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Revenant's voice actor is Darin De Paul, speaking English.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "I'm the nightmare."
  • "Team looks good. You'll do nicely as shields."
  • "All these skinbags ready to die."
  • "I hope they run. I like when they run."
  • "This is what I was built for."
  • "Time to add names to the list."
  • "The only thing that matters is body count."
  • "Their final moments give me life."
  • "Wait until they meet me."
  • "They still think this is a game. It's not."
  • "Fear is my currency."
  • "They only think they know what fear is."
  • "I don't do this for fame or glory, I do it for fun."
  • "They made me a killing machine. Who am I to argue with programming?"
  • "This gives me purpose."
  • "Time to have some fun."
  • "They always get real quiet. Like they can hear me."
  • "I used to wear a skinsuit too."
  • "Being human is overrated."
  • "One slice, stem to stern, it all spills out."
  • "They made me a killing machine."
  • "Memory's a terrible thing. Don't worry, I will be the last thing you remember."
  • "No humanity here. Just death."
  • "Look at it this way - at least you get to die."

Intro Quip[ | ]

  • "You don't wanna see this up close, skinbag."
  • "You all think you'll make it out of this one alive... (laughs)"
  • "Have you said your goodbyes?"
  • "I look forward to meeting you all... real close and personal."
  • "Look at all the skin suits... they don't stand a chance."
  • "You've all been marked for death."
  • "Don't bother trying to find me. I'll find you."
  • "Ever get the feeling you're not alone in the room? You're not."
  • "Get a good look. It's the last time you'll see me."
  • "I don't need souvenirs. Every scream is encoded, stored forever."
  • "I plan on getting under your skin."
  • "You already know: I'm gonna kill you today."
  • "I'm not gonna make it quick. That would spoil all the fun."
  • "Last group of legends I slaughtered looked hopeful too."
  • "Like cattle being herded into the slaughterhouse."
  • "You're all like lambs to a slaughter. And I'm the butcher."
  • "Look at all the new additions to my list."
  • "First is looting, but then comes my favorite part: the screaming."
  • "[sniffs] That's the sweet aroma of fear."
  • "There's still time to run."
  • "Now you will understand why you fear the dark."
  • "Your championships are as meaningless as you are."

Kill Quip[ | ]

  • Season 4 Icon "Are your friends nearby? I can't wait to make their acquaintance."
  • Season 5 Icon "I want your heart. I can slice it up for a snack. Mmmm..."
  • Season 7 Icon "I might bury you here. No one will ever know, you'll just be... gone."
  • Season 8 Icon “We all kill. I just really, really enjoy it.”
  • Season 9 "It's too late to kill the people who made me, but I can take it out on you."
  • Season 11 "Oh no, I killed... Who are you again? Never mind, I don't care."
  • Season 15 "That terror in your soul? At least you only have to feel it once in your lifetime."
  • Season 17 "Just what the world needs, another unmarked grave to ignore."
  • "Any last words? I must know."
  • "Beg for your life. It's good for both of us."
  • "Do you know how many millions of times I've done this?"
  • "Face death with dignity. Or don't."
  • "Hope your teammates bring you back-- so I can find you again."
  • " Hoping to meet your maker? They don't exist."
  • "I find no pleasure in taking a life that doesn't appreciate it."
  • "If I can be honest, I just like the killing."
  • "I just like watching skin suits suffer."
  • "I wish there was more time to spend with you."
  • "I've seen the other side. There's nothing. You're nothing."
  • "Go on. It's okay to be afraid."
  • "You're just another mark on my list."
  • "Just another worthless skin bag."
  • "Let me watch your face while you go."
  • "Your life won't flash before your eyes. It just ends."
  • "Look into my eyes. I wanna remember this."
  • "Maybe I'll let you live to tell the tale. Maybe not."
  • "No one is coming to save you. No one ever was."
  • "You were nothing more than a name on a list, waiting to be crossed off."
  • "Now this... this is worth living for."
  • "Scream. Make sure everyone can hear you."
  • "Shhh. It's just a bad dream. It'll be over soon."
  • "You're going to spend eternity as maggot food."
  • "That little voice saying there's still hope? It's lying."
  • "This is the last face you'll ever see."
  • "The sheer terror that comes with dying. I remember it well."
  • "They say there's honor in death. [scoffs]"
  • "They've already forgotten you."
  • "This part never gets old."
  • "What made you think you were special?"
  • "Tell me. What'll you miss the most?"
  • "What's your name? I have to know."
  • "When it all goes dark, you don't wake up anywhere else."
  • "You can beg for mercy. It won't help, but go on."
  • "You should've stayed home today."
  • "You should thank me. You can rest now. (I never will.)"
  • "You were marked for death, you just didn't know it."
  • "You're already dead."
  • "Your death will be in vain. And I'll like that."
  • "Now is when I wear your face as a mask."
  • "Ever get that feeling you're not alone in a room? You're not."

Gameplay[ | ]

I'm Jumpmaster
  • "I'm Jumpmaster. Follow me or stay out of my way."
  • "I'm Jumpmaster. I can already smell the blood."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. I want to land on someone's neck."
  • "I'm Jumpmaster. Better follow me if you wanna die last."
Dropping as Jumpmaster
  • "Time to kill."
  • "Stay out of my way."
Skydive Emote
  • "You're all dead!"
  • "Everyone dies!"
Opening fire on the enemy
  • "Firing on 'em."
  • "Opening fire."
Damaging enemy from afar
Enemy shield broken
Downed an enemy
  • "Downed one."
  • "That one's down."
Another enemy down
  • "Downed another. Watch 'em beg."
  • "Downed one more."
Multiple enemies down
  • "Always did know how to leave a trail of bodies…"
  • "That pile of corpses? They're mine."
Knocked down multiple enemies simultaneously
  • "Ashes to Ashes. They all fall down."
Enemy killed
  • "Killed a skinsuit."
    • "Killed one!"
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "Next time, give me the kill."
  • "That's one less kill I get, thanks to you."
  • "How'd that kill feel?"
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • "You're lucky I didn't rip a piece of your ear off with my teeth."
  • "I want your heart. I want to eat your children."
Kill multiple enemies in a short time
  • "Multiple KIA's. Add 'em to the list."
Whole Squad down
  • "Last one's finished. They're all dead now."
  • "That was the last one… until the next one."
  • "Whole Squad's taking a dirt nap."
  • [Solo] "Sliced through a whole Squad."
  • [Solo] "Whole Squad's cut down."
Kill with Dead Man's Curve
  • "Ahhhh… spilled blood."
  • "Death becomes me. Hahaha."
  • "I call that my kiss of death."
  • "I like the way they scream."
  • "The real pleasure's in their reaction."
  • "I enjoyed every moment of that."
Being Attacked
Another Squad attacking
  • "Another squad's attacking. Damn skin suits."
  • "Another squad's attacking. Skin suits."
  • "Wake up! There's a second Squad on us."
Taking damage
  • "Gettin' hit."
  • "Getting shot! Someone's got a death wish."
  • "Taking fire."
I'm down
  • "I'm down. Pick me up."
  • "I'm down. Someone's gonna pay for that."
  • Season 17 "I'm down. Dammit, what's wrong with my head?"
    • "I'm down. Ugh! Dammit, what's wrong with my head?"
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "You're better off dead -- but I could use the cover."
  • "Get up before I kill you myself."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "Saved by the monster who killed your parents. Isn't this delicious?"
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "Isn't this interesting? Too bad your parents aren't alive to see this."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "Isn't this interesting? What if your parents could see this now?"
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "Thinking you can avoid me by getting yourself killed? Not a chance."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "I lose you - I lose where Hammond stashed my brain."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "No. You don't get to die before I do."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "No death for you. You don't get off that easy."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]] ] "By the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you died today."
  • [to [[Loba|Loba Icon]]] "Uh uh. You don't get to die... not until you know true suffering."
  • [to [[Valkyrie|Valkyrie Icon]]] "I'd let you die, but we're just beginning to bond."
  • [to [[Valkyrie|Valkyrie Icon]]] "If I didn't save you, I know someone would never forgive me."
  • Evolution Collection Event [to [[Crypto|Crypto Icon]]] "Oh, look. I'm saving your life. Again."
  • Evolution Collection Event [to [[Crypto|Crypto Icon]]] "I gotta stop saving your life. I'm losing street cred."
  • [to [[Ash|Ash Icon]]] "Get up, you're making murderbots look bad!"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Why get up when you'll never see your family again?"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "You'll regret backing out of our deal. Trust me."
Healing Up / Recharging Shields
  • "Be my shield, skinbag! I'm healing."
  • "Healing."
  • Season 17 "Healing. Maybe it'll get rid of that damn ringing in my ears."
  • "Using a medkit."
  • "Shields are low. Recharging them."
  • "Recharging shields."
Phoenix Kit
  • "Cover me. Need to use a Phoenix Kit."
Throwing ordnance
  • "Throwing Frag."
  • "Thermite out."
Deploying Mobile Respawn Beacon Mobile Respawn Beacon
  • "Deploying Respawn Beacon."
Deploying Heat Shield Heat Shield
  • "Deploying Heat Shield."
  • "Throwing down a Heat Shield."
  • "Heat Shield here, I prefer unburnt skin when making gloves"
  • "Heat Shield deployed right here"
  • "Heat Shield deployed here, *sniffs* can't smell burnt flesh... disappointing"
  • "Heat Shield deployed over there!"
Deploying Evac Tower Evac Tower
  • "Deploying an Evac Tower."
  • "Deploying an Evac Tower. I hope you plummet to your death."
  • "Deploying an Evac Tower. Heh heh heh. I hope you plummet to your death."
  • "Placing an Evac Tower."
Just the two of us left
  • "And then there were two."
  • "Just you and me now. Don't hold me back."
  • [with Loba] "Just you and me, girlie. We can skip the match. Track down my brain?"
  • [with Loba] "Just us, girlie. Let's end this thing."
  • [with Loba] "Just us, girlie. Think you know vengeance? Not even close."
Successful self-revive
  • (anguished scream)
  • "Revived myself… Because that's never happened before."
  • "If you're wondering about an afterlife - There is none."
  • "Why. Can't. I just DIE already…"
Flyer killed
  • "Dead bird."
  • "Another dead bird."
Cargo bot shot down
  • "Cargo bot shot up."
  • "Took out a cargo bot."
Entering Trident driver seat
  • "So what if I have a death wish and can't drive. Get in the car."
  • "Get in. I'd say buckle up, but, that won't save you."
  • "Two options - Get in or I run you over."
Entering Trident passenger seat
  • "I'll join you. Crashes aren't so bad if the jagged metal kills you quickly."
  • "I'll go with you. If we're lucky, we'll turbo-boost headfirst into a wall."
  • "Fine. I'll join. Maybe I'll see some nice road kill."
Opening Explosive Holds
  • "Blasting open a hold. Gather 'round, skinbags. Hahaha."
Exiting Trident
Attached Loot MRVN's arm
  • "I fixed the MRVN. Usually I prefer taking arms off."
  • "I fixed the MRVN. Ugh. It's smiling at me."
Dropping Holo-Spray
  • "I’m leaving the others a souvenir."
  • "Death is my gift."
Using Replicator
  • "Crafting. Give me a damn minute."
Opened Vault / Icarus's Bridge
  • "I opened the vault. It's mine!"
Picked up Bridge Keycard
  • "Got the keycard. Get to the bridge or don't."
Activated Phase Driver
  • "Let's see if we get lucky."
Respawns as Red Eyed Revenant in Revenant Uprising
  • "So nice to have a fresh outlook on life. Hahaha."
    • "Ooo! So nice to have a fresh outlook on life. Hahaha."
  • "Let's take this new body out for a spin."
  • "So many new bodies… so much control…"
  • "I never knew perpetual life could be so fun."
    • "I never knew perpetual life could be so fun. Hahaha!"
  • "Rise from the dead, rinse, repeat."

Pings[ | ]

Suggesting a landing zone
  • "Drop there."
  • "Land there if you know what's good for you."
  • "Land there, I'm itching to draw first blood."
Pinging a location
  • "Go here, now."
  • "This way."
  • "Need more kills. What's over here?"
  • "Let's hunt over here."
  • "We should check out over there."
  • "Get over here."
  • "Go here."
  • "Could be fresh blood over there."
Retracting Ping
  • "Cancel that."
  • "Forget it."
  • "I change my mind."
  • "Never mind that."
Going to a location
  • "Going there. Follow me and I’ll gut you like a fish."
  • "I smell fear. Going to check it out."
  • "I'm going here."
  • "I'll be over here. You stay where you are."
  • "I'm looking for a fresh kill here."
  • "I'm going there. Stay out of my way."
  • "I'm going to check out over there."
  • "I'm going that way. Don't follow me."
Location Compromised / Someone's been here
  • "There were definitely others here. Hope we catch up to them."
Looting here
  • "Could grab some good stuff here."
  • "I'm looting over here. Leave me be."
  • "Gonna loot over there. See if I can find something that cuts deeper."
  • "I'll be over there looting. And hopefully killing."
  • "Looting there. Don't take what's mine."
Attacking here
  • "Blood will spill right here."
  • "I'm going to kill something over there."
  • "I'll slice those skinbags into ribbons."
  • "I will end them all, right here."
  • “I’m going to spill blood over there."
Watching this direction
  • "I got a feeling about that spot. Keeping a close watch on it."
Defending this area
  • "Holding down this area."
Enemy Spotted
  • "Skinsuit over here."
  • "Got a skinbag out there."
  • "Saw my next hit, right here."
  • "Saw someone over here."
  • "Spotting a target for death."
  • "Spotting target here!"
  • "Skinsuits are here."
  • "Skinsuits there."
  • "Skinbag over there."
  • "Skinbag, right over here."
  • "Someone's here."
  • "Enemy here."
  • "Enemy over there."
  • "Next victim, right here."
Enemy being revived
  • "Are you sleeping? They're reviving their teammate."
Enemy taking off with Skyward Dive Skyward Dive
  • "That enemy Squad's about to launch."
    • "This enemy Squad's about to launch. Clip their wings."
  • "Watch it. The enemy Squad's about to launch."
Enemy Sounds
  • "I hear enemies over here."
Need Help / Pick me up
  • "Get me back in the fight."
  • "Somebody get me back up."
  • "Get over here and get me up."
On My Way
  • "On my way, dammit!"
  • "On my way!"
  • "Ugh, be right there!"
  • "Oh, you're down? Begging is good for the soul."
  • "You skinsuits and your whining. Enough already."
  • "I heard you."
  • "You might be of use to me yet."
  • "Yes."
  • "Yeah."
  • (exasperated grunt)
I'll join you
  • "Heading the same way."
  • "I'm right behind you."
  • "I'm going there, too."
  • "I don't think so."
  • "I'm not interested."
  • "No."
  • "Definitely no."
I Can't
  • "Not happening."
  • "Hold."
  • "Wait."
Calling Dibs
  • "I want that, give it to me."
  • "It's mine, don't touch it."
  • "Dibs."
  • "Give it to me!"
Ultimate [Forged Shadows Forged Shadows]
  • 0%~84% charged
    • "Patience. My Ultimate isn't ready yet."
    • "My Ultimate isn't ready. Not yet."
      • "My Ultimate isn't ready. Hehe... not yet."
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate isn't ready yet!"
    • [In combat] "Ultimate isn't ready yet!"
  • 85%~100% charged
    • "My Ultimate's almost ready. I can hardly wait."
    • "Ultimate's almost ready. The shadows grow darker."
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate's almost ready!"
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's almost ready!"
  • 100% ready
    • "Looky here. My Ultimate is ready."
    • "My Ultimate's ready. Hahaha."
    • [In combat] "My Ultimate's ready!"
    • [In combat] "Ultimate's ready! ARE YOU!?"
Looking Optic for a Sniper Rifle
  • "I want sniper optics."
Looking Optic for Weapon
  • "I want optics for {Assault Rifle/Pistol/SMG/Shotgun}."
Looking for energy ammo
  • "Give me energy ammo."
Request Health
  • "Give me health."
Request Shield
  • "I need some shield."
Request Survival Item
  • "I need a survival item. Now."
Pinging Smoke Launcher Smoke Launcher or Nox Gas Grenade Nox Gas Grenade
  • "Enemy smoke. Out over there."
Pinging D.O.C. Heal Drone D.O.C. Heal Drone
  • "Health drone here. Heal up. It'll be more fun for me later."
Pinging Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone
  • "We've got a drone here."
Pinging a Death Totem Death Totem
  • "Totem here, it won’t corrupt you... much. (Laugh)"
  • "Death Totem here."
Pinging a Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique
  • "Black Market here. Take what you want."
  • [with Loba during Season 5] "Black Market there. I get a friend and family discount, right, Loba?"
  • [with Loba during Season 5] "Black Market here. For me, Loba? You shouldn't have..."
  • [with Loba during Season 6 and Season 7 before Fight Night] "Black Market here. Pick up guns, ammo, a set of coordinates next to the warehouse, maybe?"
  • [with Loba from Season 7 Fight Night] "Black Market here. But where do you keep the REALLY important stuff, Loba?"
Pinging Enemy Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique
  • "Look. Another Squad's Black Market."
Pinging Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Trap
  • "Friendly trap. One of ours."
Pinging Enemy Nox Gas Trap Nox Gas Trap
  • "Look out. Trap here."
Pinging Perimeter Security Perimeter Security
  • "Got a fence here."
Pinging Enemy Perimeter Security Perimeter Security
  • "There's an enemy fence here."
Pinging a Interception Pylon Interception Pylon
  • "Interceptor here. I'll kill with my bare hands if I have to."
Pinging Amped Cover Amped Cover
  • "Deployable barrier here."
  • "Take note. A barrier deployed out here."
  • [Far] "An enemy's deployed one of their barriers over there."
Pinging Enemy Amped Cover Amped Cover
  • "Enemy barrier deployed here."
Pinging Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "We've got a turret here."
Pinging Enemy Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"
  • "Enemy set up a turret here."
Pinging a Gravity Lift Gravity Lift
  • "There's a Gravity Lift here."
Pinging a Black Hole Black Hole
  • "There's a Black Hole here."
Pinging Enemy Black Hole Black Hole
  • "There's an enemy Black Hole here."
Evo Shield Evo Shield
  • "Got an evo shield here. Level 1/2/3/5."
  • "Dug up a Sentinel here."
Bocek Compound Bow
  • "There's a Bocek here."
Extended Energy Mag Extended Energy Mag
  • "Found an extended energy mag here. Level 1/2/3/4."
Shotgun bolt
  • "Shotgun bolt here. Level 3"
Laser sight
  • "Laser sight here. Level 3"
Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapons
  • "<Weapon> here. And it's a Rampart."
  • "<Weapon> here. It's a Rampart. What's worse than skinbags? I'll tell ya. Skinbags with product placement deals."
  • "Materia"
Skullpiercer Rifling Skullpiercer Rifling
  • "Found a Hop-up here. Skullpiercer. I like the sound of that."
  • "Found a Hop-up here. Skullpiercer. My favorite."
Heat Shield Heat Shield
  • "Heat Shield here. Hah, I prefer unburnt skin when making gloves."
Jump tower
  • "We should change locations. Take that jump tower."
  • "Get that banner."
  • "Get their banner. Don't need a squad, but they prove useful."
  • "We need their banner."
Respawn Dropship
  • "Dropship overhead. Another dead man walking."
  • "Dropship delivering meat."
  • "Dropship incoming. I'm not the only one back from the dead."
Extended Supply Bin
  • "Open Extended Supply Bin here. Heh, geniuses never opened the extra drawer."
  • "Open Extended Supply Bin here. Morons forgot to check the extra drawer."
Ceremony ship
  • "Can't wait to open a dialogue about political unity. Or how about we just slaughter 'em."
  • "Do Salvonians bleed? I don't care about anything else."
  • "Last time there's a war. I got away with murder. Here's hoping the Fringers don't come in peace."
  • "Open Loot Bunker here. Think we'll find skinbags down there?"
Charge Tower
  • "Charge Tower there. Who wouldn't want to spend more time as a shadow?"
Cargo Bot
  • "Cargo bot up there."
Dropped Cargo
  • "Dropped cargo over there. It's MINE!"
  • "Lava over there. Go swim in it."
  • "Lava there. Why don't you dive in and see if it burns?"
  • "Found a Loot Vault here."
    • [No key] "Need to find the key. Give me a reason to keep you alive."
    • [Has key] "And the key is already mine."
Mural at Big Maude
  • "This for real? A giant scorecard, where I can cross out your face when I kill you? Ha. I'm still murdering you. Mod Girl… but for this, I'll do it quick."
Phase runner entrance
  • "We should take that Phase Runner."
Pathfinder's Boxing Ring
  • [Close] "Got ourselves a boxing ring. Huh… wouldn't mind knocking a few head off."
  • [Far] "Heh… we could crack some skulls over at the boxing ring."
Loot MRVNs or when pick up MRVN arm
  • "Marvin here. Too bad they don't feel pain."
  • "Loot MRVN here. Hm, what's its insides look like?"
  • [Looted] "Damnit. This MRVN's been looted."
  • "We should take this Trident."
Icarus Bridge
  • "The bridge is right here."
    [doesn't have Keycard] "We need the keycard. Get it."
Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's Statue
  • "Pathfinder statue here. Ugh. Nauseating."
  • "This idiot gets his own statue?"
  • [In combat] "STATUE OVER THERE!"
Phase Driver Control Panel
  • "Use this control panel."
IMC Armory
  • "IMC Armory right here."
  • "There's an IMC Armory over there."

Quip[ | ]

Nice / Celebration
  • "(laugh) Take the wins when you can. Never know when you'll get stabbed in the back."
  • "(snarl) That felt good."
  • "Nice job. But you're still fodder."
Thanks to Squadmate
  • Season 19 [to Octane Icon] "Today, you get to live. Or is me saving you too much to bear?"
  • "I'm not thanking you."
  • "Don't go thinking I owe you anything."
  • Season 5 Icon [to Loba Icon] "Thank you, Loba."
  • Season 19 [to Loba Icon] "Thanks. Real fast -- where's my source code?"
  • [to Loba Icon] "Thanks. While I have you - What's the holdup?"
  • [to Loba Icon] "Loba. You shouldn't have. Can't wait to get you back."
  • [to Rampart Icon] "Mine now. Hey wrench girl, we should talk about modifications."
  • [to Valkyrie Icon] "Aah. Thanks. Anyone else you warmin' up to… Loba, maybe?"
  • "Thanks. Anyone else you warmin' up to? Loba, maybe?"
  • [to Valkyrie Icon] "Think Loba'd be mad ya helped me, girlie?"
  • Doppelgangers Collection Event [to Loba Icon] "Oh Loba, you do care. Heh heh ha ha!"
  • Doppelgangers Collection Event [to Loba Icon] "Thanks, friend. I can always count on you."
  • Doppelgangers Collection Event [to Lifeline Icon] "Thanks, but what I really wanted was MY HEAD."
Get in the Trident
  • "Do you want an invitation? Get in the Trident."
  • "I don't have time for your crap. Get in the Trident."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Loba Icon] "Ugh..."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Loba Icon] "I'll take more than this from you."
  • Season 14 [to Seer Icon] "So quiet in that interview of yours... Worried I was behind the chair?"
  • Season 14 [to Seer Icon] "Ah, the little moth flew into the spotlight and got burned. Hahahah!"
You're welcome
  • (grunt)
  • "I didn't do it for you."
  • [to Bangalore Icon from Season 6 Icon to Season 7 Icon] "Hey. You tell your friend to get her act together… before I tear it apart."
  • [to Bangalore Icon from Season 6 Icon to Season 7 Icon] "Next time you two have girls night - Find out where my source code is."
  • [to Bangalore Icon from Season 7 Icon (Fight Night Collection Event) to Season 11] "You surprised me, soldier. Think she won't use you too? She already is."
  • [to Bangalore Icon from Season 7 Icon (Fight Night Collection Event) to Season 11] "She finally conned you as well. Huh. And I thought you were smarter than that."
  • [to Caustic Icon from Season 6 Icon to Season 7 Icon] "You stay out of hers or I'll teach you what pain really feels like."
  • [to Caustic Icon from Season 6 Icon to Season 7 Icon] "You touch one hair on Loba's head and I'll show you what your intestines look like."
  • Season 7 Icon(Fight Night Collection Event only)[to Caustic Icon] "Keep pushing. Doc. One of these I'll push back."
  • Season 7 Icon(Fight Night Collection Event only)[to Caustic Icon] "I don't need a payday to kill you. I'll do it for fun."
  • [to Loba Icon] "Didn't your parents teach you any manners?"
  • [to Loba Icon from Season 6 Icon to Season 7 Icon] "Know what else you're not doing. Taking me to the source code so we can end this."
  • [to Loba Icon from Season 7 Icon (Fight Night Collection Event) to Season 11] "You think you're the victim? What about me? What about what I lost?"
  • Season 12 [to Loba Icon] "Hahaha. Enjoy it while you can."
  • [to Valkyrie Icon] "Who says I'm not nice… Loba? (laughs)"
  • Season 13 Icon [to Loba Icon] "Hm... I don't need the Sarge to get to you...
  • Season 13 Icon [to Loba Icon] "Laugh now, but I'll keep coming back, all because of you."
You're welcome for First-aid
  • [From Fight Night Collection Event] "Whaddya want, a hug?"
  • "How many times do I have to say it? You're just cover."
  • Evolution Collection Event [to Crypto Icon] "Let me guess… You're seeking vengeances. Huh… I'm cowering."
  • Evolution Collection Event [to Crypto Icon] "What're you gonna do? Vow revenge? Get in line, pal."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "That choice will come back to haunt you. I promise."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "Give it time. You'll come crawling back to me."
Revived / Thanks for first-aid
  • "You brought me back. You will be spared."
  • [to Loba Icon] "You saved me. (heh) Careful girly, people will talk."
  • [to Loba Icon] "You saved me. (heh) Careful, people will talk."
  • [to Loba Icon] "Does this mean we're friends now?"
  • [to Loba Icon] "Great… Thanks. When will you actually to kill me?"
  • [to Loba Icon] "I'm tired of you saving my life."
  • [to Loba Icon] "Whatever."
  • [to Loba Icon] "You have no idea how much saving my life will cost you."
  • [to Loba Icon] "It must eat you alive... saving my life so I can ruin yours."
  • [to Loba Icon] "I can't die, thanks to you. But you can. Oh yes. You can."
  • [to Loba Icon] "(laughs) I'm gonna enjoy finding ways to break you."
  • Season 12 [to Valkyrie Icon] "Don't get too close - Don't want a certain someone gettin' jealous."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "What's the real reason you're staying? Loba? She's already moved on."
  • Season 13 Icon [to Bangalore Icon] "You think staying changes anything? Loba's with someone else."
Thanks for the Respawn
  • "Thanks. It truly is wonder to be alive."

Abilities[ | ]

Using Shadow Pounce Shadow Pounce
  • "Can't escape."
  • "You can't escape."
  • "You won't escape."
  • "No escape."
  • "No escaping me."
  • "You can't escape death."
  • "Escape's not an option."
  • "Just try and escape. Haha."
Using Forged Shadows Forged Shadows
  • "Casting a shadow."
  • "I was born in the shadows."
  • "I'm home in the shadows."
  • "Entering the shadows."
  • "Embrace the shadows."
Tethered by Arc Snare Arc Snare
  • "That simulacrum snared me."
Using Copycat Ability
  • "I'm using a Copycat ability, skinbags."
  • "Copycat ability deployed."
  • "Using a Copycat ability. Ahhhh."
  • "Using a Copycat ability. Just another tool for the kill."
Doppelgangers Collection Event Psyche Out Decoy is hit
  • "Bamboozled. Don't worry, the real one's coming for ya…"
  • "Bamboozled a skinbag."

Shadowfall/Royale Announcer[ | ]

Upon Entrance
  • "In my games, you will fear the shadows."
  • "You trespass, steal our treasure, but now, we strike back!"
  • "The Legends have returned. This time I'm ready for you."
Announcing Champion
  • "Here's your champion. Give this one a challenge, or die trying."
  • "Meet your champion. Lots of kills by this one, heheh, I like that."
  • "This is your champion. Do us all a favor, kill them."
  • "This is your champion. Kill them."
  • "Yeah, this is a champion. The rest of you are prime for the pickin'."
Round Countdown
  • "Round one. Beginning ring countdown to death."
  • "Round two. Let the ring countdown begin."
  • "Round three. The ring countdown has begun."
  • "Round four. Tick-tock. Starting the ring countdown."
  • "Round five. The ring is coming for you."
  • "Round six. Death is coming, let the countdown begin."
  • "Round seven. Ring countdown: begin."
  • "Round eight. Slowly, we all burn. Ring's counting down."
  • "Round nine. The ring is waiting for you."
  • "Final round. It'll all be over soon."
  • "Death is never the end. Not in my world."
  • "Survival's not just for the living."
First Blood
  • "First blood has been taken. How wonderful."
  • "First blood. I can taste it."
  • "First blood. No where to run, no where to hide."
  • "I welcome the first blood. Let them hunt."
  • [First Victim is Revenant] "First Blood. Oh, it's you. Keep forgetting how tenacious I am."
  • [First Victim is Revenant] "First Blood. I guess we know which Revenant is superior, don't we?"
  • [First Victim is Revenant] "First Blood. Aannndd it's my doppleganger. huh. Pathetic."
Champion Eliminated
  • "And like that, the champion falls."
  • "Aw. The champ is dead. Just like the rest of you skin suits."
  • "The champion died. Food for the maggots."
  • "The champion has been eliminated."
Top Five Streak Champion Eliminated
  • "And the Apex Predator is dead. Not so 'Apex,' now are they?"
  • "Champ's dead before making top five. Bet you're broken up about that."
  • "Champ's lost their top five streak. And their will to live."
  • "Everyone wave bye-bye to the streak champion."
  • "His streak champion is now a streak corpse."
  • "If you pass by the streak champ's corpse, shoot it again for good luck."
  • "The Apex Predator's streak is over."
  • "The champion, and their streak, are both dead."
  • "The champ is out. Enjoy playing with the bottom feeders, skin suit."
  • "The streak champion's no longer top five. Also no longer breathing."
  • "The streak champion's out of the game. And out of top five."
  • "The top five champion's death box is now up for grabs. Loot away."
  • "The top five champion's streak has ended."
  • "The top five will be missing someone next match. Their champ."
  • "Top five champ is dead. Don't 'get your stall as you plummet to the bottom, champ."
New Kill Leader
  • "A kill leader has been chosen. A true legend."
  • "Heh, I have appointed a new kill leader. I like that."
  • "Listen up. There's a new kill leader now. Good luck."
  • "Pleased to welcome our new kill leader. We have a lone winner, for now."
Kill Leader Eliminated
  • "The kill leader is dead. Heh, that's ironic."
  • "The kill leader is finished. Quite the mistake."
Care Package
  • "Care package being delivered."
  • "Care package. Want it? Fight for it."
  • "Delivering a care package. A gift before you perish."
  • "Delivering a care package. Could be something good, take a risk."
  • "Delivering a scare package. Fear, heheh, I love it."
  • "Scare package coming for ya."
Supply Ship
  • "I'm sending the supply ship to all of you. Let's see who wants it most."
  • "Supply ship incoming. Fight to death over its cargo."
  • "Supply ship incoming. I expect to see death boxes piling up on it soon."
  • "Supply ship, on its way. Its cargo is to die for."
Ring Moving
  • "Ring's closing."
  • "Ring's coming for ya. One word. Run."
  • "The ring is closing it. Can't you feel it?"
  • "The ring is moving. I like it when you all flee."
  • "Oh, don't melt your pretty little skin suit. The ring's coming."
Final Ring
  • "Final ring closing. Enjoy these final moments.
  • "Final ring. Don't worry, it's almost over."
  • "It's nearing the end. Final ring is closing."
  • "The final ring. Get comfortable, for death."
  • "The final ring is closing. Some of you will die."
  • "The last ring is closing. Hope you're not... claustrophobic."
Ten Shadows join the Squad
  • "Another swarm of shadows rise. This is when it gets good."
  • "More shadows join my ranks."
  • "More turn to the shadows. I welcome them."
  • "The Shadow Squad grows. They thrive off your fear."
  • "The shadows rise again. I love this part."
  • "You can't keep the dead asleep. Better start running."
Final ten Legends remaining (Evac Ship on route)
  • "Look at that, I've changed the game again."
  • "Once again, skin suits, I have changed the game."
  • "Y'know what this match needs? A game changer."
Evac Ship Arriving
  • "Don't worry. It's almost over."
  • "Enjoy these final moments. Some of you will die."
  • "I like it when you all flee."
  • "It'll all be over soon."
  • "It's nearing the end."
Dying as a final Legend
  • "You're a disappointment."
  • "You're a disappointment. The shadows are done with you."
  • "You're done. Now watch the masters."
Legends Win
  • "Enjoy this victory, winners, everything ends."
  • "Got our winner. Another ribbon for the skin bags."
  • "Heh, a skin bag won. I may have to do this myself."
  • "Our winner lives to die another day."
  • "So, a legend won. Ha, they'll join me soon enough."
  • "The winner has survived. Huh, pity."
  • "The winner is decided, but death will find them soon."
  • "We found a winner. Good."
  • "We have a winner. Fear them greater than death."
  • "We have our winner. Maybe next time you'll die."
Legends Win Congratulations
  • "Meet our champion squad. Targets on their back, every last one."
  • "You are the Apex champions. Don't get too comfortable."
  • "You are the champions. For now."
  • "You're our Apex champions. They'll be gunning for you now."
  • "One member of our Champion Squad isn't a Shadow… yet."
Solo Win Congratulations
  • "Congratulations, you're the Apex champion."
  • "We've got our Apex champion."
  • "We have our Apex champion. They got lucky. This time."
  • "You're my Apex champion."
  • "You're my Apex champion. Kill for my entertainment."
Joining/Respawning as a Shadow
  • "Aww, no time for rest. The Shadow Squad could use another."
  • "Dying after death. Welcome to my life."
  • "Ha, come back for more? Good."
  • "Heh, revenge is calling."
  • "I'm giving you another chance, now go."
  • "Now you're mine. Don't screw it up."
  • "Oh you're far from done. Join the shadows."
  • "Revenge is calling!"
  • "The shadows are your home now."
  • "Welcome back."
  • "You can do better, skin suit."
  • [as Bangalore] "You spent your life hiding your desires behind weapon specs, Sarge... How else did you expect it to end? Alone. Unwanted. And deservedly unloved."
  • [as Bloodhound] "You devoted life to a fairy tale, shunning every soul who bothered to care about you. Artur was right - you are a waste. Oh well, guess I vinna now."
  • [as Caustic] "Alexander Nox is now just a footnote in a detective's case file. But I think I'll keep calling you by name, smartypants. A constant reminder of all the ways in life that you failed."
  • [as Crypto] "You know the irony, Tae Joon? Had you turned yourself in, your loved ones would be living long, happy lives. But you made another choice. And became this. Don't you feel stupid now."
  • [as Fuse] "I know the real you, Wally. You HOPE she's dead. You NEVER want her to come back. You relive that moment, Maggie slipping from your grip, and you're relieved. Liberation feels good... doesn't it... fella."
  • [as Gibraltar] "Doesn't matter how many strangers you've rescued, little mouse... you didn't rescue him. And no one will rescue you now."
  • [as Horizon] "Mommy? Why did you leave me, Mommy? Poor kid doesn't realize he dodged a bullet. He's lucky he wasn't raised by you. You were never a good parent... but don't you worry Mom, I'll never tell."
  • [as Lifeline] "Least you're not becoming your mom, right? She profits from people dying in wars. You just profit from people dying in bloodsports. Ha! It's like comparing apples... with apples. You won't become your mother, Ajay... you've always been her."
  • [as Loba] "I have a secret, Loba. What if I told you in this world, your quest for vengeance led to my rise to power? Makes you wonder: will history repeat itself in your world? Guess we'll find out..."
  • [as Mirage] "I know what you're thinking, Witt. We all look the same! Oo oo oo! How will she know it's me? Oo oo oo! How will she remember? She won't, Inchworm. She's already forgotten she even had sons. Oo oo oo. (laughs)"
  • [as Octane] "No more running. Not from the fortune you waste, the friends you manipulate, or the parents who can't stand you. Misery can't be outrun. You chose this emptiness. Sink in it."
  • [as Pathfinder] "You've received the gift of life, and what do you do with it? Make it all about YOU. YOUR creator. YOUR child. YOUR friends' corpses littering the ground behind you. Friend, Pathfinder? No no no no no. You're my hero."
  • [as Rampart] "It wasn't easy... was it, Ramya? Rebuilding your bones, your business, after it all turned to ash. And it will again. It's not worth it. Shut it down. Give up. After all, there's a reason you put up all those walls..."
  • [as Revenant]
    • "Thought I had no use for a lesser copy of myself. But then, I realized I have centuries of self-loathing to work through. Why torture myself... when I can just torture you."
    • "Empathy? Is this a joke? Who do you think you are - the savior of all simulacrums? Ash's white knight? Ha! You're supposed to be a killer. So prove it. 'Cause all I see is another puny skinbag."
    • "You died again? I'm ashamed to share a name with you."
  • [as Seer] "Your parents wuv their widdle guy so much. How else can you explain putting up with the suffering you brought into their lives. But you know, Obi, that deep down, the real curse? Is loving you."
  • [as Valkyrie] "Daddy's little girl... 'til his boss has a job for him. Loba's second chance... at least 'til her first love comes crawling back. Face it, Kairi. This new look is perfect. After all, you spent your whole life hiding behind someone else's Shadow."
  • [as Wattson] "You've been a naughty girl, Natalie. Sure, you have reasons. Don't we all. Too bad your mama and papa aren't here. I would've enjoyed seeing their disgust at the monster their little girl has become."
    • "You've been a bad, Natalie. Sure, you have reasons. Don't we all. Too bad your mama and papa aren't here, huh? I would've enjoyed seeing their disgust at the monster their little girl has become. Hahahaha!"
  • [as Wraith] "Plot twist: Wraith is evil. Like that's a swerve. Even I wasn't as void of humanity as you are. The monster within? More like monster incarnate."
Taking Revenge as a Shadow
  • "Boo. (Laughter)"
  • (Laughter)
  • "Mmm. Revenge."
Shadows Win
  • "In the darkness, the shadows rule all."
  • "The Shadow Squad always leaves a bloody mess."
  • "The Shadow Squad wins."
Trying to activate the Train on World's Edge
  • "Oh, thought that it worked, did ya? Always fun to see hope snuffed out before watching a slaughter."
  • "Nice try, but the train's not working, better get running. Preferably into a hail of bullets."

Rev Shell[ | ]

Taunting Revenant Icon Revenant
  • "Heh. Let me show you how to be a competent killer."
  • "Well, if it isn't my double, always surprised you're still alive."
  • "Better use this shell, I know you can't do much on your own."
  • "Oh, it's you. Try not to embarrass me."
Taunting a robotic Legend
  • "Need my help? Ha, you're more useful as scrap."
  • "Bet they programmed you a failure, or can you prove me wrong?"
  • "This head can kill better than you, you're just a waste of parts."
  • "Gimme some action, watching you clunk around is painful."
Taunting a human Legend
  • "You actually gonna kill anyone, or should I? (Laughter)"
  • "Still alive skinbag? Not for long."
  • "Don't disappoint me, I know how pathetic you skinbags can be."
  • "Better kill someone soon, I'm dying of boredom. (Sigh)"
Locked on to a victim
  • "You're in my sights."
  • "Gotcha now."
  • "I'm comin' for ya."
  • "This is your doom."

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First Blood
  • "Smell that? First blood."
  • "Someone took first blood from me."
  • [by your Squad] "First blood. Tastes like copper and honeysuckle."
  • [by your Squad] "We took first blood."
Kill Leader Appointed
  • "There's a new kill leader, and it isn't me?"
  • "New kill leader -- they're next on my list."
Kill Leader killed by Squad
  • "They call that a Kill Leader? (Huh…)"
Appointed as Kill Leader
  • "I'm the Kill Leader? Huh… Hardly knew."
  • "I'm the Kill Leader? Ya don't say."
  • [Alone] "I don't need a title to be the Kill Leader."
  • [Alone] "Nothing new about me being the Kill Leader."
    • "Nothing new about it."
Squadmate is Kill Leader
  • "You the new Kill Leader. Watch your back. Never know who'd want to take you out."
    • "You're the new Kill Leader? Watch your back. Never know who'd want to take you out."
    • "You the new Kill Leader. Watch your back. Never know who'd want to... take you out."
    • "You're the new Kill Leader? Watch your back. Never know who'd want to... take you out."
  • "You're the new Kill Leader? Good. I love competition."
  • [squadmate Loba is Kill Leader] "You're Kill Leader, Loba? Heh. I have at least two kills over you. Mommy and Daddy."
  • [squadmate Loba is Kill Leader] "Loba's the Kill Leader. I can give you one more kill. Just give me the coordinates."
Killer Leader eliminated
  • "They call that a Kill Leader?"
  • "The Kill Leader's just another dead skinsuit."
  • [Alone] "When it comes to killing, there's only one real leader."
Champion eliminated
  • "Not much of a champion now, were they?"
  • "Champion's gone -- wanted them for myself."
Champion eliminated by your Squad
  • "Not much of a Champion after all."
  • "Next time we kill a Champion, I'm taking my time. Nice and slow."
  • [Alone] "The Champion will have company. Soon enough."
  • [Alone] "See ya, champ."
Half the Squads left
  • "Half the Squads are gone. I'm not satisfied yet."
  • "Half of the Squads are already dead. Shame."
  • [Alone] "Half dead. Time to make some new friends."
  • [Alone] "Half the Squads left. Not for long."
Two Squads left
  • "Two Squads left to kill."
  • "Two Squads left. Don't get in my way."
  • [Alone] "Only two Squads left... pity."
Only one more Squad left
  • "Sharpen your claws. Just us and them."
  • [Alone] "One Squad left. I love the hunt."
Care package incoming
  • "Care package out there."
  • "Care package coming down."
Replicator incoming
  • "They're sending a Replicator down to us."
  • “They’re dropping a Replicator if you care.”

Ring Status[ | ]

Full squad outside the ring
  • "We're all outside the ring. Can't kill if you're already dead."
  • "That ring's closing in and we're not inside. Hey, if you want to die, it's your funeral."
Squadmate not in the next Ring
  • "We are not all in the Ring. Wake up, skin bags."
Full squad inside the ring
  • "We're in the ring. Which means they're coming to us."
  • "Already in the ring. This is going to be fun."
  • [Solo] "Already in the Ring. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide."
One minute until ring closure
  • [Close] "Ring's nearby and we still got a minute. Plenty of time for more fun."
  • [Close] "Ring's close. We still have a minute. Want to make a massacre?"
45 seconds until ring Closure
  • [Far] "45 seconds and the Ring's not close."
Thirty seconds until ring closure
  • [Close] "Thirty seconds to get inside that ring."
  • [Close. Solo] "I've got 30 to get inside that Ring."
Ten seconds until ring closure
  • [Close] "Get in the ring or I will kill you myself."
  • [Close] "Ring's close. 10 seconds."
Final Ring's closing
  • "The final Ring. For them. Not for me."
  • "Last Ring. I was just getting started."
  • Season 17 "Final Ring. Let's get this over with--my head is killing me."
Ring Flare Opening
  • [Far] "No Ring Flares near us."
  • [Near] "Ring Flare opening near us. I won't push you in. Promise."

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 Prep
  • "I like the new boss. She likes skinbags as much as I do."
  • "Mmmmm, I can almost taste their fear."
    • "Mmmm mmm mmm... I can almost taste their fear."
  • "Time to wipe the floor with their intestines."
Match point Prep - Winning
  • "Match point. It's do or die now. Literally."
  • "Match point. I'm ending this. Now."
  • "Victory's close, I can smell it. (sniff) Mmm, fear and regret."
Match point Prep - Losing
  • "They're close. If they win, I'm drowning my sorrows in your blood."
  • "They're about to win. It's time for a little mass murder."
Double Kill
  • "Double kill - Double the pleasure."
  • "Double kill. More fertilizer for the worms."

Control Status[ | ]

Your Team controlled Zone
  • "Got a zone. Let's paint in blood. Make it feel like home."
Zone is neutralized by enemy team
Zone is neutralized by your team
Enemy Team controls Zone
  • "They got a zone? Hope they got wrote out a will too."
Capture Bonus claimed
  • "Capture bonus is ours. Good--now keep killing."
Your Team has reached 50% of Ratings
Your Team has reached 90% of Ratings
Enemy Team has reached 50% of Ratings
  • "They're halfway to winning. Notify their next of kin."
Enemy Team has reached 90% of Ratings
New Ratings Leader Appointed

Lobby[ | ]

Switching to Kings Canyon
  • "Back in Kings Canyon. Wonder what we can blow up this time."
  • "Back to Kings Canyon, and Solace; and that's the only Solace here."
Switching to World's Edge
  • "Fighting in World's Edge? Good, I've missed the smell of terrified Hammond employees."
  • "Back in World's Edge. If you need me, I'll be eviscerating by the Harvester."
Switching to Olympus
  • "Killing in Olympus today. Home of the gods? (grunt) If you say so."
  • "Olympus hasn't fallen, but it will when I'm done with it."
New Ranked Series
  • "And the rankings begin again. Wonder how many I'll carve out this series."
  • "A new Ranked Season starts today. Thought I smelled fresh meat."
New Split
  • "A new Ranked Split starts today. Splitting things down the middle is right up my alley."
Rank up
  • "I move up the Ranks. So did my kill count."
  • "I ranked up."
Rank down
  • "My rank fell. Someone will suffer for that."
  • "Ranked down. I'll have to murder twice as many."
Silver Silver
  • "Made Silver Rank. I don't care, I just want to keep killing."
  • "Made Silver."
Gold Gold
  • "Made it to Gold Rank. And I’m just getting started."
  • "Gold Rank. And I'm just getting started."
  • "Made it to Gold. And the bodies keep piling up."
Platinum Platinum
  • "Made Platinum Rank. And I'm not done yet."
  • "Made it to Platinum."
Diamond Diamond
  • "Got to Diamond."
  • "Diamond Rank. You skinsuits and your silly trophies."
Master Master
  • "I am the master - the master of death."
  • "Made Master Rank."
Apex Predator Apex Predator
  • "I am terror eternal, I am the Apex Predator."
  • "Tremble at the feet of your Apex Predator."

Lore[ | ]

Salvaged, Kings Canyon
  • Season 5 Icon [withLoba Icon] "If I flirt with you, will that make you move faster?
  • Season 5 Icon [withLoba Icon] "Remember when you blew up the chunk of this island to get to me? How do I get result like that? Batt my eyelashes?"
Harvester's Center Area, World's Edge
  • Season 18 This is what I've been reduced to? A clown for pathetic skinsuits? I really wish I was dead."
  • Season 10 Icon "My old friends at Hammond are at it again, mucking around where they're not wanted. You think I'm done with you? Heh, I'm saving the best for last…"
  • Season 10 Icon "Oh, here I was, about to paint a sign and someone beat me to it. Anyone want a bucket of blood? Hehehehe."
Relic - Entrance Area near at Market (Kings Canyon)
  • Season 18 Huh. All along, my head was beneath this place. You should've kept your cool long enough to finish the job, Loba."
Bonsai Plaza - Restaurant Area (Olympus)
  • Season 18 "If I knew I'd be stuck in this cycle of hell, I would've been better off not knowing what I was".