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It's Pride Month with Fandom, and Apex Legends' colorful cast of characters includes plenty of LGBTQIA+ representation: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Fuse, Gibraltar, Loba, Mirage, Seer, and Valkyrie. A big thank you to everyone who has helped make those articles and the whole wiki what they are!

There will also be three roundtable discussions in the Fandom Discord server over the month: Discussing LGBTQIA+ video games and characters on June 15, LGBTQIA+ icons and activists on June 22, and a discussion with LGBTQIA+ wiki admins on June 29.


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Season 3
Season 3.svg
New Legend Crypto
New weapon Charge Rifle
Featured map World's Edge
Battle Pass
Theme Fire/Ice
Reactive weapon Peacekeeper
Start date October 01, 2019
End date February 04, 2020
Previous Season Battle Charge
Next Season Assimilation

The third season of Apex Legends, called Meltdown, started on October 1st, 2019 and ended on February 4th, 2020.

New Content[]

Events and limited-time offers[]

Main article: Events

Battle Pass[]

Battlepass S3.png
Main article: Battle Pass
Level Premium Pass rewards Free rewards
2 Charm.svg Charm: Pyro Meteor Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Humble Witt
3 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1] Crypto Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
4 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack Gibraltar Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
5 Apex Coins 50 Wraith Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
6 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack Caustic Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
7 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Streets of Suotamo Mirage Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
8 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack Bangalore Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
9 Apex Coins 50 Pathfinder Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
10 Charge Rifle Skin: Frozen Path Wattson Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
11 Pathfinder Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Ice Towers Octane Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
12 P2020 Skin: Cold Punch Lifeline Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
13 Gibraltar Skydive Emote.svg Skydive Emote: Surf's Up Bloodhound Stat Tracker.svg Stat Tracker: Season 3 Wins
14 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
15 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: A New Dawn
16 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
17 Apex Coins 50 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
18 RE-45 Auto Skin: Grasshopper
19 Charm.svg Charm: Abominable Snowman
20 Crafting Metals 120
21 Wattson Skydive Emote.svg Skydive Emote: Tesla-Copter Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
22 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
23 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: World's Edge - Meltdown
24 Crypto Quip.svg Kill Quip: You Thought You Were Better Than Me
25 Pathfinder Skin: Iced Out Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
26 R-99 SMG Skin: Glacier
27 Gibraltar Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Hot Chains
28 Crafting Metals 120
29 Music Pack.svg Music Pack: Gibraltar Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
30 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
31 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Mirage's Worst Day
32 Lifeline Quip.svg Kill Quip: I Don't Even Think You Tryin'
33 Apex Coins 100 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
34 Peacekeeper Skin: Firestarter
35 Lifeline Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Crystalized Ice
36 Crafting Metals 120
37 Music Pack.svg Music Pack: Crypto Caustic Skin: Freezer Burn
38 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
39 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Send in the Clowns
40 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
41 Apex Coins 100
42 Mastiff Shotgun Skin: Fractured Cove
43 Apex Coins 100
44 Crafting Metals 120
45 Mirage Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Hot Head
46 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
47 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: True Warrior
48 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
49 Wraith Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Snow Monster
50 Alternator SMG Skin: Winged Phoenix
51 Charm.svg Charm: Nox's Trap
52 Crafting Metals 120
53 Lifeline Skin: From the Ashes
54 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
55 L-STAR EMG Skin: Campfire
56 Bloodhound Quip.svg Kill Quip: The Allfather Has Gifted Me
57 Apex Coins 100
58 Kraber .50-Cal Sniper Skin: Frozen Tundra
59 Apex Coins 50
60 Crafting Metals 120
61 Caustic Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Gassed Out
62 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
63 Octane Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Running Hot
64 VK-47 Flatline Skin: Green Lagoon
65 Crypto Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Nuclear Air
66 R-301 Carbine Skin: Firestorm
67 Apex Coins 100
68 Crafting Metals 120
69 Hemlok Burst AR Skin: The Abyss
70 XP Boost.svg XP Boost[note 1]
71 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Books and Covers
72 Mozambique Shotgun Skin: Flamethrower
73 Mirage Skydive Emote.svg Skydive Emote: It Takes Two
74 Devotion LMG Skin: Cool Breeze
75 Bangalore Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Melted Grounds
76 Crafting Metals 120
77 Apex Pack.svg Apex Pack
78 Wingman Skin: Ice Breaker
79 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Rose-Colored Legends
80 Prowler Burst PDW Skin: Flamed Out
81 Apex Coins 100
82 M600 Spitfire Skin: Water Riptide
83 Wattson Banner Frame.svg Banner Frame: Down Under
84 Crafting Metals 120
85 Lifeline Skydive Emote.svg Skydive Emote: Windmill
86 EVA-8 Auto Skin: Polar Bear
87 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Codename Crypto
88 Hemlok Burst AR Skin: Hot Zone
89 Apex Coins 100
90 Longbow DMR Skin: Cool Heat
91 Charm.svg Charm: Artur
92 Crafting Metals 120
93 Pathfinder Skydive Emote.svg Skydive Emote: I Can Fly!
94 Triple Take Skin: Lightshow
95 Loading Screen.svg Loading Screen: Pathfinder the Poet
96 HAVOC Rifle Skin: Volcano Grounds
97 Apex Coins 100
98 G7 Scout Skin: Golden Wings
99 Charm.svg Charm: Nessy
100 Peacekeeper Skin: Frostbite
110 Peacekeeper Skin: Blood Stone Badge.svg Badge: Meltdown Level Season 3 Badge

Battle Pass Rewards[]

Legend Skins[]

Weapon Skins[]

Weapon Charms[]


Skydive Emotes[]


Music Packs[]




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  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 XP Boost: 10% bonus to Top 5 and Win XP. Boosts stack and apply to everyone in party (+300% max).
  2. 2.0 2.1 This skin is reactive.