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Search and Rescue Association of Solace
Founder Gibraltar family
Headquarters Solace
Services Search and rescue
Founded 2525

The Search and Rescue Association of Solace, or S.A.R.A.S., is a humanitarian organization founded and owned by Gibraltar's family.

History[ | ]

Founded in 2525 by the Gibraltar family, S.A.R.A.S.'s mission involves searching for missing people and rescuing those injured in outdoor activities, while also responding to requests for disaster relief and community protection throughout Solace. S.A.R.A.S. has various units such as the Solace Mountain Rescue, the Vehicle Search and Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, and the Marine Search and Rescue.

S.A.R.A.S. functions solely on donations from the community of Solace City. Each member is either a part-time volunteer with limited benefits such as training and personal resources or a full-time volunteer who is provided with housing, family education, and medical resources.[1]

Makoa Gibraltar and his father Miko are members of this organization.

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