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Arenas Ranked Season 10

Ranked Arenas was a game mode introduced in Season 10 Season 10 and removed at the end of Season 15 Season 15.

Mechanics[ | ]

Ranked Arenas matches play the same as the normal Arenas Arenas with the only difference being the matchmaking and the awarding of Arenas Points (AP) after every match.

In Ranked Arenas, there are two separate measures of a player's skill: a visible rank/AP and an invisible MMR (matchmaking rating) score. MMR is based on performance. So for example, if a Silver player consistently performs like a Platinum player, that Silver player will have Platinum-level MMR and will be matched with other players of similar MMR. If so, that player will earn more AP upon wins and lose less AP upon losses so that their visible rank catches up to their MMR, though the MMR will drop if the player loses.

10 placement matches are played in order to determine a player's initial rank and MMR. Each season or mid-season split is paired with a soft MMR reset, and the player would have to do placements again. (10 for seasons and 5 for splits.)

Abandon and Penalties[ | ]

Prematurely leaving matches results in an abandon penalty. This includes any time from character select all the way up to the player being eliminated.

Disconnecting due to server issues or client end will also result in penalties if the player fails to reconnect within 2 minutes. Even if the player does not have a full team (either due to teammates disconnect/leave or failure to fill by matchmaking) or if one or both teammates go AFK, abandoning results in a penalty. Players will be warned via the menus if their leaving may trigger abandon penalties; if the warning does not show up, players are free to leave, subject to the server's calculation.

In Ranked Arenas, these are the penalties:

  • A minimum of 10 minutes lockout from ALL modes, including Firing Range and Training.
  • Automatic loss; used to calculate amount of RP loss
  • A double subtraction RP of the loss. For example, if you are expected to yield -13 RP had you loss normally, abandoning will yield -26 RP.

Loss Forgiveness[ | ]

Last Abandoned Game Forgiveness

Screen displayed when a player hits three used forgiveness abandons.

Loss Forgiveness is when a player would lose AP in a match and all AP loss becomes zero.

Loss Forgiveness is granted in the following scenarios:

  • A match-made teammate abandons the game. (This does NOT apply if the player is partied with the leaver; in that case, all members of the party get penalized.)
  • The player gets to the start of the first round and does not have a full squad. (Leaving before that results in an abandon penalty.[note 1])
  • The player gets an unexpected quit, once per 24 hours. If the player exceeds this three times during a season, the player loses all forgiveness for the remainder of that season and all further unexpected quits will incur penalties.

Progression and Tiers[ | ]

Players gain AP if they win, and lose AP if they lose. Unlike the Ranked Leagues, kills/assists do not count for AP. No other concrete information about how AP gain or loss is calculated.

Players are divided into seven tiers, each with four divisions, except Master and Apex Predator where players are ranked globally via their current RP. The rankings are based on platform.

Unlike the Ranked Leagues, rank demotion in Ranked Arenas is simply based on the amount on Arena RP a player has.

Tier AP Needed
Bronze Bronze IV, III, II, I 1 400 800 1200
Silver Silver IV, III, II, I 1600 2000 2400 2800
Gold Gold IV, III, II, I 3200 3600 4000 4400
Platinum Platinum IV, III, II, I 4800 5200 5600 6000
Diamond Diamond IV, III, II, I 6400 6800 7200 7600
Master Master 8000
Apex Predator Apex Predator Top 750 players

History[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  1. There is an exception to this: If player A joins the server, and player B joins player A's team, but before B finishes loading in player A disconnects. If player C then joins player B's team, from the server's perspective players B and C have had a full squad, thus player A leaving doesn't necessarily give them loss forgiveness, especially if A was a party mate of B.