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Real Name Obi Edolasim
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Age 27
Relatives Egobunma Edolasim (mother)
Oluwademilade Edolasim (father)
Homeworld Boreas
Occupation Arena fighter
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Iké Amadi
Appearances Metamorphosis
Friends Like These

Obi Edolasim, better known as Seer, is a Legend first introduced in Season 10 Season 10 of Apex Legends. A mysterious fighter who bears the mark of the moth, he entered the Apex Games to continue to fight for the outcast.

Lore[ | ]

The Moth and the Flame[ | ]

On the planet Boreas, there is a folktale known that tells of “The Moth and the Flame.” One day, a blind princess, confined to her room, was met by a man at her window who sang for her attention. The two fell in love, and the man asked her to keep a lit candle at her window so he could take her away from the palace. However, the princess’s parents were listening to this conversation and arrested the man out of fear for losing their daughter.

That night, the princess fruitlessly waited at her window with the candle. She began to weep, and her tears saved a moth that had flown into the candle’s flame. In return, the moth offered to reunite the princess with the man on the condition that it would be reborn as her child, stating that it is always attracted to that which will harm it. The princess accepted and left with the moth.

When the king and queen discovered that their daughter had gone missing, they burned her suitor at the stake in an attempt to end her pursuit of him. The moth took notice of the fire and flew into it, unable to resist the allure of its glow. The blind princess followed the moth to her doom. This story has cemented the curse of the moth into the folklore of Boreas. [1]

Background[ | ]

Transition Lunar Impact Report

Seer, with Boreas' moon Cleo behind him.

In 2708, a comet struck Cleo, the moon of Boreas, decimating it. [2] At this same moment, Obi Edolasim was born. The people of Boreas saw this, as well as his chilling blue eyes, as a bad omen, and branded Edolasim as a cursed child. He grew up in loneliness, but he was greatly loved by his parents, who unconditionally cared for his creativity and outlook. During his youth, Edolasim learned dance from his mother and technology from his father. [3]

Early in his life, Edolasim’s parents withdrew him from his school after harassment from both the student body and the administration, with treatment including the destruction of his science fair projects and claims that he “will kill them with his eyes.” Edolasim learned from this a greater lesson than was taught in that school - those who push you away, push you to greater heights. [4]

On June 20, 2725, Edolasim stumbled across an Arenas match in a warehouse. Despite coming home bruised and beaten, he believed that he had found his true calling in the Arenas. He found a place for himself in the Arenas’ theatrics, writing in his diary that “where there is violence, there is beauty.” He initially hesitated to tell his parents about his newfound passion, [5] though they unconditionally supported this endeavor, as they always have. [6]

Edolasim became a rising star in the Arenas, where he amassed a fanbase of those who saw themselves as outcasts. [6] He gave his fans the message that their “curses'' don't bring them down, but make them strong and unique; everyone must let themselves define their “curse,” not others. [7] One of his most popular stages was the arena known as Encore, on his home planet of Boreas. [8] Along the way, he fought with two of the Legends: Rampart, whom he held a close friendship and a strong undefeated streak with [9], and Octane, who once got Edolasim high on stim. (Although Octane claims it was accidental.) [10] One memorable fight before his tenure in the Apex Games was against a man named Gauge. The two had emptied their magazines and had to resort to fighting with their blades. Edolasim, listening to the chanting of his fans in the crowd, was able to overcome Gauge and win the fight.[11]

Transition Keep The Flame

Seer in the Arenas.

Edolasim was chosen in 2734 to join the Apex Games as its newest Legend. Before entering, he won his final Arenas match, with his parents passionately cheering him on. [12] They gave their son their full support during his endeavors in the Games, calling him before and after every match.[13]

During Edolasim's time in the Apex Games, many on Boreas grew dissatisfied with what little their most famous citizen was doing to help their planet. Polling showed that many of Boreas's citizens saw Edolasim as the cause of Cleo's destruction, with those respondents airing grievances that he simply "spouted inspirational phrases."[14]

Season 13[ | ]

Edolasim was invited to an interview on Outlands TV.[15] Despite not wishing to put himself on a pedestal, he accepted the invitation. Edolasim was interviewed by Lisa Stone of Outlands TV, which was known for acting as a corporate puppet of Silva Pharmaceuticals. During the interview, Stone deviated from the agreed-upon questions, taking the chance to use the interview as an attempted character assassination against Edolasim and attempting to paint him as uncaring towards the fate of his home world. Upon realizing this, a disappointed Edolasim departed the interview.[14]

Friends Like These[ | ]

After the interview, Edolasim's reputation among the people of Boreas plummeted, with many of his symbols being vandalized. Meanwhile, mass protests broke out, with Boreas's citizens wishing for something to be done about their dying world. Edolasim attended one of these demonstrations in disguise, wishing to connect with the people and tell them his true feelings.

Rampart, whom he had invited to meet with him, stopped him from going out, knowing that the crowd would likely attack him. After an offhanded mention of the Apex Games, Edolasim theorized that bringing the Games to Boreas would help the planet economically and socially. After consultation from Rampart and Vantage, who had surprised both friends by showing up unannounced, he decided to speak with Eduardo Silva about bringing the Games to his planet.[16]

Edolasim and Octane collaborated on plans for a new arena on Boreas. The Mercenary Syndicate soon announced the acquisition of Hope, a colony on Cleo's surface, as the new arena. This drew the animosity of some in the Cleo Recovery Council, whose construction efforts were quashed as the Syndicate overtook their settlement.[17] This was shocking to Edolasim, who had intended for the arena to be constructed on Boreas's surface instead. He soon joined Silva on a publicity tour to promote the new arena, but all attempts to speak to Silva about the situation were blocked.[18]

Reflections of the Moon[ | ]

Edolasim returned from an Apex Games match with Octane and Catalyst, facing a protest against what the crowd perceived as his actions. While walking to retrieve their winnings from a Mercenary Syndicate office, Edolasim was attacked by the crowd, which pelted him with cans and debris. Catalyst quickly stepped in to shield him, stating that violence won't solve anything. Afterward, Edolasim attempted to speak with her, but she refused, placing the blame for her displacement from Cleo squarely on him despite his efforts to explain otherwise. Meanwhile, Edolasim continuously checked his phone for a message from his parents, which never came.

The Legends left the Syndicate facility through a rear door to avoid the crowds. Edolasim ventured to his home, with Octane following him and pestering him along the way. Upon returning to a quiet house, Edolasim and Octane were faced with a scene of bricks, broken glass, and blood, finding that his parents had been attacked.[13] Upon further investigation, Edolasim found weeks' worth of hate messages directed towards his parents, blaming them for bringing him into the world and allowing the recent events to happen. However, Edolasim and Silva found no sign of his parents. Edolasim placed the blame for the attack on Eduardo Silva's shoulders and gave him the responsibility of recovering his parents.

After a call from Octane, a meeting was arranged, with Silva sending an eloquent limousine to pick up the two Legends. They met Silva at a memorial site on Cleo, where Edolasim immediately demanded for his parents to be found. Silva sent a Syndicate Corps soldier away to complete this task. This did not please Edolasim, however, and he lashed out at Silva, stating that his lies led to the attack. In response, Silva defended his actions, stating that the Apex Games brought much-needed media attention and resources to Cleo's cause, and that stabilizing Cleo would end Boreas's seismic events. Silva argued that a little chaos in Edolasim's personal life would be a worthy price for saving his homeworld.

After their argument ended, Edolasim was ushered into another limousine by Silva,[19] who led him to a safehouse holding his parents. After discussing the ongoing protests, his parents questioned whether his actions were the correct course of action, stating that he tends to follow his grandest ideas first. Perceiving this criticism as a lack of support from his parents, Edolasim lashed out, causing his mother to cry. A despondent Edolasim then left.[20]

Edolasim retreated to Encore, reminiscing about his fight against Gauge and pondering how his reputation has fallen since his disastrous interview. Surprisingly, he was greeted by Catalyst. Not wishing to start an argument, Edolasim moved to leave, but he was stopped by his fellow Legend, who wished to talk. During their conversation, he admitted to his actions being rash, though stated his belief that it helped in bringing attention and resources to Cleo's cause. This claim was rejected by Catalyst, who seemed to not care much about the planet that had rejected her.

Having agreed to disagree, the two found a new understanding of each other. They shook hands, with Edolasim stating his desire to do better, and Catalyst saying she will be there to see it.[11]

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 10 Icon Keep the Flame (mentioned)
  • Season 10 Icon Deep Dive (mentioned)
  • Season 10 Icon Disciplinary Action (mentioned)
  • Season 10 Icon Dear Diary

Trivia[ | ]

  • Seer's ethnicity is Igbo.[21]
  • Seer is pansexual.[22]
  • Seer has been fighting in the Arenas for 9 years.[23]
  • Aside from art, Seer is also fond of pinball.[24]
  • Seer greatly loves his fanbase, and takes time to respond to their mail. [7]
  • In Seer's Holospray Today The Cursed Ones Triumph, it is shown that his hair is on the left side of his face. However, his hair is actually on the right side.
  • Due to his complete ostracization from his community on Boreas, Seer had one of the most traumatic childhoods out of all of the Legends. [25]
  • Seer and Octane have a friend/hate relationship with each other, and on occasions will argue with one another. However, during the "Friends Like These" story, their friendship has greatly improved.
  • Seer chose his name because he wished for a name that represented "seeing the truth at its core." His signature eyes played a part in this decision.[14]
  • Seer may be left handed.[26]

  • Seer's Envious Attitude skin is based on the Green Ranger from the Power Rangers franchise.
  • Seer's Heart Stopper skin is based on Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask from the Sailor Moon series.
  • Seer's Shadow Sorcerer skin is based on Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog.
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