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"Your heart must beat with passion to the very end."
Ambush Artist
Real Name Obi Edolasim
Gender Male
Age 27
Homeworld Boreas
Class Recon Class Recon
Tactical Ability Focus of Attention Focus of Attention
Passive Ability Heart Seeker Heart Seeker
Ultimate Ability Exhibit Exhibit
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Iké Amadi[1]

Seer Icon Seer is a Recon Recon Legend. He was introduced in Season 10 Season 10 and is locked from the base game. He can be unlocked using digital currency: either Legend Tokens 12,000 or Apex Coins 750.

A Legend whose abilities are useful for tracking enemies in battle, Seer’s tactical, Focus of Attention Focus of Attention reveals, slows, and silences his enemies. His passive, Heart Seeker Heart Seeker can be used to determine the locations of nearby enemies. His ultimate Exhibit Exhibit reveals enemies using their weapons or running within its radius.

Abilities[ | ]

Focus of Attention[ | ]

Focus of Attention Tactical Q/LB/L1/LB
Focus of Attention
Description Summon micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls silencing and revealing enemies.
Cooldown 30 seconds

  • Creates a cylindrical area of effect in front of Seer which, after 1.4 seconds, hits all enemies inside. The cylinder is 60 meters long and has a diameter of 8 meters.
  • The ability causes the following effects:
    • Applies an 8 second silence, preventing the use of Legend abilities and canceling those already in progress. Enemies who are silenced by Seer are now also highlighted with a threat outline to Seer and his teammates but only when they have line of sight.
    • For the initial 0.5 seconds, affected enemies are also slowed, while their health bars and body highlight are revealed to the squad. Enemies see 'MICRO-DRONES DETECTED' on their HUD.
  • Tactical button can be held to delay the launch. This slows player movement by 15% and activates Heart Seeker Heart Seeker.

  • There is a short delay before Seer's tactical is cast, in this time frame enemies can escape the cylindrical area of effect using the visual cues as a guide.
  • Try using this ability if you believe the enemy is low on health or shields. This can allow you to decide whether or not to push the enemy.

Heart Seeker[ | ]

Heart Seeker Passive H/Down/Down to disable
Heart Seeker
Description Hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies within 50m when aiming down sights.

  • A circle is displayed around the crosshair while aiming down sights. When enemies are within a 50 meter, 55° cone in front of Seer, their heartbeat is visualized with orange pulsing and a directional indicator.
    • When an enemy is within 50 meters an orange arrow will be displayed around the circle indicating their direction. When an enemy is within the area bounded by the circle, the whole reticle pulses orange.
    • When an enemy is in player's sight and in the range of 75 meters a blue arrow will be displayed around the circle indicating their direction. When an enemy is within the area bounded by the circle, the whole reticle returns to its normal state.
    • The heartbeat sensor will detect heartbeats through walls within 50m. Beyond that, Seer will need line of sight with the target to detect their heartbeat.
  • At full health, hearts beat every 1.75 seconds. The lower the health, the faster the heart beat. (Shields are irrelevant.)
  • Usable while unarmed or while aiming Focus of Attention Focus of Attention.

  • Use this if you feel like there may be someone nearby for a quick "scan" of the area.
  • Can be used before doing risky actions, such as using a Phoenix Kit Phoenix Kit or reviving to know whether or not it is safe

Exhibit[ | ]

Exhibit Ultimate Z/LB+RB/L1+R1/LB+RB
Description Create a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.
Charge time 3 minutes

  • has a Throw range of 15 meters
  • Creates a 60 meter radius sphere, inside of which enemies who are walking, sprinting, or firing weapons are tracked with a footstep marker when walking or sprinting. If enemies fire their weapons, diamond markers will also appear on them for 1.25s.
    • Enemies who are stationary, crouching, or airborne are not revealed.
  • Lasts 25 seconds.
  • The device has 125 HP, and can be destroyed.
  • The number of enemies inside are shown on the player's and their squadmates' HUDs.

  • The device cannot be damaged by Seer or his allies. It will block shots fired at it.
  • The speed of the player does not matter as long as they are crouched. Abilities that increase crouched movement speed, such as Assassin's Instinct Assassin's Instinct or Stim Stim, will not cause you to be revealed.
  • A.I. controlled enemies have white footsteps instead of orange.
    • Mirage's decoys are displayed like they were real players.

  • Try and place this in an area where enemies will not notice it well, making it less likely to be destroyed.
  • You could also use the information the ultimate provides to know whether you should revive a downed teammate or be ready to fight if the enemy is pushing.
    • However, you should still be careful, as a nearby enemy can walk up to you and your teammate undetected.

Legend Upgrades[ | ]

Main article: Legend Upgrades

Legend Upgrades are special perks introduced in Season 20 to all Battle Royale modes. These add upgrades to a Legend's abilities as you level up your Evo Armor. Only one option may be chosen per level-up for a maximum of two perks total.

Level 2 Upgrades
  • Artist's Reach: +20m Exhibit Exhibit throw range.
  • Ultimate Cooldown: -30s Exhibit Exhibit cooldown.
Level 3 Upgrades

Lore[ | ]

Main article: Seer (character)
Before his birth, it was foretold that Seer would bring pain and suffering to the world--and the night he was born, a meteor barreled across the sky and struck his world’s moon. It was considered a bad omen, and when the pale blue eyes of Obi Edolasim opened, his community saw a cursed child. His parents did not; they loved him unconditionally because they saw the true empathic, creative soul of their son. They even supported him when he was drawn to the theatricality of the Arenas - a series of underground fighting competitions - where he could express himself fully. What is a fight, if not an adversarial dance?

At first, the crowds felt unsure of him. But over time, with each victory, the power inside him grew, and with it, his strength in the Arena. And as his reputation began to precede him, a strange thing happened… The people in the crowd who were downtrodden, outcast, and forgotten—they saw themselves in Seer. Soon, throngs of people would come out just to see him fight—cheering Seer on as their champion.

This legend from the Arenas made his way to the Apex Games as an icon of the shunned, the unaccepted, and the unabashedly original. Still, there are those that continue to blame him for the deterioration of the moon of his homeworld Boreas for many reasons – his curse, his underwhelming aid to the people of Boreas, and now for bringing the Games to the moon. He fights on to make things right, however he can.

Cosmetic Items[ | ]

Skins[ | ]

There are a total of 62 Legend skins for Seer: 14 Legendary, 13 epic, 19 Rare and 16 Common.

  1. May alternatively require Tiger Eyes

  1. Included in the Emergence Pack

Finishers[ | ]

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Badges[ | ]

Heirloom Set[ | ]

Seer Heirloom Set

Seer's Heirloom Set

This set was made available during the Spellbound Collection Event Spellbound Collection Event. Anyone who completed the Spellbound Collection was given this automatically.

This set contains:

  • A Banner Pose: Grand Finale
  • A melee weapon skin: Showstoppers
  • An Intro Quip Intro Quip: "My heart beats stronger with each challenge I overcome."

Emotes[ | ]

  • Lean on Me - Crafting Metals 1,200
  • Up In Lights - Crafting Metals 1,200
  • Swagger Back - Crafting Metals 400
  • Season 16 Light Show - Level 66
  • Play To The Crowd

Skydive Emotes[ | ]

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Holosprays[ | ]

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Music Packs[ | ]

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Transitions[ | ]

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Teasers[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Seer's left eye glows when using his heartbeat sensor or aiming down sights.
  • In Seer's holospray "Today The Cursed Ones Triumph," it is shown that his hair is on the left side of his face, however his hair is actually on the right side.
  • One of Seer's heirloom inspect animations has him pull out a drawing tablet and work on various logo designs. The word "Pariah" is crossed out beneath his left thumb, referencing his original development name.

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