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Reclaimed Forest
Season5 Capacitor before
Located on Kings Canyon
Loot Tier Mid Tier

Reclaimed Forest, known as Shattered Forest until Season 5 IconSeason 5, is a location in Kings Canyon.

Lore[ | ]

The Reclaimed Forest was originally the Glass Forest, a pristine woodland on the island of Kings Canyon. During Wattson's youth, the forest was the testing site for an early iteration of the Ring, where she used two dome shields and a modified Active Denial System as a prototype. However, during testing, lightning struck the device, causing a large explosion that immolated the forest. Wattson was fortunately saved by a "ghost", who returned her to her father. From that point on, the Glass Forest was known as the Shattered Forest.[1]

Over time, the forest continued to regrow, eventually becoming known as the Reclaimed Forest.[2]

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