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Rampart Arenas Takeover (also called Rampart's Arenas Extravaganza) is a Limited Time Takeover for Arenas introduced in Season 10 Season 10's Evolution Evolution event.

Details[ | ]

  • Basic gameplay is the same as Arenas.
  • At the beginning of every match, a selection of weapons are chosen to be Rampart's Special Deals. These weapons can only be purchased in Level 4, fully kitted form, with the Splatter Rounds Splatter Rounds hop-up attached if applicable.
    • Lower-tier versions of these weapons cannot be purchased, but the cost of a Special Deal weapon is 100-200 Materialscredits fewer than the cumulative cost of the Level 3 variant.
    • Sometimes Supply Drop Weapons will be selected, in which case they will become purchasable as-is in the buy menu.
    • Some matches will have smaller selections of weapons, but rotate selections every three rounds.
  • Maps available are Phase Runner, Party Crasher, Overflow, and Olympus-based maps Golden Gardens, Velvet Oasis, and Autumn Estates.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Evolution September 14th, 2021 - September 28th, 2021