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September 22, 2021 Patch
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Big Maude.
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The September 22, 2021 Patch is a minor hotfix patch.[1]

General[ | ]

  • Fixed a crashing error sometimes caused by equipping animated banner poses.
  • Fixed an error with using a Crafting Replicator ("PopLockFOV called more often than PushLockFOV").
  • Fixed being unable to hold swap from an equipped Evo Shield Evo Shield to a Body Shield Body Shield, if the red Evo Shield had more health.
  • (Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch only) Addressed an issue where the "Press Left Stick to toggle Zoom" message was displaying in the middle of the weapon sight.
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes, including fixing some errors that can cause disconnections.

Legends[ | ]

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed Pathfinder to melee far faster than intended.
  • Addressed an issue where his "Old Bot, New Trick" emote was using the wrong icon.
  • Fixed an issue with her Solar Soldier skin obscuring the screen while ADSing and holding the Tactical Ability button at the same time.
  • Mobile Minigun "Sheila" Mobile Minigun "Sheila":
    • Fixed being able to regenerate ammo for Sheila by meleeing.
    • Fixed players being able to reduce Sheila's bullet spread by crouching.
  • Added transition animations for Rampart's heirloom when the weapon is inspected while Rampart is sprinting.
  • Stability fixes.

Private Matches[ | ]

  • Fixed players not receiving updated lobby settings when finishing a previous private match.
  • Fixed an error in Arenas that occurred when attempting to open the map.
  • Fixed players not showing up correctly in pre-match Team UI.

Undocumented changes[ | ]

  • Added more error codes to address server issues:[2]
    • code:clock - Reservation timeout.
    • code:phase - The server is not in a state where one can connect.
    • code:role - A spectator is connecting as a real player.
    • code:snake - Banned from a server for a period of time.

References[ | ]