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Oh, sweetie. I'm no one-hit wonder.
Rhythm Slinger
Real Name Linh My Vo
Gender Female
Age 23
Homeworld Solace
Legend Type Support Legend Icon Support
Tactical Ability Hype Anthem Hype Anthem
Passive Ability Gifted Ear Gifted Ear
Ultimate Ability Rowdy's Rave Rowdy's Rave
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Xanthe Huynh[1]

Rhapsody is a Support Support Legend that was introduced in Season 2 (Mobile) Season 2 that is locked from the base game. She can be purchased using Syndicate Gold 750 or 10 Rhapsody Fragments.

Abilities[ | ]

Hype Anthem[ | ]

Hype Anthem Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Hype Anthem
Description Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and restores shields. Taking damage ends the effect.
Cooldown 25 seconds

Rhapsody plays a powerful tune that restores 50 Shield over 10 seconds for her and nearby teammates, and provides a 15% speed boost.

Gifted Ear[ | ]

Gifted Ear Passive
Gifted Ear
Description You pick up sound visualizations from an extended range.

Rowdy's Rave[ | ]

Rowdy's Rave Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
Rowdy's Rave
Description Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that blocks incoming sight and scans.
Charge time 2 minutes

Deploy Rowdy to project a 25-by-10 meter one-way wall that highlights enemies that you have a direct line of sight on in red, as well as giving the ability to see enemies through Bangalore’s Smoke. Lasts for 20 seconds.

Perks[ | ]

Rhapsody has 3 Perks, 3 Finisher Perks, and 3 Ability Perks.

Perks[ | ]

  • Volume Control - Squadmates affected by your Tactical temporarily gain Gifted Ear.
  • Tuned In - Continuous running increases the range of Gifted Ear.
  • Sound Bleed - Occasionally see nearby 3D sound visualizations effects through walls.

Finisher Perks[ | ]

  • Battle Adaptation - Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your Evo Shield.
  • Tactical Advantage - Using your Finisher charges your Tactical.
  • Interrogator - Using your Finisher reveals the location of your enemy's Squad on the mini map.

Ability Perks[ | ]

  • Rowdy's Rhythm - When casting the ultimate, Squadmates near Rowdy will gain faster ammo reload speed for a certain amount of time.
  • Harmony - While in the sound wave state of the tactical skill, the effect of using healing items is increased and revive speed is accelerated.
  • Reverb - The higher the number of Squadmates affected by the tactical skill, the longer the tactical skill lasts.

Lore[ | ]

Main article: Rhapsody (character)

The best way to understand Rhapsody is through her music. The droning pulse speaks of her childhood in Komma where the tech giant Pythas Inc. controls all. The steady rhythm reflects her supportive mother, a brilliant AI Engineer. And the booming bass resembles Rowdy, the robot companion her mother created to amplify her daughter's voice. Life was good, but good times in Komma never last long.

When her mother was fired from Pythas Inc. for discovering company secrets, her family was buried in false debt and forced into the dangerous nightlife district: Neon Dunes. There, Rhapsody honed her art. The unrest around her inspired groundbreaking music with a rebellious heart, capturing the passion of its people.

Rhapsody's reputation grew, earning her an invitation to perform on the wealthy side of town. She seized this opportunity not as a chance to advance her career but as a ploy to install a virus designed by her mother to wipe out the family's debt. However, the virus proved too powerful; it corrupted the entire district's finances. To avoid Pytha's wrath, Rhapsody signed an agreement with them to join the Apex Games under their banner. But that's just her cover. Rhapsody plans on topping the Apex charts until she's earned enough to buy her way out of this "sponsorship deal" and win her family's life back.

Cosmetic items[ | ]

Skins[ | ]

Rhapsody has 19 skins - 1 Eternal, 4 Legendary, 8 epic, 7 Rare and 1 Common.

Finishers[ | ]

Emotes[ | ]

Skydive Emotes[ | ]

Emoji Pack[ | ]

[ | ]

  • Rowdy's Solo - Neon Rebellion
  • Season 3 (Mobile) Banshee's Crypt - Level 5
  • Season 3 (Mobile) Gate of Thorns - Season 3 3,000

  • Stage Setter
  • Jukebox Tunes

  • Rookie Card - Default

  • Holo Sprays[ | ]

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    Trivia[ | ]

    • Rhapsody's name in-game was briefly listed as Wu Meiling during Season 3 (Mobile) Season 3.5.

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