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Season 4
Season 4
New Legend Revenant
New weapon Sentinel
Featured map World's Edge
Secondary map Kings Canyon[note 1]
Battle Pass
Theme Robots
Reactive weapon VK-47 Flatline
Start date February 04, 2020
End date May 12, 2020
Events Valentine's Day Rendezvous
System Override
The Old Ways
Previous Season Meltdown
Next Season Fortune's Favor

The fourth season of Apex Legends, called Assimilation, started on February 4th, 2020 and ended on May 12th, 2020.

New Content[ | ]

  • New Legend: Revenant
  • New weapon: the Sentinel
  • New loot:
  • Several changes to World's Edge:
    • New structure, the Planet Harvester, replacing Fuel Depot.
    • Capitol City is split in two parts, named respectively Fragment West and Fragment East, by a massive fissure. Falling in the fissure will deal 25 damage and throw you back out with the updraft.
    • New structure, the Survey Camp, replacing the abandoned convoy on the north side of the map. This area has several Weapon Racks with guaranteed weapons on them.
  • Several changes to Ranked Leagues:
    • Ranked Seasons are now split between Split 1 and Split 2 (6-7 weeks per split), where a player's rank is soft reset at the start of the season as well as at the start of Split 2. Reaching the same Tier in both Splits rewards the player with an animated Badge Badge at the start of a new Season.
    • Master Master Tier added. Apex Predator Apex Predator now reserved only for the top 500 players (based on RP) per platform.
    • Platinum Platinum Tier players and above can now only party with players of one Tier below or above.
    • Now limits players on how many unexpected quits they can have during the whole Ranked Season.
    • Increased assist threshold timer from 5 seconds to 7.5 seconds.
    • Dive Trails will now be seasonal instead of permanent from now on. Ranked Seasons 2 and 3 Dive Trails are unaffected.
  • New Town Takeover: Bloodhound's Trials

Events and limited time offers[ | ]

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Battle Pass[ | ]

Battlepass S4
Main article: Battle Pass
Level Premium Pass rewards Free rewards
2 Apex Coins 50 Revenant Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
3 Apex Pack Apex Pack Crypto Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
4 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2] Wattson Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
5 Apex Pack Apex Pack Pathfinder Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
6 Apex Coins 50 Bangalore Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
7 Charm Weapon Charm: Knockout! Mirage Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
8 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Hammond Robotics (Draft1) Caustic Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
9 Apex Pack Apex Pack Wraith Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
10 Apex Coins 100 Gibraltar Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
11 Kraber .50-Cal Sniper Skin: Sapphire Protection Bloodhound Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
12 Gibraltar Banner Frame Banner Frame: Slow and Steady Lifeline Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
13 Revenant Skydive Emote Skydive Emote: Dodging Death Octane Stat Tracker Stat Tracker: Season 4 Wins
14 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
15 Hemlok Burst AR Skin: Quantum Realm Apex Pack Apex Pack
16 Wraith Banner Frame Banner Frame: Inside The System
17 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Dining With Dino
18 Apex Coins 100
19 EVA-8 Auto Skin: Lime Plate Apex Pack Apex Pack
20 Crafting Metals 120
21 Octane Skydive Emote Skydive Emote: Influencer
22 Apex Pack Apex Pack
23 RE-45 Auto Skin: Pewter Tangerine Apex Pack Apex Pack
24 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
25 Wraith Skin: Perfect Soldier
26 Crafting Metals 120
27 Longbow DMR Skin: Orbital Apex Pack Apex Pack
28 Charm Weapon Charm: MOBO
29 Apex Coins 100
30 Caustic Skydive Emote Skydive Emote: Knox Powered
31 HAVOC Rifle Skin: Seafoam Scaffold Apex Pack Apex Pack
32 Crafting Metals 120
33 Gibraltar Quip Kill Quip: Win? Against me? Hahaha
34 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
35 Alternator SMG Skin: Hypertrophy
36 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Seasonal Special
37 Pathfinder Banner Frame Banner Frame: Connection Established
38 Bloodhound Banner Frame Banner Frame: Warning Signs
39 Prowler Burst PDW Skin: All Systems Go
40 Revenant Quip Kill Quip: Are your friends nearby?
41 Crafting Metals 120
42 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Exhibit C
43 Mastiff Shotgun Skin: Bullet Bike
44 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
45 Apex Coins 100
46 Crypto Skydive Emote Skydive Emote: Danger Zone
47 Charge Rifle Skin: Overcharged
48 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Just Business
49 Bangalore Banner Frame Banner Frame: Streamlined
50 Wattson Skin: Cyber Punked
51 R-301 Carbine Skin: Alkaline
52 Crypto Banner Frame Banner Frame: Gated
53 Apex Coins 100
54 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
55 L-STAR EMG Skin: Caution Tape
56 Mirage Banner Frame Banner Frame: Red Beau
57 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Mirror Images
58 Crafting Metals 120
59 VK-47 Flatline Skin: Circuitry
60 Apex Pack Apex Pack Caustic Skin: Cyber Sludge
61 Charm Weapon Charm: Mecha Artur
62 Loading Screen Loading Screen: Lies
63 Triple Take Skin: Metallization
64 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
65 Apex Coins 100
66 Crafting Metals 120
67 P2020 Skin: Nanofuse
68 Caustic Banner Frame Banner Frame: Last Rites
69 Apex Pack Apex Pack
70 Music Pack Music Pack: Revenant
71 Sentinel Skin: Cybersilk
72 Crafting Metals 120
73 Loading Screen Loading Screen: The Program
74 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
75 Peacekeeper Skin: Filament
76 Wattson Quip Kill Quip: Don't be afraid of the dark
77 Octane Banner Frame Banner Frame: High Performance
78 Loading Screen Loading Screen: The Cycle
79 Devotion LMG Skin: Tectonic Shift
80 Music Pack Music Pack: Assimilation
81 Wattson Banner Frame Banner Frame: Electric Flail
82 Crafting Metals 120
83 G7 Scout Skin: Hardwired
84 XP Boost XP Boost[note 2]
85 Apex Coins 100
86 Charm Weapon Charm: Plushness Monster
87 Mozambique Shotgun Skin: Chiptech
88 Apex Coins 100
89 Apex Pack Apex Pack
90 Crafting Metals 120
91 Wingman Skin: Carapace
92 Crafting Metals 120
93 Wraith Skydive Emote Skydive Emote: Think Fast
94 Charm Weapon Charm: Mr. Robobble
95 M600 Spitfire Skin: Citric Shield
96 Loading Screen Loading Screen: No More Lies
97 Apex Coins 100
98 R-99 SMG Skin: Deep Trace
99 Charge Rifle Skin: Calibrated
100 VK-47 Flatline Skin: Heavy Metal
110 VK-47 Flatline Skin: Heat Sink Badge Badge: Assimilation Level Season 4 Badge

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Notes[ | ]

  1. From April 07, 2020 until the end of the season.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 XP Boost: 10% bonus to Top 5 and Win XP. Boosts stack and apply to everyone in party (+300% max).
  3. 3.0 3.1 This skin is reactive.

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