflicting motivations behind the colonization effort. One reason, however, is the most prevalent: Resources. The exploration and the colonization of the Frontier gave a major boost to IMC's support in the Core Systems.

Frontier colonization ramped up with the passage of the IMC Serviceman's Readjustment Act (the IMC's so-called "G.I. Bill"), which awarded veterans of IMC-backed military campaigns in the Core Systems various benefits; loans to start businesses and farms on the Frontier, low-cost mortgages and guaranteed property rights on Frontier worlds to start new lives. This new rush of settlers still had the combat skills they have acquired over the course of the conflict, including commandeering Titans.

In time, conflict erupted yet again in the Core Systems and this has led to neglect from the IMC of the Frontier settlers for decades. This has allowed the development of the Frontier largely independent from the IMC, the growth of fiercely independent culture, and the rise of lawlessness in the area. The conflicts in the Core Systems eventually ended with the IMC as the victor. Exhausted of resources from decades of war, however, the IMC decided to return to the Frontier en masse and seeing the Frontier colonies thriving, declared eminent domain - citing their initial investment in the Frontier's colonization. Planets were seized and mining installations propped up at astonishing speeds, Frontier settlers meanwhile, were forcibly relocated or evicted from their homes. The various perceived injustices led to the formation of the "Frontier Militia", a confederation of various planetary armies, pirate and mercenary groups with one goal in mind: protect the Frontier and their way of life from the IMC.

The formation of the Militia and its subsequent attacks on IMC garrisons was what was presumably the reason for the start of the Titan Wars in 2671. The wars went on for twenty-one years and ended in the IMC's victory. Only fifteen years after this conflict, however, the Frontier War began. The Militia victory in the Battle of Demeter turned the tide of war and put the IMC on the defensive, cut off from supplies from the Core Systems, the remaining IMC forces limped on as the Remnant Fleet. The war eventually ended after the Battle of Gridiron, which left both the Militia and the IMC with no capabilities to wage more battles.

With the end of the Frontier War sometime after 2715 after the final battle at Gridiron, a group of star systems on the fringe of the Frontier known as the Outlands were left to fend for themselves as IMC forces withdrew. A Civil War between these planets began in 2716 in wake of the power vacuum left behind by the IMC. Around 7 years later in 2723 when the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty ended it. The six planetary governments who signed the treaty were then formally organized as "Syndicate Space", ruled by a group calling themselves the Mercenary Syndicate, the rest of the planets in the Outlands became known as the "Fringe Worlds".

One of these Fringe Worlds, Salvo, formally joined Syndicate Space in 2734 after more than a decade of resistance.

Core Systems[]

The Core Systems include Earth, its solar system, and other solar systems easily accessible from Earth. Little is known about the geopolitical state of these systems, except that these surrounding planets and systems are heavily populated and polluted, and have a lack of resources. These factors may have been the reason the IMC explored and colonized the frontier in the first place.

The Frontier[]

The Frontier is an unusually dense cluster of habitable planets. Discovered in 2292, the Frontier was primarily colonized by the IMC, as they had the only ships capable of making the long journey.[1]


Angel City

Angelia is a planet in the Frontier. Not much is known about the planet, other than that it is home to Angel City, one of the first settlements in the Frontier and one of the largest cities to ever be on the Frontier, home to millions, if not tens of millions of people. Angel City had a massive angel statue in its harbor, and according to grunt chatter, is supposed to represent peace and unity across the Frontier, which is ironic because the Frontier, at the time, was deep in civil war due to the IMC oppressing the residents of the Frontier. Angel City has been mostly abandoned by 2734, with the Legend Valkyrie calling it a “ghost town”. The current state of the city may be due to the Frontier war.

The company AI Logic, also known as Chevrex inc., was founded in the Harbor district in Angel City in 2445, by one of Lifeline's ancestors. During the Frontier War, the IMC instituted martial law on the planet and constructed giant walls separating the districts of the city. Travel between districts was heavily monitored and the harbor district's inhabitants aren't even allowed to leave their district. At some point in the Frontier War, before the Battle of Demeter, the Frontier Militia went to the planet to retrieve a legendary pilot, Robert "Barker" Taube, who is supposedly "the guy that can fly anything." A battle ensued and the Militia was able to extract Barker, but at the cost of many Militia infantry and pilots.

It is the home planet of Viper, as well as vipers wife and Valkyrie, as well as some of Lifeline's family.


Black water canal.

Cibus is a planet on the Frontier, in between the refueling planet Demeter, and the major world Gridiron. A mountainous planet, with at least one moon and fauna that is very similar to those of Typhon, it is mainly used for refueling ships and was filled with refueling facilities and repair and refit stations. Although large, the planet's refueling facilities were a far cry from those of Demeter's.

Many of the refueling depots on Cibus were owned by the Dionysus Corporation, a subsidiary of the IMC, one of these being Black Water Canal. After the Battle of Demeter, the Remnant Fleet used the facilities to be able to travel faster around the Frontier, harass Militia fleets, and conduct resource raids on Militia planets and shipping lanes.


Demeter seen from space

Demeter is a planet on the edge of the Frontier. Nicknamed "the Gateway", Demeter is the closest planet to the Core Systems, and was the first planet in the frontier colonized by the IMC, and as such contains major refueling stations and other infrastructure critical for ships making the journey between the Core Systems and the Frontier, making the journey take only mere weeks instead of multiple years. Due to the significance and value of the planet, the IMC has stationed at least 1/3 of its entire Frontier naval capacity to defend the planet.

The planet orbits a dying red giant star, and has at least four moons.[2] At least one of the moons is inhabited and has an IMC Air force base named Airbase Sierra. During the battle of Demeter, the base was attacked by the Militia in hopes of grounding a large portion of the IMC navy forces

In the penultimate mission in Titanfall, the Frontier Militia attacked and successfully destroyed the refueling station, leaving the IMC forces stranded without backup. Five years later, during the Battle of Typhon, the refueling infrastructure has yet to be rebuilt, and IMC reinforcements have yet to arrive on the frontier, with the IMC promising that they would have arrived in only 2 years, but have taken over 5. Due to this, the Frontier Militia was able to take back over a quarter of the Frontier during those years due to the low number of IMC forces.


Eden, its ring system, and its moons.

Eden is a planet in the frontier in the Yuma system, named due to its favorable Earth-like conditions. It has at least two moons and a ring system.

IMC marketing advertised the planet to colonists as the perfect place to live, filled with lush, verdant forests, and diverse wildlife. Multiple colonists moved to the planet, expecting a new life, away from all the industrialization and pollution prevalent in the Core Systems, but once the IMC found massive fuel deposits in the planet's crust, everything changed. When the IMC made the discovery public, like all the other planets in the system, they started to establish massive mines and quarries, using methods like fracking to get access to untapped resources. After the industrialization of the planet, many of the natural environments like the large forests became deserts, and many species of flora and fauna alike became endangered or extinct. The mining industry on the planet displaced many of the residents and many of the cities became largely abandoned, with most of the population being IMC contractors and mechanized workers. Due to the fracking, the planet has become geologically unstable, causing massive earthquakes and ripping the landscape apart, causing massive fault lines to create mountain-like structures that soared through Eden's sky. In the concept art, Eden is shown to have at least 2 moons, with one being earth-like and the other, a smaller one looking similar to Mars, and in gameplay, the planet also has a set of rings as well.

  • Arcadia Heights - located in the Meng Desert.


TF2 Rise.png

Gridiron is a desert planet and is the homeworld of Bangalore. It appears in Titanfall as an IMC-controlled planet that is heavily terraformed, although it is still blanketed in its home star's radiation making it unsafe, and possibly even lethal, to stand outside for more than a few seconds.

The planet has a population of 90 million and was the most populous planet on the Frontier to date. The only known city on the planet is New Anchorage. Before the Battle of Gridiron, the planet had an IMC base named Training Ground Whitehead, with aspiring pilots going to the base to train. The base is protected by a 400-mile no-fly zone, and unauthorized vehicles detected in the area are either shot down or signaled to leave before the IMC uses lethal force on the incoming vehicle. At about 100 miles away from Training ground Whitehead, there is an abandoned reservoir, that has been converted into a Militia covert listening post, named Rise. The militia used the base to spy on the nearby base and was intended to be used as a staging point to attack Training ground whitehead. At some point after the battle of Demeter but before the battle of Typhon, the IMC detected the base and launched an attack on it, with a battle soon ensuing between the Militia and IMC forces.

Gridiron was the site of the last battle in the Frontier War, after which no one was able to return from, but it's understood that the war ended in the IMC's defeat and the Militia's victory, though both factions would seemingly disappear afterward and leave the war-ravaged Frontier to govern itself...


The planet Harmony, including its moon

Harmony is a planet in the Freeport System. The planet had at least one moon and had an overall population of over 40 million inhabitants. Harmony's main industry is farming, with its landscape mainly being farmland with odd towns scattered in between.

After the Battle of Demeter, Harmony became the Frontier Militia's headquarters and was the target of resource raids by the IMC's Remnant Fleet. Due to its status as the core Militia world, however, it was the IMC's main target for the Fold Weapon.

Harmony is the homeworld of the legendary Militia pilot Tai Lastimosa.

  • Nexus- A small farming town that was attacked by the IMC during the frontier war, at some point after the battle of Demeter. Nexus is the only 'real' Titanfall map located on harmony, with 2 other maps in Titanfall 2 only being a digital representation of Harmony.


Leviathan's hostile surface

Leviathan is a planet in the Badlands system. It is the homeworld of the gargantuan creatures also called Leviathans. There have been theories that many of the other alien fauna found all over the Frontier, the reptilian Prowler, the large dragon-like Flyers, and even the hulking Goliaths also came from this planet.

The planet is mainly desert, with multiple, humid swamps. These planetary conditions are hospitable for humans, though the local wildlife is not. The population of the planet has depleted to less than 100,000, due to its extremely hostile wildlife. To combat this, IMC scientists created the Repulsor Tower. This new technology made the wildlife stay away from cities and IMC facilities. One of the facilities, named Base Golden, was used to create and test the Repulsor Towers, used all over the frontier in modern times. The base was abandoned about 20 years before the Battle of Demeter, and during some point after the Fracture Operation, the base was a site of a battle, with the Militia trying to download some of the information on how the Repulsor Tower works so they can re-engineer the technology to create the "ice pick", which would be used later in the Titanfall campaign.


Colony G21

Troy is a planet in the system dubbed Sector Bravo-217, near the Yuma system.

The planet was previously unknown and unexplored by the IMC, and it stayed untouched until the Titan Wars, when the IMC ship IMS Odyssey, mutinied against the IMC and decided to land on the planet, away from the IMCs grasp. The crew established a colony they called colony G21, with a population of about 94. About 15 years later, after the Fracture Operation, a Militia fleet detected a signal coming from the system, a distress call coming from the colony due after an IMC attack. After both fleets arrived in the system, a battle ensued and the former IMC legend, James MacAllan, formerly neutral, sided with the Frontier Militia. After the First Battle of troy, many colonists were either killed during the battle or captured by the IMC and were transported to an unknown location to be tested on by the ARES Division, specifically General Marder. At some point in time after the battle of Typhon, the colony seems to have recovered from the first battle but was attacked again after the battle of Typhon. It is unknown what became of the colony after the Frontier war. The terrain of the planet seems to be very mountainous and yet tropical. How the tropical climate and the massive mountains/ canyons came to be must have been caused by acidic rivers, forming large canyons, or some other cause.


The 9th Militia fleet arrives at Typhon

Typhon was a planet in the Frontier. It was Wraith's home planet, and the site of the campaign of Titanfall 2. It had at least one moon, Orthros, which was shattered by the IMC testing the Fold weapon.

It was the site of at least one ARES Division research laboratory, most likely focused on the huge installation ARES dubbed the "Fold Weapon", left behind by an advanced alien civilization, that is presumably extinct. When the Militia found out about the Fold weapon, they sent in the 9th militia fleet, and a large battle ensued. During the end of the battle, pilot Jack Cooper caused the fold weapon to backfire, destroying Typhon, because his titan, BT-7274 sacrificed himself to save the militia planet Harmony, the main target for the fold weapon. Before the battle of Typhon, genetic experimentation was conducted on some medusa vines, with the experiment called project: LEGACY. The end product of the experiment produced a new type of Medusa vines that can grow rapidly, are almost impervious to any form of damage, and release deadly pollen that when exposed to humans, can cause symptoms like bleeding from the eyes and other unknown symptoms, and die of unknown causes 72 hours after symptoms first appear. 18 years after Typhon was destroyed, around 2733, a salvaging fleet called the 'Icarus fleet', with the flagship being named the Icarus, entered the system to salvage what was left of the massive battle that occurred there. During salvaging, they seemed to come across the modified Medusa vines, and somehow, they boarded every ship and killed all the crew, and in 2734, entered the system Psamathe resided in, and the Icarus docked into Olympus, a city on Psamathe.


Fracture loading screen

Victor is a planet in the frontier in the Yuma system, the same system Eden is located in.

The planet was once verdant in lifelike Eden, with IMCs marketing campaigns making the same claims they did with Eden, many communities and cities were built on the planet. The planet was known for being very wealthy. Also like Eden, the IMC discovered massive fuel reservoirs deep beneath the crust. This chain of events caused the IMC to start mining the planet, affecting the residents due to the IMC using fracking, causing many areas to be seismically unstable. Due to this, the IMC evicted much of the population, or the population left on their own, due to the numerous dangers on Victor forcing the wealthy to abandon the planet. At some point before the Battle of Demeter, the 1st Militia Fleet of the Freeport Brigade raided some of the fuel depots on the planet, in an abandoned city on Victor, but suffered heavy casualties due to the IMC knowing the raids beforehand. During the battle, rifleman Jack cooper was deployed and suffered a head injury, causing Jack to forget the entire battle due to amnesia. The battle would be known as the "Fracture Operation".

The Outlands[]

The Outlands is a small cluster of planets on the fringes of the Frontier. Travel from the Core Systems to the Outlands takes roughly 20 years.[3] Initially colonized in the 2300s, the Outlands was controlled by the IMC for most of its history, primarily because of its military and mining outposts. From 2713 to 2719, the IMC began to retract from the Outlands to focus its efforts on the Frontier War. The Outlands Civil War ran from 2716 to 2723, and ended with the Mercenary Syndicate Treaty; the six planets that signed became Syndicate Space, while the rest became the independent Fringe Worlds. Recently, one of the Fringe Worlds, Salvo, joined the Syndicate Space

Syndicate Space[]


Solace is a desert planet in the Outlands, where it is always summer. It is considered to be the center of the Outlands because of its location. It is infamous for its lawlessness.[4] Previously controlled by the IMC as a research and development outpost, Solace now falls under Syndicate jurisdiction. Inhabiting fauna include Flyers and Leviathans, along with many floral species. Although the Leviathans and Flyers are the only canon creatures inhabiting Solace, there are four fish-like organisms in the Gibraltar banner frame 'Catch of the day' and two eel-like creatures in the Wattson banner frame ‘Electric feels’ and are believed to be native to Solace’s oceans, though this is not yet confirmed.

It is the home planet of Gibraltar, Mirage, Revenant, and Wattson.

Locations include:

  • Kings Canyon - Formerly an IMC military base on the Duchess River, now an arena for the Apex Games.
  • Kómma - A former IMC controlled city that used to thrive with gambling, clubs, and home to various questionable activities, now a ghost town. When Mirage crashed the Mirage Voyage into its downtown plaza, he struck a deal with its current owner, allowing Ash to convert it into the arena "Party Crasher".[5]
  • Solace City - One of the only large cities on the planet[4], positioned near the coast of the Nostos Ocean. Home of Mirage and his bar, the Paradise Lounge.
  • Eelhead Bay - A fishing village that became part of Solace City. Home of Wattson.
  • Little Mouse - A small town 10 km outside of Solace City, and home of Gibraltar's family since Solace was first colonized.[3]


Talos is a volcanic planet in the Outlands. Initially deemed uninhabitable, after the discovery of a rare mineral compound, the IMC invested in cooling towers to make the landscape inhabitable. Today, the planet falls under Syndicate jurisdiction. The fauna inhabiting the cooled areas of Talos include Prowlers and Goliaths. It is the home planet of Bloodhound.

Locations include:

  • World's Edge - Formerly an IMC mining outpost, now an arena for the Apex Games.
  • Phase Runner - A prototype phase runner located at the peak of a mountain, now an arena for the Arenas Mode.
  • Hephaestus Station - Commonly known as Overflow, it is an automatic Branthium-processing station located among magma flows. Now it's also used as an arena for the Arenas Mode.
  • Bloodhound's village - A small community of hunters who spurn modern technology, located near World's Edge.


Psamathe (pronounced suh-MATH-ee[6]) is a metropolitan planet in the Outlands, distinguished for its high cost of living. The planet is ruled by an oligarchy of the richest residents, in which the head of the most powerful families participates in a governing council; in practice, the family instead sent representatives that are under their employ. Although it has no official military, there are numerous personal armies owned by citizens. It is the smallest planet in the Outlands.[4]. In 2734, a fleet (later found to be sent by Eduardo Silva) entered the atmosphere of Psamathe, carrying a modified version of Medusa vines, and started to infect the city of Olympus. It is the home planet of Lifeline, Octane, and Horizon, as well as where Pathfinder was created.

Locations include:

  • Olympus - A floating city in the sky, now an arena for the Apex Games.
  • Malta - Another metropolitan city. Fight Night takes place here, as does the Season 7 Quest, Family Portrait.
  • Dionysus - Psamathe's moon. A "resort moon" for people to live their richest fantasies. An extremely exclusive getaway destination.[4]


ConceptArt Robin Lhebrard Suotamo.jpg

Gaea is a planet in the Outlands with a large urban population, although most of the planet's population live on farms.[4] Like Psamathe, it also has its own police force, the Gaea Global Task Force, who are infamously ruthless.[7] Likewise, their leaders are said to be very tyrannical.[4]

It is the home planet of Caustic, Crypto, and Rampart.

Locations include:

  • Storm Point - A tropical island.
  • Amelia Mountain Range - Wild jungle area which is home to the Carthage spiders, a Mammoth-class arachnid that releases an extremely toxic gas when in danger or hunting.
  • Suotamo - One of the largest cities in the Outlands. Known for its resemblance to Angel City, including a similar angel statue.[4] Ticacek Orphanage is located here and is where Crypto grew up.
  • Zaldana City - Former home of Humbert Labs, where Alexander Nox was supposedly found dead.
  • Hollygrove - Caustic's birthplace


Salvo seen from space.

Salvo is a planet that was formerly one of the Fringe Worlds. It has recently come under new leadership and agreed to become the seventh planet in Syndicate Space[8]. Before syndicate rule, the planet was a constant warzone with warlords assuming control of the planet, only to be overthrown by another warlord, etc..., and the planet seems to have been in a perpetual state of war for over 50 years. It is the home planet of the legend Fuse and the terrorist Margaret "Mad Maggie' Kōhere.



Boreas is planet in the Outlands. It is the home planet of Seer.

It has a robust textile industry, which leads to a ubiquity of moths throughout the planet’s culture, traditions, and even their superstitions. A famous folktale, "The Moth and the Flame” is well known on the planet.[9] In 2708, a meteor struck its moon and shaved off a significant portion of said moon's landmass. The rapidly deteriorating condition of the moon is stated to cause regular meteor showers on Boreas' surface and atmosphere, disturbing changes in the planet's tides, rising temperatures at the poles, and plummeting temperatures at the equator. Reports had stated that if nothing is done, Boreas will be unlivable in 50-70 years.[10]

Locations include:

  • Chikuum - One of the larger cities. Home of "The Foundry Arenas", where Seer participated in many Arenas matches. The "Encore" arena is located there.


Tartarus is a Syndicate planet, nothing else is known about it.

Fringe Worlds[]

These are the Outlands planets that had not joined the Syndicate Space.



  • The Outlands are sometimes treated as separate from the rest of the Frontier. Senior writer Ashley Reed explained that this is because the Outlands were not as affected by wars or the Blackout as most of the Frontier was. The Outlands were initially nothing more than just a remote section of the Frontier, but now it acts distinctly from the rest of the Frontier thanks to more favorable circumstances.[13]