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Saviors Launch Trailer
YTtn s13 launch
Watch here
Release date Apr 25, 2022
Production Psyop [1]
Length 3:51
Promotes Season 13

The Saviors Launch Trailer is an animated short released on April 25 2022, to promote Season 13 Season 13.

Synopsis[ | ]

The Legends have a good time during a party where they say their goodbyes to Bangalore (and Revenant), along with the new Legend, Newcastle, who joined in for the occasion and is her intended replacement. While Bangalore is less impressed with Newcastle replacing her, she's dejected when sees Loba and Valkyrie being close during the party and sets her sights away from them. Loba is aware and approaches Bangalore, reprimanding her for wanting to leave. Bangalore is still adamant about leaving since her brother Jackson is dead and there's nothing keeping her in the Outlands. Loba protests, claiming she built a family there.

The party finishes when the Legends set ready for their match on Storm Point, with Bangalore being placed into a squad with Newcastle and Mirage. As they land in, things go awry when a sea beast comes in close to the shores, causing a tremor that causes an IMC armory to rise from the ground. After Mirage is injured by enemy fire, both Bangalore and Newcastle enter the armory. When she takes a HAVOC Rifle, it causes the armory's Spectres to be activated in defense. Together, the two defeat the robots, though Bangalore starts to feel like she recognizes Newcastle. They are interrupted by a larger threat - a large aquatic beast who has been causing the tremors comes ashore.

Fuse, Pathfinder, and Valkyrie are injured while trying to fight off the beast. Newcastle rallies the remaining Legends to fight it; thanks to their combined firepower, they manage to fell the creature. After tending to a wounded Valkyrie, Bangalore meets with Newcastle, who was recovering against a rock and hiding a bottlecap bracelet. She approaches him and removes his helmet, revealing and confirming him to be her brother, Jackson.

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