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Rampart's Big Maude
Big Maude 1
Big Maude in Season 10 Season 10.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location World's Edge

Rampart's Big Maude is a Rampart-themed Town Takeover found on World's Edge. It was added to World's Edge as part of Evolution Evolution event, north of Lava City (now Stacks).

Gameplay[ | ]

Big Maude is a high tier loot zone positioned on the southeast side of World's Edge, north of Stacks and south of The Geyser. It consists of a large multi-story tank parked beside a small cluster of shipping containers which has been turned into a paintball course. The main room on the bottom floor is a shop, with several Vend-it Machines where players can spend Materials Crafting Materials to purchase a Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapon. These are fully-kitted weapons which have the Splatter Rounds Splatter Rounds hop-up: they shoot paint-loaded rounds and reload faster.

Lore[ | ]

The original storefront of Rampart's Mods, Ramya Parekh's lucrative weapon modding shop on Gaea, was destroyed by local gang The Sisters. Following that, Rampart's remaining assets were moved into the Paradise Lounge, then into the Arcadia Supercarrier due to a misunderstanding by Mirage. Rampart threatened litigation against Hammond Engineering for shipping her belongings to Psamathe, and they offered to pay for a new storefront on Olympus.[1] Instead, she put her funding towards a massive landcrawler on Talos to house her new shop.

While playing as Rampart, players can interact with objects in the area to trigger a quote:

Object Quote
Big Sister target practice board
Wish the real Big Sis was here, motionless, and full of bullet holes. Ah, a girl can dream, eh?
Just try 'n' take credit for this, Big Sis. Me and Sheila'll be having a word...
Family photo
Aw, my first mod. Still can't figure out how I got it to fire paintballs that fast without catchin' fire. Hm.
Neon sign
Spent so long makin' this sign. Only thing to survive my old gaff. 'Cept for me, of course.

There is also a phone next to the driver's seat which can play messages when interacted with:

Caller Quote
Hey, P. Said it before, saying it again; you know how to make a piece of hardware. And by that... I mean you mix a mean drink. You oughta put a big R on those too. Haha. Gotta say, I miss hanging with you and Gibby at the old haunt. Maybe we all oughta get together at the new one sometime. Call me.
Little P. It's your big big bruddah. Thanks for the mods. My father's lovin' his new arm paint job. Brings out the light in his eyes, and heart... Hahaha. What's that, Tama? Yes, I'm tellin' her... I'm tellin' her. Sorry, he just wanted to make sure I told you. Heh heh! Thanks again. Fight soon.
Hey, Ramya! It's your number one customer, probably, leaving a message for my number one fan, definitely. So, you wouldn't happen to know anything about some missing holo-tech from my Me Voyage, do ya? I mean, I'd really... I'd hate to be you, 'cause let's just say, Ramya, that Detective Mirage is on the case. And he's on to you, Ramya, and he's a loose cannon who plays by his own rules, so I... if I were you... just, ya know... can I please have my stuff back?
Ramya. Do not be mad, but I removed the mod you put on my heart chamber. I do not need my micro-drones spelling rude words in the air. This is Obi.
Hey, it's Valk. So what's this I hear about you getting all your funding from Hammond? Careful there, Ramya. Don't want another Big Sister situation. Anyway, gimmie a call. Let's hang out tonight. Stop spending so much time with your roomie. Wink.
Kuben Blisk
Parekh. You know who this is, eh? I'm callin' about a custom order. Way I see it, you owe me. Heh. I'll be in touch, kid.
Y'know, you'd be harder to find if you didn't keep putting your name in lights, Ramya. Just calling to say, Big Sister's worried about you, especially after what happened to your last shop. Haha... Be seeing you.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The mural in the bridge was created by community member Sombras.[2] Both halves of the mural were then made available as Transitions, earned via Twitch Drops in March 2022.

References[ | ]