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Revelry Launch Trailer
YTtn s16 launch
Watch here
Release date Feb 6, 2023
Production Psyop
Sound Design Barking Owl Inc.
Length 2:16
Promotes Season 16

The Revelry Launch Trailer is an animated short released on February 6, 2023, to promote Season 16 Season 16.

Synopsis[ | ]

With the year 2735 comes the Apex Games anniversary hosted by Torres Silva, as well as Legends celebrating by playing arcade games. During the occasion, Mad Maggie, who was bumped into Lifeline while the latter was eating ice cream.

Team Deathmatch debuts as part of the celebrations with 6 against 6 fight against each other for the win. During a match, Lifeline was teamed up with Maggie on World's Edge. Outmatched, Maggie was forced into cover when Fuse, Pathfinder, Horizon, and Octane got her cornered.

Maggie would be saved by Lifeline when she eliminates the enemy team using Nemesis Burst AR. As they were declared victors and live recorded by an Apex Games camera drone, Lifeline tells Maggie that they aren't such a bad team after all. Maggie tells the medic ''we'll see'', then headbutts the camera drone, breaking it.

Torres Silva alongside Cherisse Che sees the match through a super-computer, including the predictive algorithm predicting Mad Maggie as next champion, with Silva saying "Yes, we will".

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