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Health 120
Appears on World's Edge
Storm Point
Disambig For the weapon, see Prowler Burst PDW.

Prowlers are a species of large carnivore found on many planets in the Frontier. In-game, they are NPC enemies found on Storm Point and World's Edge.

Behavior[ | ]

Prowlers have 120 health and will run up to players and perform rapid melee attacks dealing 30 damage each hit.

On World's Edge, prowlers spawn inside of Bloodhound's Trials when a player activates the panels in the center. There are three waves of prowlers to unleash and defeat, and each defeated wave opens a compartment with loot in it.

On Storm Point, prowlers spawn periodically from Prowler Dens, and drop a few items of loot on death. Killing all prowlers in a nest (a local cluster of dens) rewards each squad member Materials30.

In Shadow Royale, squads with only one non-shadow player remaining receive an allied prowler pet. It has only 50 health, but will respawn after [?] seconds. Prowlers were also the primary enemy in the Hunts in The Broken Ghost.

Lore[ | ]

Prowlers are a species of large quadruped with a carnivorous diet. Originally found on the planet Leviathan, the prowler has since spread to most planets in the Frontier and the Outlands; they have become common across the various planets due to this, becoming an invasive species and outcompeting many native lifeforms on their respective planets, causing permanent ecological damage. Their sudden increase in population after the conversion of World's Edge into an arena necessitated population control measures. Biologically, they have similarities to lions or dinosaurs, though many characters refer to prowlers like dogs, indicating a canine-like behavior or role in the ecosystem. Despite this, tame prowlers have only been seen in Shadow Revenant's dimension.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Prowler meat tastes like chicken.[1]
  • According to Caustic, the smell of meat activates their instinctive gnashing response.[2]
  • A Prowler's brain weighs 227 grams.[3]
  • Prowlers have five stomachs.[4]
  • Prowler urine smells like buttered popcorn.[5]

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