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"Your heart must beat with passion to the very end."

Ambush Artist
Real Name Obi Edolasim
Gender Male
Age 26
Homeworld Boreas
Legend Type Recon.svg Recon
Tactical Ability Focus of Attention.svg Focus of Attention
Passive Ability Heart Seeker.svg Heart Seeker
Ultimate Ability Exhibit.svg Exhibit
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Iké Amadi[1]

Seer is a Legend introduced in Season 10.svg Season 10 that is locked from the base game. He can be unlocked using digital currency: either Legend Tokens 12,000 or Apex Coins 750.

Seer is a Recon.svg Recon Legend whose abilities are useful in a battle. His tactical, Focus of Attention.svg Focus of Attention reveals enemies and cancels various actions made by them. His passive, Heart Seeker.svg Heart Seeker can be used to determine the locations of nearby enemies. His ultimate Exhibit.svg Exhibit reveals enemies using their weapons or running within its radius.


Focus of Attention[]

Focus of Attention.svg Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Focus of Attention
Description Summon micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls interrupting and revealing enemies.
Cooldown 30 seconds

  • Creates a cylindrical area of effect in front of Seer which, after 1.4 seconds, hits all enemies inside. The cylinder is 75 meters long and has a diameter of 8 meters.
  • The ability causes the following effects:
    • Interrupts channeled actions such as revives and using healing items.
    • Applies a 1.25 second silence, preventing the use of Legend abilities and canceling those already in progress.
    • Affected enemies and their health bars are revealed to the squad for 8 seconds. Enemies see 'MICRO-DRONES DETECTED' on their HUD.
  • Holding the tactical button slows player movement by 15%. It also activates Heart Seeker.svg Heart Seeker.

  • Will scan Mirage's decoys, and creates false health bars above their heads.

  • There is a short delay before Seer's tactical is cast, in this time frame enemies can escape the cylindrical area of effect using the visual cues as a guide.
  • Try using this ability if you believe the enemy is low on health or shields. This can allow you to decide whether or not to push the enemy.

  • Heart Seeker[]

    Heart Seeker.svg Passive H/Down/Down to disable
    Heart Seeker
    Description Hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies within 75m when aiming down sights.
    Cooldown ?

    • A circle will be displayed around the crosshair while aiming down sights, the color of the circle will differ depending on the distance and direction of an enemy within a 55 degree cone:
      • When an enemy is within 75 m, an orange arrow will be displayed around the circle indicating their direction. When an enemy is within the area bounded by the circle, the whole reticle turns orange.
      • When an enemy is in the range of 75 m to [?] m, a blue arrow will be displayed around the circle indicating their direction. When an enemy is within the area bounded by the circle, the whole reticle returns to its normal state.
    • At full health, hearts beat every 1.75 seconds. The lower the health, the faster the heart beat. (Shields are irrelevant.)
    • Usable while unarmed. Holding the tactical button (Q / LB / L1 / LB), will also display the heartbeat sensor.
    • The heartbeat sensor will detect heartbeats through walls until after 75m, where you will need line of sight with the target to detect their heartbeat.

  • Use this if you feel like there may be someone nearby for a quick "scan" of the area.
  • Can be used before doing risky actions, such as using a Phoenix Kit.svg Phoenix Kit or reviving to know whether or not it is safe

  • Exhibit[]

    Exhibit.svg Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
    Description Create a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.
    Charge time 2 minutes

    • Lasts 30 seconds.
    • Has 125 HP, and can be destroyed.
    • Sphere Diameter is 65 m
    • Airborne players, or players who are considered to be crouched and not sliding will not be revealed.
    • The number of enemies detected are shown on the player's and their squadmates' HUDs.

  • The speed of the player does not matter as long as they are crouched.
    • Revenant's passive will not cause you to be revealed.
    • Octane crouch walking while under the effects of Stim will not cause you to be revealed.
    • Mirage's decoys and A.I. controlled enemies have white footsteps instead of orange.

  • Try and place this in an area where enemies will not notice it well, making it less likely to be destroyed.
  • You could also use the information the ultimate provides to know whether you should revive a downed teammate or be ready to fight if the enemy is pushing.
    • However, you should still be careful, as a nearby enemy can walk up to you and your teammate undetected.

  • Recon[]

    Recon.svg Perk
    Description Scanning MapIcon Survey Beacon.png Survey Beacons reveals the next circle's location.
    Cooldown ?

    • Allows you to access the 12 survey beacons available on the map in any given match to determine the circle location after the currently marked circle.
    • The interaction with the survey beacon takes 7 seconds, during which you are vulnerable.

  • A survey beacon can be used again when the next round starts.

  • Lore[]

    Before his birth, it was foretold that Seer would bring pain and suffering to the world--and the night he was born, a meteor barreled across the sky and struck his world’s moon. It was considered a bad omen, and when the pale blue eyes of Obi Edolasim opened, his community saw a cursed child. His parents did not; they loved him unconditionally because they saw the true empathic, creative soul of their son. They even supported him when he was drawn to the theatricality of the Arenas, where he could express himself fully.

    At first, the crowds felt unsure of him. But over time, with each victory, the power inside him grew, and with it, his strength in the Arena. And as his reputation began to precede him, a strange thing happened… The people in the crowd who were downtrodden, outcast, and forgotten—they saw themselves in Seer. Soon, throngs of people would come out just to see him fight—cheering Seer on as their champion. Now, this legend from the Arenas is making his way to the Apex Games and there isn’t a single soul who hasn’t already heard his name. The boy born under a bad omen and a terrible myth has taken this tale and created an even greater legend. He is Seer— an icon of the shunned, the unaccepted, and the unabashedly original.

    The Moth and the Flame[]

    On the planet Boreas, there is a folktale known that tells of “The Moth and the Flame.” One day, a blind princess, confined to her room, was met by a man at her window who sang for her attention. The two fell in love, and the man asked her to keep a lit candle at her window so he could take her away from the palace. However, the princess’s parents were listening to this conversation and arrested the man out of fear for losing their daughter.

    That night, the princess fruitlessly waited at her window with the candle. She began to weep, and her tears saved a moth that had flown into the candle’s flame. In return, the moth offered to reunite the princess with the man on the condition that it would be reborn as her child, stating that it is always attracted to that which will harm it. The princess accepted and left with the moth.

    When the king and queen discovered that their daughter had gone missing, they burned her suitor at the stake in an attempt to end her pursuit of him. The moth took notice of the fire and flew into it, unable to resist the allure of its glow. The blind princess followed the moth to her doom. This story has cemented the curse of the moth into the folklore of Boreas. [2]


    In 2708, an asteroid struck the moon of Boreas, decimating it. [3] At this same moment, Obi Edolasim was born. The people of Boreas saw this, as well as his chilling blue eyes, as a bad omen, and branded Edolasim as a cursed child. He grew up in loneliness, but he was greatly loved by his parents, who unconditionally cared for his creativity and outlook. During his youth, Edolasim learned dance from his mother and technology from his father. [4]

    Early in his life, Edolasim’s parents withdrew him from his school after harassment from both the student body and the administration, with treatment including the destruction of his science fair projects and claims that he “will kill them with his eyes.” Edolasim learned from this a greater lesson than was taught in that school - those who push you away, push you to greater heights. [5]

    On June 20, 2725, Edolasim stumbled across an Arenas match in a warehouse. Despite coming home bruised and beaten, he believed that he had found his true calling in the Arenas. He found a place for himself in the Arenas’ theatrics, writing in his diary that “where there is violence, there is beauty.” He initially hesitated to tell his parents about his newfound passion, [6] though they unconditionally supported this endeavor, as they always have. [7]

    Edolasim became a rising star in the Arenas, where he amassed a fanbase of those who saw themselves as outcasts. [7] He gave his fans the message that their “curses'' don't bring them down, but make them strong and unique; everyone must let themselves define their “curse,” not others. [8] One of his most popular stages was the arena known as Encore, on his home planet of Boreas. [9] Along the way, he fought with two of the Legends: Rampart, whom he held a close friendship and a strong undefeated streak with [10], and Octane, who once got Edolasim high on stim. [11]

    Edolasim was chosen in 2734 to join the Apex Games as its newest Legend. Before entering, he won his final Arenas match, with his parents passionately cheering him on. [12]

    Cosmetic Items[]


    There are a total of 51 Legend skins for Seer: 8 Legendary, 8 Epic, 19 Rare and 16 Common.

    1. Included in the Seer Launch Bundle

    1. Included in the Emergence Pack


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    Skydive Emotes[]

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    • Lean on Me - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Up In Lights - Crafting Metals 1,200
    • Swagger Back - Crafting Metals 400
    • Play To The Crowd


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    Music Packs[]

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    Voice Lines[]






    • Seer's ethnicity is Igbo.[13]
    • Seer is pansexual.[14]
    • Seer has been fighting in the Arenas for 9 years.[15]
    • Aside from art, Seer is also fond of pinball.[16]
    • Although he has the ability to interrupt most healing actions, Seer cannot stop revives from Lifeline's D.O.C. drone.
    • Seer's tactical cannot cancel nor reveal Crypto while he's controlling his drone.
    • Seer's left eye glows when using his heartbeat sensor or aiming down sights.
    • Seer greatly loves his fanbase, and takes time to respond to their mail. [8]
    • In Seer's holospray "Today The Cursed Ones Triumph," it is shown that his hair is on the left side of his face, however his hair is actually on the right side.
    • Due to his complete ostracization from his community on Boreas, Seer had one of the most traumatic childhoods out of all of the Legends. [17]
    • Seer and Octane have a friend/hate relationship with each other, and on occasions will argue with one another.