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Quips are special voice lines each legend says during the Champion presentation or when they kill an enemy. They can also be equipped to the Quip Wheel.

Types[ | ]

Intro Quips[ | ]

Intro Quip Icon

Intro Quips are voice lines that the match's Champion says during the Champion presentation.

Kill Quips[ | ]

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Kill Quips are voice lines players hear when they get killed. After performing a finisher on a player, you will also hear your own kill quip, but nearby enemies can hear it as well.

Quip Wheel[ | ]

The quip wheel can be activated by holding the H/Down/Down button. This wheel contains up to 8 quips, Holo-Spray Holo-Sprays, or Emotes that players have unlocked and equipped. When playing your quips from this wheel, nearby enemies can hear them. It always has a "Celebration" quip at the top, which will trigger a voice line to congratulate their team on their good work. You can also bring up the Ping wheel by scrolling left or right. When crouching 3 times in a short time or after killing an enemy, an option to either play a random quip, throw a Holo-Spray Holo-Spray, or do an Emote will pop up.

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