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Revenant Uprising is a Limited Time Mode introduced in Season 19 Season 19's Uprising Uprising Event.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Uprising December 5, 2023 - January 2, 2024

Details[ | ]

Gameplay[ | ]

  • At the beginning of the match, 30 players will join the Legends team, while the other 30 join the Revenant Army.
  • An Evac Point is marked on the map, and activates after 8 minutes. Any surviving Legend that reaches the Evac Point when it activates will escape, and if enough do so, the Legends will win.
  • If the required amount of Legends don't Evacuate, the Revenant Army wins.
  • All weapons spawn Fully Kitted, and Ammo is infinite.
  • Nearby enemies are highlighted orange.

Legend team[ | ]

  • Legends spawn with a P2020, Shield Battery Shield Battery and Med Kit Med Kit, on top of the normal BR loadout.
  • Legends can revive any other Legend, even if not in their squad, and Legends are revived with full health.
  • If a Legend is killed but at least one squadmate survives, they can be respawned at a Respawn Beacon, along with all other deceased Legends.
  • If a squad is fully eliminated, they will join the Revenant Army. In the final 2 minutes, this is disabled, and eliminated squads will spectate the surviving Legends.

Revenant Army[ | ]

  • Revenant Army members have enhanced speed, the ability to wall-run and double jump, a long-range melee attack that deals 50 damage, and a Shadow Pounce Shadow Pounce cooldown of 8 seconds.
  • Revenant Army members will skydive from the Revenant Army's Dropship when the round starts. Afterwards, they respawn at ground some distance from the survivors.
  • Their health will gradually recover after they don't take any damage for a while.
  • Every time Revenant Army member knocks down or eliminate a survivor, his health will replenish to full.
  • Their map will periodically reveal the location of all surviving Legends.
  • If a Revenant Army member is killed, they respawn after 6 seconds.
  • Dealing the most damage as a Revenant Army member allows the player to respawn as a Red Eyed Revenant or press Ultimate Button when prompted to be chosen to reborn as Red Eyed Revenant.

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