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Season 20
Season 20
New Legend N/A
New weapon N/A
Featured map World's Edge
Secondary map Storm Point
Tertiary map Olympus
Battle Pass
Theme Assassination/Ninja
Reactive weapon R-99 SMG
Flatline (challenge completion reward)
Start date February 13, 2024
End date May 06, 2024
Events 5th Anniversary
Previous Season Ignite
Next Season Upheaval

The twentieth season of Apex Legends, titled Breakout, began on February 13, 2024.

New Content[ | ]

New Armor system for BR modes[ | ]

  • Evo Shields removed from floor loot
  • Legend Armor will be inherent to each player. Level up through doing damage, team wipes, reviving squadmates, and more.[1]
  • Evo Harvesters added to map
  • Evo Caches added as rare loot item
Body Shields are no longer a loot item and won't be found on the ground in Battle Royale. Instead, all Legends have inherent Legend Armor that increases in capacity permanently as they Level-Up.

Legend Armor is fueled by a Shield Core which contains the current shield HP. Shield Cores can be swapped or dropped at any time as with previous armor systems, however, fallen enemies will now drop Shield Cores in their Death Boxes. Picking up a higher level Shield Core will temporarily overcharge your Armor—adding extra shield health that is held for 30 seconds before returning to your Legend Armor’s max capacity.

Legend Upgrade System[ | ]

Ranked Changes[ | ]

  • Ranked Points (RP) returns to replace Ladder Points (LP)
  • Ranked Splits return. Mid-season, your rank will drop by 6 divisions.
  • Hidden skill rating will have no influence on either matchmaking or scoring.
  • Level requirement to play Ranked is going back down to 20 from 50.
  • Promotional Trials have been removed.
  • Provisional Matches have been removed.
  • Ranked Tier RP requirements will have some increases.
With the launch of Breakout, we’ve decided to make a series of changes - which members of the Apex faithful will find familiar.

Maps[ | ]

  • New Mixtape map: Thunderdome
  • Festive balloons, blimps, etc added to BR maps.

Breakout Rewards[ | ]

  • Added Legend Challenges playable through Season 20 to permanently unlock legends, skins, trackers, and more.[2]

Clubs/Tags[ | ]

  • Clubs have been retired. Instead, tags of 3-4 alphanumeric characters long may be added ahead of your username.

Performance Improvements[ | ]

  • 120hz support finally arrives to current-gen consoles.[1]

References[ | ]