September 03, 2019 Patch
Voidwalker tt.jpg
The Voidwalker town takeover
Version number 2.2
Previous patch August 13, 2019 Patch
Next patch October 01, 2019 Patch

New Content


  • Beast of the Hunt.svg Beast of the Hunt: Fixed an issue that allowed players to cancel the startup animation when activated while using a zipline.


Quality of Life

  • Added Auto Sprint feature to all platforms that can be turned on or off. This is disabled by default and can be changed in the Settings menu.
  • Players can now adjust Aim Down Sight look sensitivity per optic zoom level.
  • Added setting to disable weapon auto switching when ammo runs out.
  • New Promo Window - A new feature we’ve added to the Lobby that will display offers and info and allows for direct navigation to the website or store.
  • Visual improvements to Legends in the Lobby and Character Select screen
    • Increased overall brightness.
    • Softer/lighter shadows.
  • Improved reflections on hard surfaces.
  • Improved detail and contrast to textures.
  • Added UI to the Spectator View that lets players easily tell if they are spectating a squadmate or enemy.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes a player’s reward would not display properly after completing a challenge that awards crafting metals.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would see a different rare skin equipped to the Legend they are spectating when hanging from a ledge.
  • Fixed some issues related to script errors.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would still be in an out of bounds state when they are not actually out of bounds.
  • [Xbox] Fixed issue where sometimes players would have issues connecting to a match at the same time as their party forcing them to join Legend Select late with Legends already locked.
  • [PS4] code fixes to address crashes related to out of memory issues.

Designer Notes

  1. Our goal with this change is to better define weapon archetypes and improve the looting experience so that players aren’t accidentally picking up a long range site for a close range weapon that they have to manually remove.
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