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Real Name Ramya Parekh (राम्या पारेख)
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Age 23
Height ~5'6" (~168 cm)[1]
Relatives M. and S. Parekh (parents)
Homeworld Gaea
Occupation Gunsmith
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Anjali Bhimani
Appearances The Endorsement
The First Ship

Ramya Parekh (Hindi: राम्या पारेख) better known as Rampart, is a Legend introduced in Season 6 Season 6 of Apex Legends. A store owner and modder from Gaea, she joined the Apex Games with a personal invitation from Kuben Blisk after the destruction of her shop.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

Ramya Parekh was born in 2712 on Gaea to M. and S. Parekh. [2] An early creation of hers allowed for excessively rapid firing of paintballs, fast enough to surprise her that it did not start a fire. [3]

Transition Not So Far From The Tree

Young Rampart and her parents.

At a young age, Parekh began to make a name for herself through two endeavors - her custom equipment and her success in Arenas matches. During her tenure, she and Seer attained a great amount of perfect victories. [4] She eventually opened Rampart Mods, a custom weapon shop, on Gaea. [5]

One night, Parekh encountered Valkyrie at a bar. The two quickly became friends, and Parekh, hearing Valkyrie’s story about an ex-partner, decided to jokingly name her minigun “Sheila.” [6]

At some point, Parekh became involved with The Sisters, a gang led by an individual known as Big Sister. The gang’s enforcer, Frances, ordered Parekh to intentionally lose a gauntlet run. However, she refused. [7] During her time with The Sisters, Parekh laid out the groundwork for the Nemesis Burst AR, but could not complete the weapon before leaving the group. Shiela may have been designed in a similar way, with Parekh potentially trademarking one of The Sisters' incomplete designs as her own.[8]

The Endorsement[ | ]

One night at Rampart Mods, after sharing a drink with Bangalore and Gibraltar, Frances and other members of Big Sister’s gang cornered Parekh at Rampart Mods. Seeking revenge for Parekh’s refusal to throw her match and a presumed financial loss on their part, they attack, with Parekh defending herself using her Amped Cover and her minigun, Sheila. After seemingly subduing her attackers, Big Sister arrives, and a gang member seizes the opening to attack Parekh. The assailants burn her shop down, leaving only Sheila and the store’s sign intact. [9]

Blisk and Rampart

Blisk offers Rampart his sponsorship.

After the gang departs, Parekh is met by Kuben Blisk, who had been observing her for nearly a year, having been considered missing during that time. [10][11] Blisk commends her fighting spirit, handing her an Apex card and officially inviting her to become a Legend under his sponsorship. [7]

Overtime[ | ]

One Saturday in 2733, Parekh completed an Apex Games match on Kings Canyon. After noticing Caustic holding a bloody bag, she and Wattson followed him to a hidden laboratory, where they found him experimenting on starving prowlers. After he discovers and threatens the two, the prowlers escape and begin rampaging through Solace City.

Parekh later arrived at a local hospital with the other Legends, only to be caught under debris from a landing dropship owned by Boss Willis of the Mercenary Syndicate. [12] Parekh then assisted in rescuing the hospital’s patients from the rubble.[13]

The First Ship[ | ]

Wraith took notice of the failing financial state of Mirage’s bar, the Paradise Lounge. In an attempt to help her friend, and much to his chagrin, she allowed Parekh to open the new location of Rampart Mods in the derelict restroom of the bar. Additionally, Pathfinder began to claim that he has a “girlfriend.” [14] In protest, Mirage makes a bet with Parekh: If she is not “a five-alarm psycho train wreck,” Parekh will stay at the Paradise Lounge. [15]

The two arrive at Pathfinder’s home, where they discover that his “girlfriend” is an amnesiac Ash. [16] The two leave after she suffers a power surge. [17]

Returning to the Paradise Lounge, the two pester Wraith about who won the bet. She declares that neither of them “won,” and that the two need to learn to coexist. She departs, reminding them to pack for the coming Apex Games matches. [18] Mirage, using this comment as an excuse for petty revenge, loads all of Parekh’s belongings onto the Mercenary Syndicate’s rocket in World’s Edge. [19] Parekh later comforts Pathfinder after Ash leaves him. [20]

Mirage, attempting to make amends with Parekh, buys her flowers, despite her hatred of them. After his falling out with Wraith, Parekh also leaves Mirage, saying that while he may have heard what they told him, he was not truly listening. Mirage, seeking to truly make things right, returns with a bouquet of wrenches. [20]

Season 7 Launch Trailer[ | ]

As the Syndicate’s rocket launched from World's Edge, Parekh, Mirage, and Pathfinder gave chase, following it to Olympus. [21]

"And on a personal note, Ms. Parekh, it's hard to believe you are only twenty-one. In all my years practicing law, nobody has proven to be such a challenge in negotiations. It was lovely to have met my match. May our paths never cross again."
— Cheryl Amacci

Some time after, Parekh filed a lawsuit against Hammond Engineering to recover her belongings. The final settlement allowed her to open a second storefront for Rampart Mods on Olympus, requiring her to withdraw her lawsuit and modify the Trident vehicle for use in Apex Games matches. Through this, Parekh earned both the respect and ire of Cheryl Amacci, Hammond Engineering’s chief legal officer, who felt that she had met her match. [22]

Pathfinder's Quest[ | ]

During his search for his creator(s), Revenant tricked Pathfinder into believing that he had killed them. [23] Pathfinder, now despondent, intended to leave the Outlands for good, wishing to say goodbye to Mirage. Instead, he encountered Parekh, who helped him realize that Revenant had tricked him. While reviewing his evidence and footage, Parekh pointed out the similarities between the iconography of the Apex Games and the Apex Predators, the mercenary corps that had provided a security detail for Project Iris. Having found the missing link, Parekh offered to connect the MRVN to Kuben Blisk to help in his search. [24]

Rampart in the workshop

Rampart taking apart Viper's Northstar to build Valkyrie's jetpack.

The Legacy Antigen[ | ]

During the Medusa outbreak, Parekh remained on Olympus to assist in curtailing the spread of the Medusa vines. While fighting off the encroaching foliage, she tells Mirage that, due to her successful suit against Hammond, she can move out at any point. As another act of petty revenge, Mirage destroys several of Parekh’s Amped Cover emplacements. The two begin arguing until the arrival of Evelyn Witt, Mirage’s mother, whose encouragement reminds Mirage of how it felt to have siblings. Parekh and Mirage reconcile, with Rampart agreeing to stay as a roommate, despite moving her shop. [25]

Season 10[ | ]

Eventually, Parekh established another new location for her shop in World’s Edge - located inside a large tank known as Big Maude. [26] However, despite cutting ties with Big Sister, she continues to receive threatening messages from Frances. [27]

Season 13 Launch Trailer[ | ]

Parekh helped to prepare for Bangalore's retirement party.[28]

Friends Like These[ | ]

Parekh seemingly skipped a party hosted by Mirage.[29]

After Seer's interview with Lisa Stone, in which he suffered a character assassination by the reporter, he invited Parekh to speak with him on Boreas. However, he ordered her to come in disguise. Once she arrived, she found him in the crowd of an environmental protest, with the people of Boreas feeling that nothing is being done to save their dying world. He attempted to go out and address the crowd, but was stopped by Parekh, who recognized that the people would attack him if he showed himself. After Parekh offhandedly mentioned the Apex Games, Seer theorized that bringing the Apex Games to Boreas would help the planet economically and socially. Though Parekh opposed this, he decided to propose the idea to Eduardo Silva.[30]

Soon after, she later followed Vantage to the Paradise Lounge to finally attend Mirage's party, as he had simply forgotten to deliver the invitations.[31]

Season 16[ | ]

Near the anniversary of the Apex Games, Parekh was tinkering with a Nemesis in her shop after hours, trying to finally figure out how it works. Suddenly, she was visited by Frances, sparking an argument from an irate Parekh. Frances offered her a place back with The Sisters, which had since become a legitimate business, stating that Big Sister saw her as a potential asset. Having seen her working on a Nemesis, she additionally offered to reveal how the design was completed. However, Parekh angrily refused.

After Frances departed, Parekh continued working with the Nemesis, only for the weapon to explode in her face.[8]

Appearances[ | ]

In-Game Videos & Trailers Online Media Publications
Transition Blurbs
  • Season 6 Icon The Referral (mentioned)
  • Season 6 Icon Midnight Pint
  • Season 7 Icon Gossip Boy (mentioned)
  • Season 7 Icon Legal Eagles (mentioned)
  • Season 9 Kampai
  • Season 10 Icon Not So Far From The Tree
  • Season 16 The Modder's Corner (mentioned)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Rampart's symbol Rampart's Symbol can be found on her clothing, weapons that she modded and in the Graffiti Mod Graffiti Mod icon. Reactive weapon skins from the Season 4 Season 4, Season 5 Season 5, and Season 6 Season 6 Battle Passes also have this symbol engraved. It is present on Season 6 Season 6 Battle Pass legendary skin for Pathfinder too.
  • Rampart has been modding since she was 12 or 13.[32]
  • The weapons that Rampart modded are called "Ramparts".[33]
  • Sheila shares a name with one of Valkyrie's ex-girlfriends. Valkyrie is not exactly happy about Rampart using that name for her gun, and has asked her multiple times to change its name. [6]
  • Rampart has a great deal of merchandise to her name, including shirts, hats, slippers, and action figures. [2] She additionally seems to have her own brand of beer. [34]
  • Rampart once pranked Seer by modifying his heart chamber, causing his micro-drones to form the shapes of profanities. [35]
  • Before moving out of the Paradise Lounge, Rampart stole Mirage's bathroom door. [36]


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References[ | ]

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