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The subject of this article appears in Apex Legends.

R-99 SMG
Rapid-fire automatic SMG.
Type Sub machine gun
Fire modes Auto Icon.svg Auto
Ammo type Light Rounds.svg Light Rounds
Manufacturer Lastimosa Armory Icon.png Lastimosa Armory
Attachment slots
Barrel StabilizersExtended Light MagOpticsStandard Stock
Damage & Tactical
11 17 (1.5×) 9 (0.8×)
Rate of fire (RPM) 1080
Damage per second 198
Magazine size 20 / 22 / 24 / 27
Tac reload time 1.8 / 1.74 / 1.68 / 1.62
Full reload time 2.45 / 2.37 / 2.29 / 2.21

The R-99 SMG, or R-99, is a fully-automatic sub machine gun that utilizes Light Rounds.svg Light Rounds.



Main article: Attachments

Damage profile[]

Target Modifiers Damage.svg Damage Shots to kill
100 HP 150 HP 175 HP 200 HP 225 HP
Head None 17 6 9 11 12 14
Helmet.svg LV. 1 15 7 10 12 14 15
Helmet.svg LV. 2 14 8 11 13 15 17
Helmet.svg LV. 3/4 13 8 12 14 16 18
Body None 11 10 14 16 19 21
Fortified.svg Fortified 9 12 17 20 23 25
Leg None 9 12 17 20 23 25
Fortified.svg Fortified 7 15 22 25 29 33


Purchasing Base ★★ ★★★
Upgrade Materials450 Materials150 Materials300 Materials300
Total Materials600 Materials900 Materials1200
Attachment ★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Barrel Stabilizer.svg Barrel Stabilizer
Extended Light Mag.svg Extended Light Mag
Standard Stock.svg Standard Stock
1x HCOG Classic.svg 1x HCOG "Classic"
1x Holo.svg 1x Holo
1x-2x Variable Holo.svg 1x-2x Variable Holo
2x HCOG Bruiser.svg 2x HCOG “Bruiser”
1x Digital Threat.svg 1x Digital Threat

Advanced Stats[]

Variable Value Notes
id r97 How the weapon is referred to in the files.
fire_rate 18 Expressed in rounds per second.
projectile_launch_speed 21000 Expressed in hammer units per second. Equals to 533 m/s.
headshot_distance 1500 Distance at which shots can no longer deal headshots. Expressed in hammer units per second, equals to 38 meters.
spread_stand_hip 1 Hipfire spread radius while standing.
spread_stand_hip_run 1.5 Hipfire spread radius while walking.
spread_stand_hip_sprint 2.5 Hipfire spread radius while sprinting.
spread_crouch_hip 0.8 Hipfire spread radius while crouching.
spread_air_hip 3.5 Hipfire spread radius while in the air.
deployfirst_time 1 Time before the weapon can be fired after first picking it up. Expressed in seconds.


Originally designated and manufactured by the Lastimosa Armory as the R-97CN A3, the R-99 SMG was intended for use with the Frontier Colonial Navy, hence the "CN" classification. Chambered in the quite old 5.8x42mm, it would often be used by the Colonial Navy when conducting Orbital Boarding Parties on hostile ships in high orbit or entering the atmosphere, so they needed a weapon platform that was compact and had the ability to spit lead downrange in low gravity or extremely confined areas such as cockpits or ship corridors.[1]


There are a total of 82 weapon skins for the R-99 SMG: 25 Legendary, 8 Epic, 33 Rare and 16 Common.

  1. 1.0 1.1 This skin is reactive.
  2. Included in the Seer Launch Bundle.
  3. Included in the Sanguine Bundle.



  • The Thai script written on the Flash of Fury skin says มวยไทย, which means "Muay Thai".


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