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Quinton willis

Quentin Willis was a high-ranking member of the Mercenary Syndicate.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Boss Quentin Willis was a Mercenary Syndicate official. He had spent time as a mob boss, having attempted to call an underling who had been accidentally murdered at a restaurant in Malta, Psamathe.[1] By 2733, he utilized a 4-legged mobility device to move around.

Forever Family[ | ]

After gaining power within the Syndicate, Willis obtained a powerful prediction algorithm that he sought to use to fix matches of the Apex Games. He hired independent contractors Tae Joon Park and Mila Alexander in 2731 to develop specialized camera systems to broadcast the Games, discretely including a copy of the algorithm with his instructions. After the two discovered it, he sent his men to abduct Alexander, framing Park for her murder.[2]

Overtime[ | ]

In 2733, a man who worked under Willis took an encrypted communications unit from Willis and attempted to give it to Crypto in exchange for protection.[3] Willis hired Revenant to retrieve the device, promising the deactivation of his source code as payment. After the simulacrum apprehended Crypto and Mirage, Willis landed nearby in his personal dropship. He confronted Crypto, whom he revealed to have known to be Tae Joon Park. Decrypting the communications unit, it activated to reveal Mila Alexander on the other end. The reunion was cut short after the vessel took off, after which Wraith arrived to assist in fighting Willis and his goons. As a result of this skirmish, the craft crashed into a local hospital, leveling it.

After Willis dragged himself out from the rubble, his plot to fix the Games was revealed. He begged Revenant for assistance, but was impaled by the simulacrum, who reminded him that he had promised death.[4]

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