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It's Pride Month with Fandom, and Apex Legends' colorful cast of characters includes plenty of LGBTQIA+ representation: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Fuse, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Seer, and Valkyrie. A big thank you to everyone who has helped make those articles and the whole wiki what they are!

There will also be three roundtable discussions in the Fandom Discord server over the month: Discussing LGBTQIA+ video games and characters on June 15, LGBTQIA+ icons and activists on June 22, and a discussion with LGBTQIA+ wiki admins on June 29.


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Season Quests, often shortened to Quests, are campaigns that slowly progress throughout a season. Quests were introduced in Season 5.svg Season 5.


A quest's story is divided into parts that get unlocked on a weekly basis. For "The Broken Ghost", the story is told through on-screen text with each part having a different narrator. For the later quests, the story is told through comics done by Dark Horse Comics. Completing the quest's story will reward the player with an Epic weapon skin and a Legendary Charm.svg Charm. Quests returned to on-screen text upon "Trouble in Paradise".


Icon for the PvE missions.

Quests sometimes come with PvE missions. So far, the only quest that has them is "The Broken Ghost".


Quests also serve as a login bonus. Once per day, players can collect a Treasure Pack.svg Treasure Pack from a random supply bin.

Rewards include Epic Charm.svg Charms, Apex Pack.svg Apex Packs, Crafting Metals 15, and Stars.svg Battle Pass Stars (prior to Season 7.svg Season 7, it was Stars.svg Challenge Points).

Players can purchase any missed Treasure Packs for Apex Coins 25 each.

List of Quests[]

Season Quest Description PvE Enemies PvE Map
Season 5.svg
Season 5
"The Broken Ghost" Loba Andrade hunts for nine pieces of a priceless relic, and compels the other Legends to help her assemble it. But the true price of success might be more than anyone is willing to pay. Prowlers,
Shadow Prowlers
Transition Kings Canyon After Dark.png
Kings Canyon After Dark
Season 6.svg
Season 6
"The First Ship" Modder Ramya "Rampart" Parekh needs capital to rebuild her incinerated shop—and those treasure packs scattered around World's Edge and Kings Canyon are looking nice and valuable. Help her nick a few and she might let you skim off the top. None None
Season 7.svg
Season 7
"Family Portrait" The hunt for an antique battery forces Lifeline, Gibraltar, Octane and Pathfinder to confront their pasts, as families are reunited, secrets are uncovered, and their loved ones are taken hostage! But who's the real villain in this story? You only think you know...
Season 8.svg
Season 8
"Armageddon" Mad Maggie, a Salvonian freedom fighter and Fuse's oldest friend, has unleashed mayhem upon the Apex Games! She makes only one demand: THE LEGENDS MUST BRING HER FUSE'S OTHER ARM AS A TROPHY! Fuse, Lifeline, and Bloodhound team up to take her down – but will tensions within the group destroy them before they get the chance?
Season 9.svg
Season 9
"The Legacy Antigen" A mysterious fleet of abandoned ships...a city under siege by nature itself...the people they love, with only hours left to live... Follow the Legends as they hunt for the cure every Tuesday, here in Quests...and the stories of their loved ones fighting for survival a few days later, by following @PlayApex on Twitter!
Season 11.svg
Season 11
"Trouble in Paradise" Ash has regained old memories that draw her to an important piece of her past. Horizon finds a clue to her son’s fate, but doesn’t like where it leads. Both want something out of reach. What will they do to get it?
Season 12.svg
Season 12
"The Perfect Son" Duardo Silva - Octane’s father - has framed Mad Maggie for the sabotage of Olympus. When Maggie, Octane, and Lifeline discover evidence of Duardo’s plans, they hunt for the truth, which will alter their friendship - and the Outlands - forever.
Season 13.svg
Season 13
"Family Secrets" For two people who have just met, Bangalore and Newcastle have a lot of words for each other. But when Wraith and Mirage hear something alarming, they set out to uncover the secret hanging between the bickering duo -- forgetting that sometimes, the truth hurts.

Season 10.svg Season 10 has no Quest. However, the Treasure Pack system is still in place. In addition, it introduces Apex Chronicle during the second half of the season with Old Ways, New Dawn.

Community-drawn comics[]

Each of the current quests have continuations or side stories that are not found in the game; they are comics that are posted on the official Twitter account. Instead of Dark Horse Comics, these comics were done by artists from the community. The comics are still canon since they were officially commissioned by Respawn Entertainment.

According to former writer Tom Casiello, some of the reasons they do this include the following:[1]

  • It allow artists to be experimental and play with panel size/shape/layout. There are many restrictions placed on the in-game comics, such as limits to the number of panels or being limited to only rectangular panels. It also minimizes scrutiny on the artist.
  • It prevents spoilers from dataminers, since the Twitter comics cannot be found in the game. This is Tom Casiello's personal favorite reason.

List of Community-drawn comics[]


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