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YTtn sfto promise
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Release date Oct 26, 2020
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Length 4:12
Promotes Season 7

Promise is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on October 26, 2020, to promote Season 7 Season 7.

Synopsis[ | ]

In Olympus, Psamathe, astrophysicist Dr. Mary Somers is hired to find solutions to prevent an energy crisis in the Outlands. She and her assistant, Dr. Ashleigh Reid, find potential in a supermassive element they call branthium - with an atomic number of 150, the element can only be found in the accretion disk of a black hole. To her young child, Newton Somers, she describes the upcoming mission like a fairytale, with herself as a hero travelling to a distant land to find crystals to save the kingdom. Newton is scared for her safety and worried about being away from his mother for so long, so Dr. Somers promises to be back soon.

When they arrive at black hole 2427-SR, Dr. Reid stays behind in the ship while Dr. Somers' shuttle tethers closer to the accretion disk to collect a sample. She successfully generates a sample and sends it back to the main ship, but Dr. Reid, evidently working with another party, betrays Dr. Somers and disconnects the tether. Drifting towards the event horizon, 246 days pass for Dr. Somers, but for the rest of the world, 87 years pass. Eventually, Dr. Somers manages to generate another branthium sample, and uses it to slingshot herself out of the black hole's gravitational pull.

Returning to Olympus, Dr. Somers finds the city to be abandoned with no evidence left in her home as to what happened to Newton. Although devastated, she remains determined to find a way to keep her promise.

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