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September 14, 2021 Patch
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Big Maude.
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New Content[ | ]

Legends[ | ]

Rampart Icon Rampart[note 1]
  • Ultimate ability:
    • Changed name from Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" Emplaced Minigun "Sheila" to Mobile Minigun "Sheila" Mobile Minigun "Sheila".
    • Now able to run around with Sheila out, and shoot while walking.
    • The spin up is longer, and she only gets 1 magazine in this mode.
    • Once Sheila is out of ammo, you can put it away and pull it back out until you run out of ammo (or hit the cooldown time).
    • At any point, the turret can still be placed down for your teammates to use. Once placed, it has infinite reloads and acts just like the previous version, but cannot be picked back up.

Revenant Icon Revenant
  • Death Totem Death Totem:
    • Added some visual effects to increase visibility for when a totem is placed nearby.

Octane Icon Octane
  • Launch Pad Launch Pad:
    • Reduced jump pad horizontal distance by 10% - 15%.
  • Swift Mend Swift Mend:
    • Reduced healing rate from 1.5 to 1.0 hp/sec.
Bloodhound Icon Bloodhound
  • Tracker Tracker:
    • When Bloodhound pings a clue from their passive, it will now show their teammates in quick chat how long ago the event took place.

Weapons and Loot[ | ]

Bocek Compound Bow Icon Bocek Compound Bow
  • Slightly increased draw speed from 0.56 to 0.54 seconds.
  • Shatter Caps Shatter Caps:
    • Damage per pellet increased across all draw strengths:
      • Short draw damage: 4 to 6.
      • Medium draw: 7 to 9.
      • Full draw: 11 to 12.
Arrows Arrows
  • Increased ammo capacity per pickup from 14 to 16.
  • Increased ammo capacity per stack from 28 to 32.
Hemlok Burst AR Icon Hemlok Burst AR[note 2]
  • Reduced hip fire spread.
  • Hip fire resets slightly faster.
30-30 Repeater Icon 30-30 Repeater[note 3]
  • Increased strafe speed while aiming to shotgun strafe speed while Shatter Caps are enabled.
  • Charged pellet damage multiplier increased from 35% to 50%.
L-STAR EMG Icon L-STAR EMG[note 4]
  • Cool-off time slightly increased.
  • Overheat lens replacement time slightly increased.
  • Reduced rounds before overheat at base and all Extended Energy Mag Extended Energy Mag tiers:
    • Base: 22 to 20.
    • Level 1: 24 to 22.
    • Level 2: 26 to 24.
    • Level 3/Level 4: 28 to 26.
  • Arenas Arenas price adjustments:
    • Base: Materials500 to Materials600.
    • Level 2 upgrade: Materials300 to Materials250.
    • Level 3 upgrade: Materials400 to Materials350.
EVA-8 Auto Icon EVA-8 Auto[note 5]
  • Reduced headshot multiplier from 1.5 to 1.25.
Mozambique Shotgun Icon Mozambique Shotgun[note 5]
  • Reduced headshot multiplier from 1.5 to 1.25.
Triple Take Icon Triple Take
  • Reduced ADS charge time from 1.0 to 0.8 seconds.

Quality of Life[ | ]

S10 deathbox shield

New Death Box UI for Evo Shields.

  • Shortened the out-of-bounds timer from 30 seconds to 15.
    • Your timer should be reset after being respawned.
  • Swapping from Red to a Gold Body Shield Body Shield with more health no longer requires a long press.
  • Evo Shield Evo Shields in deathboxes now show their health.
S10 leaver penalty

New Leaver Penalty UI.

  • Early Leaver Warning has been improved to help people from accidentally leaving before their party is dead.
    • You now need to hold the confirm button down for a small amount of time.
    • The highlighting is different colored than other prompts to catch your attention.
    • Red text warning showing your leaving penalty added.
S10 sonar detected

New 'detected' widget.

  • Added character portraits to "detected" widget for recon characters.

Bug Fixes[ | ]

  • Fixed a bug where Streamer mode wouldn’t anonymize the names on the scoreboard in Arenas mode.
  • Fixed issue for when players would randomly get un-readied while matchmaking in Ranked.
  • Fix for Ranked Arenas: longest win streak number was incorrect for some players when viewed in the Stats screen.
  • Fixed cases where players would still see Ranked icons when switching over to Arenas while inspecting personal stats.
  • Fix for cases where the player would still see the Abandon Penalty countdown when getting other messages like RECEIVED PREMIUM CURRENCY.
  • Removed the red speaker icon that would show up on the upper right corner of the screen that served no purpose.
  • Fix for when the Playlist Selector would sometimes flicker.
  • Players should no longer encounter a string issue in the Timeline when they have a ";" in their username.
  • Fixed cases where the name of killed players was not always showing up when a player died.
  • Fixed a rare bug that can cause the Observer to get stuck on the Intro Screen at the start of a match.
Fuse Icon Fuse
Seer Icon Seer
  • Increased the hitbox for Exhibit Exhibit to better match the model.
Loba Icon Loba
Rampart Icon Rampart
  • Fixed bug that could get players stuck under the map after dismounting from Rampart's turret on a Trident.
Bangalore Icon Bangalore
  • Fix for the times when pinging a Prowler Burst PDW would trigger a voice line that mentions a removed hop-up.
Lifeline Icon Lifeline
Gibraltar Icon Gibraltar
Wattson Icon Wattson
  • Fixed a bug where Wattson would start matches with 30 fences.
Valkyrie Icon Valkyrie
  • Fixed an exploit where players could get continuous missiles after exploiting Valkyrie's passive/tactical as well as use the VTOL Jets VTOL Jets infinitely.
Sentinel Icon Sentinel
  • Fix for when players would still see "Amped" after swapping weapons.
Rampage LMG Icon Rampage
  • Fix for when players would still see "Revved Up" after swapping weapons.
Wingman Icon Wingman
  • Fix for reactive skins, “Precision Caliber” and “Attention to Detail” where part of the skins appeared stuck in place when shooting.
World's Edge
  • Various fixes on World’s Edge cleaning up some bad collisions, exploitable hiding spots, and areas where players could get stuck.
Firing Range
  • Fix for the mysterious fire show that could appear in Firing Range and cause a crash.
  • Fix for cases where players were able to reach farther than intended when punching an enemy player.
  • Private Match Fix - Observers should no longer get stuck on the intro screen for the duration of the match.
  • Fix for Audio fluttering that could happen when killing someone during self-revive.
  • Various fixes to improve overall game stability.

Undocumented changes[ | ]

  • Changing Legends in the Firing Range now kills the player's character and respawns them in the same place. Because of this, it is no longer currently possible to trigger the third person view easter egg.
  • The in-game friendlist shows more detailed information about players currently in a match, such as the map, game mode, and how many squads are left (Play Apex) or the current score (Arenas Arenas).
  • More Legend Skins received lore blurbs.

Developer Notes[ | ]

  1. A legend based solely on a defensive position is hard to get right in Apex Legends. We think Rampart has a place as the ultimate defensive Legend, but we wanted to give her a little more ability to be reactive and push with her team. As usual, we’ll be watching to see how this plays out and will adjust accordingly!
  2. The Hemlok’s hipfire effectiveness was reduced a few seasons ago and since then the weapon has seen a steady decline in use. Bringing back some of that hipfire strength (but not all) should help the weapon feel more consistent in close quarters without being dominant or affecting its medium-range excellence.
  3. When Shatter Caps work they feel amazing, but currently it can still feel a little punishing to swap into the mode. Increasing the damage potential and improving the CQC flow of the 30-30 should help Shatters feel a little more accessible and rewarding.
  4. We’re nudging down the L-STAR’s core stats a bit to smooth out the power progression in what we think is a slightly more healthy top-end. We’ll keep a close eye on the L-STAR and it’s recoil as we enter the second half of Emergence. In Arenas, we’re well aware of it’s prevalence in high-level lobbies and are pricing it out of the first round. These changes essentially increase the blue cost by 50 and keep the purple price the same. If its pick rate remains unchanged, we will hotfix further adjustments.
  5. 5.0 5.1 The EVA-8 holds a lot of power in its speed and leniency compared to its counterparts, the PK and Mastiff. It’s got the edge with fire rate and consistency so we’re shaving off some of its spike damage to even the playing field. We’re normalizing the Mozambique as well for consistency within the shotgun class and to give the P2020 some space as the more precise early game weapon.