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The Respawn Beacon.

The Respawn Beacon Respawn Beacon is a map feature present in Battle Royale that can be used to revive any squad mate, provided their banner has been retrieved by any member of the squad.

Usage[ | ]

The Respawn Beacon can revive the teammates for which the banner has been retrieved and is permanently disabled upon being used once. After the player retrieves a banner of one or more squadmates, they can go to any respawn beacon to respawn them. After 5 seconds, during which the player can not move, but can look around freely, the process of respawning a legend is started. The player's squadmates will be dropped off from a small spaceship, which is visible and audible to other legends around the area. Legends are respawned with 2 Syringe Syringes and 2 Shield Cell Shield Cells (alongside whatever Helmet Helmet and Evo Shield Evo Shield they had when they died, a Level 1 Knockdown Shield Knockdown Shield, any non-Supply Drop Weapons they had when they died without attachments, and 2 stacks of Ammo for each weapon), and have the cooldown of both their ultimate ability and their tactical ability reset.

Strategy[ | ]

  • When using the Respawn Beacon, the player cannot strafe unlike when looting a Death Box, so safest option is to stand on the far side from any known enemies and crouch, as it minimizes the player's hitbox and allows the player to use Beacon as cover.
  • The Supply Bins surrounding the beacon are intended for the respawning squadmates. This means when running by with a full squad the player can loot them to potentially disadvantage another squad. If respawning squadmates, open the bins but do not loot them. This will enable the player's squadmates to gear up quicker and have to loot to sustain themselves.
  • The redeploy takes a short while and if the process is complete, the player can be downed or killed without the squad losing, given that the 6-second timer was completed. This will likely result in a loss as the new squadmates will not have much gear but it is helpful to know if the player is willing to distract the enemies from the respawning squadmates.
  • Mirage is the best legend to use a Respawn Beacon, as he has the unique ability to turn invisible while respawning teammates.
    • This can also be abused to avoid detection by nearby enemies, by repeatedly but not completely using a Respawn Beacon, keeping Mirage almost always invisible.

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