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Seer's voice actor is Iké Amadi, speaking English and Igbo.

Character Select[ | ]

  • "Do not hide your true colors. They are your strength."
  • "I believe in art. And pinball. I love pinball."
  • "I do not wait for inspiration; I take it."
  • "If they stare, give them something to see."
  • "We can not resist the flame, so let us dance across it."
  • "Make it so they can not help but look. Then, they are yours."
  • "Victory is assured. But can we make it stunning?"
  • "Let us be last to accept the Ring's embrace."
  • "I have your attention. I will not waste it."
  • "The Ring does not enclose me; I wear it."
  • "If we are defeated, we will still make it beautiful."
  • "They see the cage. I see the sky beyond."
  • "I create for life, not death."
  • "Embrace yourself, and know strength without fear."
  • "Let them stare. What they see is for me to choose."
  • "Let us make something that cannot be ignored."
  • "Give everything to the game; or we do not deserve her."
  • "I do not know what I'll become. But it will be striking."
  • "We will give them a show like no other."
  • "I will leave my mark."
  • "I do this for the outcasts, for they are true works of art."
  • "We are all cursed. We must strive to make it our blessing."
  • "When the curtain rises, we must be ready to shine."

Intro[ | ]

  • "My heart beats stronger with each challenge I overcome."
  • "I do not fight to be accepted. I fight to be free of your acceptance."
  • "I fight on behalf of the odd ones... Which could be any one of you, I suppose."
  • "The game is not merciful to those who lack imagination."
  • "To be the last thing you see will be my honor, legends."
  • "You will achieve greatness, just not in victory."
  • "Do not believe any rumors about me that I have not started."
  • "Do not look away. I want you to look."
  • "I fight for the refused, the cursed... the exceptional."
  • "I will make your end live forever."
  • "I will not be cast aside."
  • "I've been described as deadly and beautiful, but I am also approachable."
  • "Look away, but I will be the last thing you see."
  • "Look for me, and what you will see you will never forget."
  • "Play with all your heart. If not, I will find you."
  • "Stand out, or stand aside."
  • "To give the crowds a show, sacrifice will be necessary."
  • "Today, the cursed ones triumph."
  • "Underestimate me. Please do."
  • "When the flame beckons, you obey."
  • "You kill, I create. This is why I win."

Kills[ | ]

  • Season 10 Icon "Change is inevitable, my friend. I just make it beautiful."
  • Season 12 "Take a note from a friend of mine. Next time, acquire better loot."
  • Season 15 "Dying is a small price for living with such splendor all around us."
  • Season 18"Just because it is death, does not mean it should be lifeless."
  • "A painting burns, a sculpture shatters... It is not beautiful if it lasts forever, my friend."
  • "Are you still watching? Good. This next part is just for you."
  • "Cast off your fear. Now is the time for fascination."
  • "Do not look away. Courage first, my friend, then, rest."
  • "Defeat is tragic only if it is uninspired... And yours is anything but."
  • "Do I have something on my face? You look at me strangely."
  • "Do not blink, legend. You do not want to miss this."
  • "Do not fear my art. It is... Oh, it is death that you fear. That is more understandable."
  • "Do not fear. Beauty will go on. I will make sure of it."
  • "Eyes up, my friend. All the beauty of this moment is for you and you alone."
  • "Here, a moment of beauty before beauty's end."
  • "I am here, and I am in your mind."
  • "I do my best work with a captive audience."
  • "I do not know where my art comes from, or where it goes... Like you, my friend."
  • "I expected more of a show from you, my friend."
  • "Life burns brightest at its end."
  • "Loss is not tragic, if it is made beautiful."
  • "My work will outlast me, but you... will not."
  • "No one leaves the ring unchanged."
  • "No one outlives art."
  • "Not to spoil too much, but this will be breathtaking."
  • "Quickly, before the darkness comes, stare into the light one final time."
  • "The curse is the gift, my friend. Embrace it."
  • "The game led you to me for a reason: to witness something beautiful before... this."
  • "The rhythm slows, my friend. Rest, the dance is over."
  • "There are safer ways to view my performances, my friend, but none more visceral than this."
  • "This game demands so much of us, but from you, she demands everything."
  • "This is the performance of a lifetime. Your lifetime, my friend."
  • "Unknown beauty awaits you. Cherish it, please."
  • "We are all born cursed. If only you had embraced yours."
  • "We cannot escape ugliness, my friend, but we can make it beautiful."
  • "What colors, what sounds lie in the beyond? Go my friend, create."
  • "You did not fail. You played your part to its end."
  • "You fight with great beauty... But perhaps not enough today."
  • "You fought beautifully. I would call for an encore, but that seems... cruel."
  • "You performed exquisitely, but I must clip your strings now, my puppet."
  • "You will pass with grace, my friend. I will see to that."
  • "Your finale will be unforgettable. I am envious... Almost."
  • "Your heart cried out for this, and I listened."
  • "Your heart must beat with passion to the very end."

Gameplay[ | ]

Squad scattered
  • “We’re too far apart. I can be intense, But I’m very friendly.”
  • “We must stand together, my friends. We’re spread too far.”
I'm jumpmaster
  • “I’m jumpmaster. A curse, and a gift.”
  • "I'm jumpmaster. Wherever we land, we will make it beautiful."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Let us be the last to the flame."
  • "I'm the Jumpmaster. Biko. Bring your best."
Here we go / Dropping as jumpmaster
  • “Can you feel that? The heat of the flame calls to us all.”
  • "Break legs, legends... Metaphorically. Bend your knees when you land."
    • "Break legs, my friends--metaphorically. Bend your knees when you land."
During Skydive Emote
  • “Soaring into the heart of the flame. Why not?”
Downed an enemy
  • "Antagonist down."
  • "I downed an enemy."
Another enemy down
  • "Another enemy down."
  • "Another rival cast off."
Whole Squad down
  • "And with that, their Squad is gone."
  • "Last one has rejoined their Squad. That's kind of nice."
  • "This Squad has left the stage with grace."
  • "The whole Squad has embraced the flame."
  • [Solo] "I led the whole Squad to the flame."
Killed an enemy
  • "Enemy eliminated."
  • "Prevailed over an enemy."
  • "Put away an opponent."
Killed an enemy with Showstoppers
  • "The dance of these blades is a work of art."
  • "You lost, but did not lose yourself."
  • "I fought to earn these blades. You...were not as challenging."
  • "A transformative performance."
Kill in Pathfinder's Fight Night
  • [in the Boxing Ring] "Rhythm is everything in boxing. Every move you make starts with your heart."
Taking damage
  • "I'm taking fire."
  • "Taking damage."
  • "They're firing on me."
Another Squad attack
  • "Another Squad has entered the scene."
Healing up/recharging shields/Phoenix Kit
  • "Need to compose to myself."
  • "Taking a beat to heal."
  • "I'm recharging my shields."
  • "Shields are recharging."
  • "I'm using a Phoenix Kit."
  • "Pardon Me. Using a Phoenix Kit."
  • [Solo] "Using a Phoenix Kit."
  • [Solo] "Popping a Phoenix Kit."
I'm down
  • "Bleeding out."
  • "I need help, my friend."
  • "The show will go on."
  • "I'm back, my friend. Thank you."
  • "My thanks for allowing this flame to burn again."
  • "Someone back for an encore by your hand. I am grateful."
  • "Ugh… My part is not done."
  • "Ugh… Pulled myself from the flame. It tickled."
Squadmate gets a kill
  • "Beautiful performance."
  • "It's like you've done that before."
  • "Well done. Facing you is a curse."
I got you / Reviving Squadmate
  • "I am here, my friend."
  • "Your part is not done."
  • [reviving Bloodhound Icon] "You have more to do here, Bloodhound."
  • [reviving Bloodhound Icon] "Talos need you still, my friend."
  • [reviving Octane Icon] "Your butler is not here, so I will pick you up."
  • [reviving Octane Icon] "Perhaps you will consider your actions from now on."
  • Season 14 [to Rampart Icon] "I will lift you up, my friend. Those are not just words."
  • Season 14 [to Rampart Icon] "Allow me to assist you with action, not expression."
  • [reviving Lifeline Icon] "You're not leaving until you teach me the drums, Ms. Che."
Recover Squadmate's banner
  • "Banner retrieved. Now to pull them from the flame."
Deploy Heat Shield
  • "Deploying a Heat Shield."
Shot down Cargo Bot
  • "I hit a Cargo Bot, my friend."
  • "Swatted down a Cargo Bot."
Unlock Vault
  • "I've opened the vault, my friend. Come, look."
  • "The vault now lays open."
Using Replicator
  • "Biko, just a moment. Crafting."
  • "Crafting. Just a moment more."
Drop Holospray Icon Holospray
  • "I'm not above bit of swagger."
  • "Of course an artist signs their work."
Use a Survey Beacon Survey Beacon
  • "Good. I see the next Ring."
  • "The next Ring has been unveiled. Your map can guide you."
Entering Trident driver seat
  • "Don't make me drive alone, biko."
Entering Trident passenger seat
  • "Let us begin."
Exiting Trident
  • "I need to stretch my legs."
Throwing ordnances
  • Frag Grenade Frag Grenade
    • "Throwing grenade."
    • "Frag out."
  • Arc Star Arc Star
    • "Throwing an arc star."
    • "Tossing arc star."
  • Thermite Grenade Thermite Grenade
    • "Throwing thermite."
    • "Throwing a thermite grenade."
    • "Thermite out."
    • "Thermite grenade out."
Killed Flyer
  • "I grounded a Flyer. Not my finest moment."
Fight or Fright Icon Dropping while in Shadow Royale Mode
  • "Two Revenants? I wonder if they fear each other."
Killed Shadow but Enemy Squad is still active
  • "To stop the Shadows, the whole Squad must be dismissed."

Pings[ | ]

Go here/Suggested a location
  • "This direction calls to me. Let us go."
  • "The flame draws me this way."
  • "We must go here."
  • "This way. Come."
  • “This way, perhaps?”
Location from dropship
  • “This setting is perfect.”
  • “Let us set down here.”
  • "Why not land there? It is beautiful!"
Looting here
  • “Scouring this area for supplies.”
  • “I’ll find new gear here, perhaps?”
  • “Searching for items to inspire us.”
Attacking here
  • “Placing myself here for the attack”
  • “I will strike at them here.”
  • “The show begins, Attacking here.”
  • “Engaging with enemy here.”
Going here / Heading to a location
  • “I am moving over there.”
  • “That area is enticing. Checking it out.”
  • “This direction calls to me, Let us go.”
  • “I am going over here.”
  • “Going to scout this location.”
  • “Going here, Come if you like.”
  • “Going there. It looks…strangely beautiful.”
Defending here
  • “I will secure this area.”
  • “This setting is perfect. I will defend it.”
  • “I will hold this spot for you, my friend.”
Watching here
  • “I’m going to watch this area.”
  • “My eye is trained on this area.”
  • “I will keep lookout here.”
Location Compromised
  • “Other have been here. We may have an audience.”
  • "That location has seen another Squad."
  • "Someone has been here before. Originality is overrated."
  • "Contact with rival."
  • "Contact with enemy here."
  • "Antagonist spotted."
  • "Rival spotted."
  • “Antagonist in sight--and close.”
  • “Antagonist over here.”
  • "Antagonist spotted over there."
  • “There is an enemy over here.”
  • “Look. Enemy over here.”
  • "I see an opponent here."
  • "Opponent over there."
  • "Enemy in view. Over there."
  • "Enemy spotted. They are far."
Enemy being revived
  • "Enemy reviving here."
Enemy taking off with Skyward Dive Skyward Dive
  • "That enemy Squad is about to launch."
  • "That enemy Squad is set to launch."
Canceled Ping
  • "Forget that."
  • "Never mind."
  • "Cancel that."
Help / Bleeding Out
  • "Abeg, please, help is needed. Urgently."
  • " I'm down. But I can be saved."
  • " I need help, my friend."
  • "Okay."
  • "Sure."
  • "Agreed."
  • "I could put that to use."
  • "Oh, I need that."
  • "Lead the way, my friend."
Hold on
  • "Biko, I need a moment."
Ultimate [Exhibit Exhibit]
  • 0~84% charged
    • "My ultimate isn't ready yet."
    • "My ultimate needs more time."
    • "Ultimate is not ready."
    • "Ultimate still charging."
  • 85~99% charged
    • "My ultimate needs a moment."
    • "My ultimate is almost set."
  • 100% ready
    • "Ultimate is fully charged."
    • "Ultimate ready."
    • "My ultimate is ready and waiting.
    • "My ultimate is ready."
Rampage LMG Icon Rampage LMG
  • "Rampage here. One of Ramya's beautiful, mad children."
Bocek Compound Bow Icon Bocek
  • "Bocek here. An elegant tool."
Rampart's Custom Modded Paintball Weapons
  • "<Weapon> here. Rampart special."
Extended Energy Mag Extended Energy Mag
  • "If it is required, there is an extended energy mag here. Level 1/2/3/4."
Surveillance Drone Surveillance Drone
  • "I see a drone over there. I'm not afraid of an audience."
Silence Silence
  • "There's a Silence Bomb here. Step lightly, my friend."
Black Market Boutique Black Market Boutique
  • "This Black Market could give our performance an edge."
Phase Breach Phase Breach
  • "Phase Tear here. Oddly beautiful."
Respawn Dropship
  • "Look: a dropship descends."
Materials Materials
  • "I have found some Materials here. The stuff of creation."
Extended Supply Bin
  • [Unopened Extra Compartment] "Whoever emptied this Extended Supply Bin missed the extra compartment."
  • "Open Extended Supply Bin there, but they missed the extra drawer."
  • "Extended Supply Bin here. Its drawer is still shut."
  • "Extended Supply Bin there. A drawer's still closed."
Treasure Pack Treasure Pack
  • "There is a Treasure Pack here. It is yours, if you like."
Charge Tower
  • "There is a Charge Tower here. It can inspire striking works."
Cargo Bot
  • "Cargo Bot here. What lays inside? I do love mystery."
  • "Cargo Bot over there. We must claim it."
Dropped cargo
  • "Dropped cargo here. Gather what speaks to you."
  • Let's use the Geyser over there. Seems fun."
  • "There is a Loot Vault right here, my friend."
    • [has Vault Key] "I have the key at the ready."
Vault Key Vault Key
  • "Key to the Vault here. Claim it, if you can."
Mural at Big Maude
  • "Shame on me. I forgot Ramya's art extends beyond machines of death. Hmm, I look good."
  • "Trident here. Let's drive, my friend."
  • [Enemy boarding] "Spotted an enemy Trident over there."
Pathfinder Fight Night Boxing Ring
  • [Close] "Boxing ring here. A dance on the canvas sounds invigorating."
  • [Far] "Boxing ring over there. A fight within a fight? That's funny."
  • "Loot MRVN here. Enticing."
  • [Looted] "Ah, look: looted MRVN here."

Pathfinder Icon Pathfinder's Statue

  • "Pathfinder statue here. Stunning likeness."
  • "Pathfinder statue there."
IMC Armory
  • "Armory here. I'm fond of it's gifts."
  • "Armory over there. Let us seize these instruments for art."

Abilities[ | ]

Using Focus of Attention Focus of Attention
  • “Lifting the veil.”
  • “Unveiling.”
  • “What lies behind the veil.”
  • “Your veil will fall.”
  • “Drop the veil.”
  • “See through the veil.”
  • “Look beyond the veil.”
  • “The great unveiling.”
  • “Unveil yourself.”
  • “Drawing back the veil.”
Using Exhibit Exhibit
  • “Now, to the heart of the matter.”
  • “The heart sees what the eye cannot.”
  • “An open heart sees clearly.”
  • “Emptying my heart.”
  • “Have a heart.”
  • “Listen to my heart.”
Inside Drone EMP EMP area of effect
  • “There's an EMP coming.”
Recalled back to Death Totem Death Totem
  • “I'm at the Totem, whole again.”
  • “Back at the Totem. This device is…chilling.”

Battle Royale Status[ | ]

First blood
  • "The first Legend falls."
  • "First blood and it's not me. Who said I'm cursed?"
  • [by your Squad] "We killed first, but not without style."
  • [by your Squad] "We took first blood. Beautifully done, my friend."
New Kill Leader appointed
  • "New Kill Leader. Labels are a curse, and a target."
  • "Watch for the new Kill Leader."
  • [Self] "I may be the new Kill Leader, but I aim for beauty, only."
  • [Self] "I'm the new Kill Leader. I'm honored."
  • [Squadmate] "You are the new Kill Leader. Bravo."
Kill Leader eliminated
  • "We've downed the Kill Leader."
Champion eliminated
  • "A Champion falls, another rises."
  • "Even Champions cannot resist the flame."
  • [by your Squad] "We killed the Champion--with artistry."
  • [by your Squad] "We defeated the Champion. You're too much, my friend."
Replicator incoming
  • "Replicator coming down, my friend."
  • "Replicator incoming. Now, what to create..."
Care Package incoming
  • "Ah, look: supplies inbound, my friend."
  • "Care Package incoming".
Half the Squads left
  • "Half the Squads have left the stage."
Two Squads left
  • "Two other Squads remain."
  • "Down to three Squads. But only one will win--us!"

Arenas Status[ | ]

Round 1 prep
  • "Fight with beauty, my friends, and we'll win."
  • ▶️ "I'm ready. Let us give them a show, shall we?"
  • [withBloodhound Icon] "Bloodhound, my friend. Our enemies will not hide from us."
  • [withOctane Icon] "Arenas is our stage, Silva. Let us own it, not dive off it."
  • [withRampart Icon] "Arenas. This is a stage we know well, Ramya. Let us set it ablaze."
Match Point prep - Winning
  • "One more. They cannot contain us."
  • "We're set to win. Once more unto the flame, dear friends."
Match Point prep - Losing
  • "They're poised to win, and we're poised to take it from them."
Double Kill

Control Status[ | ]

Your Team controlled Zone
  • "We, the cursed, took a zone."
Zone is neutralized by enemy team
Zone is neutralized by your team
  • "We neutralized that zone. Now let us make it our own. "
Enemy Team controls Zone
Capture Bonus claimed
Enemy has capture bonus
Your Team has reached 50% of Ratings
  • "We are over the halfway mark. Eyes open, my friend."
Your Team has reached 90% of Ratings
Enemy Team has reached 50% of Ratings
Enemy Team has reached 90% of Ratings
New Ratings Leader Appointed
  • [Squadmate] "It was a beautiful performance, Ratings Leader, and the audience knows it."

Ring Status[ | ]

Squad inside the next Ring
  • "We are inside the next Ring. This is our stage."
  • "We're already inside the next Ring, my friend."
  • [Alone] "I'm inside the next Ring already. Time to prepare."

Squad outside the next Ring

  • "We are outside the next Ring. We must get inside to make our mark."
  • "We must act. Next Ring is far."

Squad outside the next Ring, far

  • [Alone] "It's a long, lonely trip to the next Ring."
One minute left, Ring's close
  • "One minute. Ring's near."
  • "One minute. Thankfully, it's close."
45 seconds left, Ring's far
  • "45 seconds. Let's get to the next Ring."
Ten seconds left
  • "Ten seconds, my friends."

Lobby[ | ]

Map[ | ]

Switching to Broken Moon
  • "To Broken Moon... Egh.. my mistake."

Ranked[ | ]

New Ranked Season
New Split
Ranked Up
  • "I ranked up. I am excited."
  • "My rank has increased. And so the flame grows."
Ranked Down
  • "I ranked down. But even I'm embarked can becoming inferno."
Silver Silver
  • "I've made to Silver. But my work is not done."
Gold Gold
Platinum Platinum
Diamond Diamond
Master Master
Apex Predator Apex Predator

Quip[ | ]

  • "An unforgettable performance. I bow to you."
  • " Sheer perfection. And I do not say that lightly."
  • " I am excited. I am not trying to hide it. "
Thank you
  • "Imena. Thank you--truly."
  • "My Thanks."
  • [To Loba Icon] "Exquisite. My thanks, Loba."
  • [To Loba Icon] "Thank you. Your taste remains impeccable."
You’re welcome
  • "You are most welcome."
  • [To Loba Icon] "Haha, I live to serve beauty."
  • [To Loba Icon] "No wahala. Anything for the muse."
  • [To Octane Icon] "You have not changed at all, Silva."
  • Season 13 Icon [To Fuse Icon] "It will be a small profile. Nothing like yours, my friend."
  • Season 13 Icon [To Fuse Icon] "Just a simple chat. I do not have your passion for explosives."
  • Season 13 Icon [To Octane Icon] "It is nothing so conceited. I will remind those cast out that they are not alone."
  • Season 13 Icon [To Octane Icon] "My art needs no such showmanship. I am here to bring hope to the cursed."
  • Season 13 Icon [To Rampart Icon] "I could not turn down the chance to inspire those who have been cast out."
  • Season 13 Icon [To Rampart Icon] "The audience demanded it. I will not deny them my authentic self."
  • Season 14 [to Revenant Icon] "I was caught off guard, and my words seem to have fallen flat."
  • Season 14 [to Revenant Icon] "Sometimes it is better to listen than to speak."
  • Season 14 [to Octane Icon] "Ah. Still a child interested in the most attainable fruits, Octane."
  • Season 14 [to Octane Icon] "Do not worry who is speaking to me. Worry who is not speaking to you."
Thanks Squadmate for first-aid
  • "You came back, my friend. Daalụ."
  • [to Octane Icon] "You revived me, Silva. Perhaps you do appreciate art."
  • [to Octane Icon] "At least you didn't 'accidentally' inject me with stim, again."
  • Season 14 [to Rampart Icon] "My apologies... There is much I need to think on."
  • Season 14 [to Rampart Icon] "I am feeling rather... lost at the moment."
You're Welcome for first aid
  • Season 14 [to Rampart Icon] "The truth... It--it cannot always be beautiful."
  • Season 14 [to Rampart Icon] "I... I cannot deny her claims."

Lore[ | ]

At Cenote Cave, Storm Point
  • "Nothing is in stasis. Not even a moon is promised to the sky. what was built can be rebuilt, but it can never be the same."