Apex Legends Wiki

Gameplay[ | ]

Setting Description
Interact Prompt Style Display more or less information about weapons and items on the ground.
Button Hints Toggles displaying your controls for weapons and abilities on the HUD.
Crosshair Damage Feedback Off: No indicator when hitting targets.
Crosshair X: Shows an X on the crosshair.
X with Shield Icon: Displays an X and an icon indicating the target's Body Shield level.
Damage Numbers Off: No numbers appear when hitting targets.
Stacking: Damage numbers appear and combine with each hit.
Floating: Each damage instance has a separate number.
Both: One number combines, the rest float.
Ping Opacity Default: Fully opaque pings.
Faded: Partially transparent pings.
Obituaries Toggles displaying a feed for all kills and deaths.
Minimap Rotation When off, the north side of the map stays at the top. When on, the map rotates to put the terrain in front of the player on top.
Weapon Auto-Cycle on Empty When on, running out of ammo in one weapon will automatically switch to the other.
Auto-Sprint When on, you will always sprint when possible.
Double-Tap Sprint Double-tapping the sprint button will always make you sprint. Move backwards or tap the sprint button again to stop.
Incoming Damage Feedback 2D: Circular two-dimensional indicator showing where damage comes from.
3D: Three-dimensional indicator.
Both: Both.
Taking Damage Closes Deathbox Menu When on, taking damage while looting a deathbox closes the menu immediately.
Hop-up Pop-up When on, a small description of your equipped hop-ups appears above your weapons on the HUD.
Streamer Mode Off: All player's names are displayed normally.
Killer: The player that kills you will have their name replaced with an alias. (i.e. Wraith2691)
All: Every player's name is replaced with an alias.
Anonymous Mode When on, players not on your squad will see an alias (i.e. Wraith2691) instead of your username.
Usage Sharing EA automatically collects data from players for bug fixing and optimization. Disabling this reduces information sharing to the minimum amount necessary for the game, but may limit some functionality.
Performance Display When on, a panel is added to the top right that displays the following:[1]
  • FPS (Frame per seconds)
  • latency (milliseconds)
  • packet loss (% of packet /s)
  • packet choke (% of packet /s)
  • in/out - bandwidth consumed by the game (kB/s)
Club Invites When on, club invites will display as a pop-up.
Reticle Default: In-game reticle color is red.

Customize: In-game reticle color is set by the user.

Setting Description
Color Blind Mode Modifies important colors for protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia.
Subtitles Displays subtitles for dialogue.
Subtitle Size Normal, large, or huge text for subtitles.
Enable Accessible Chat Features Toggles onscreen hint text or voice instruction for accessing chat.
Convert Incoming Voice to Chat Text Transcribes voice chat into the text chat.
Play Incoming Text Chat as Speech Uses text-to-speech on text chat.

Mouse/Keyboard[ | ]

Setting Description
Mouse Sensitivity Ranges from 0.2 to 20. Higher mouse sensitivity will make the view turn faster.
ADS Mouse Sensitivity By default, mouse sensitivity stays the same when aiming down sights. This setting can apply a universal multiplier for all ADS, or individually adjust each level of zoom.
Mouse Acceleration When on, your view turning speed will accelerate.
Mouse Invert Inverts up and down on the mouse.
Lighting Effects Enables lighting effects on compatible keyboards, mice, and other hardware.

Two keys can be bound to each control. By default, only one is used for each.

Action Default Key
Move Forward W
Move Back S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Sprint ⇧ Left Shift
Jump Space
Crouch (Toggle) C
Crouch (Hold) Left Ctrl
Tactical Ability Q
Ultimate Ability Z
Interact/Pickup E
Alternate Interact X
Inventory (Toggle) Tab ↹
Map (Toggle) M
Attack Left
Toggle Fire Mode B
Aim Down Sight (Toggle) Right
Aim Down Sight (Hold)
Melee V
Reload R
Cycle Weapon Middle (scroll down)
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3
Equip Grenade G
Use Selected Health Item 4
Use Syringe
Use Med Kit
Use Shield Cell
Use Shield Battery
Use Phoenix Kit
Character Utility Action H
Inspect Weapon N
Open Quip Wheel/Thank You F1
Ping Middle
Ping (Enemy Here) F
Ping (Going Here)
Ping (Looting Here)
Ping (Defending Here)
Ping (Watching Here)
Ping (Someone's Been Here)
Push To Talk (Hold) T
Message Team (In Match) ↵ Enter

Controller[ | ]

Setting Description
Button Layout Default: The recommended controller layout.
Bumper Jumper: Puts Jump on LB.
Button Puncher: Puts Melee on B.
Evolved: Puts Jump on LB and Melee on B.
Grenadier: Puts Grenades on RB and ping on Up.
Ninja: Puts Jump on LB and Crouch on RB.
Customized: Customize your own controller layout. Ultimate Ability maps to Tactical+Ping bindings.
Stick Layout Default: Movement on Left Stick, view on Right Stick.
Southpaw: Swaps Left Stick and Right Stick.
Legacy: Movement and turning split between Left Stick and Right Stick.
Legacy Southpaw: Movement and turning split between sticks. Left Stick and Right Stick are swapped.
Interact/Reload Button Determines whether tapping the button interacts, reloads, or does both. Swapping weapons is always mapped to holding the button.
Crouch Button Determines if the Crouch button toggles or must be held.
Aim Button Determines if the ADS button toggles or must be held.
Survival Slot Button Sets the Survival Slot to use the assigned button for quick access to the Survival Slot item. If turned off, Survival Items will only be accessible through the inventory screen and the button will trigger the Weapon Inspect feature by default.
Trigger Deadzones Determines how sensitive the triggers are when pressed, from None to Max.
Menu Cursor Speed Determines how fast the menu cursor moves.
Look Sensitivity Determines how quickly your view rotates, on a scale of 1-8.
Look Sensitivity (ADS) If enabled, use a separate value for sensitivity while ADS.
Per Optic Settings If enabled, use a separate value for sensitivity in each level of zoom.
Response Curve Determines how the stick's analog input is used to turn your view.
Look Deadzone Can prevent your view from drifting when you're not touching the stick. Increase only if needed.
Movement Deadzone Can prevent your movement from drifting when you're not touching the stick. Increase only if needed.
Inverted Look Reverses the look up/down axis on the controller.
Vibration Enables controller vibration.

Video[ | ]

Setting Description
Display Mode Toggles between full screen, windowed, or borderless windowed.
Aspect Ratio Toggles between 4:3 and 5:4, 16:9, and 16:10 aspect ratios.
Resolution Toggles the size of your game window. Values change depending on your aspect ratio.
Brightness In full screen mode, changes your display brightness.
Field of View Adjusts your range of vision. Ranges from 70-110 (Not available on Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch).
Sprint View Shake Adjusts the amount your screen shakes while sprinting.
Setting Description
V-Sync Controls the trade-off between screen “tearing” and input lag.
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target Sets what frame rate to try to maintain by dynamically lower rendering resolution.
Adaptive Supersampling If enabled, dynamically raises rendering resolution if the game is running faster than the target frame rate.
Anti-aliasing Smooths the image, reducing jagged lines and sparkles.
Texture Streaming Budget Controls the amount of memory reserved for texture streaming. Each setting specifies the recommended GPU VRAM amount.
Texture Filtering Controls the sharpness of surface details.
Ambient Occlusion Quality Controls the render target resolution used for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion.
Sun Shadow Coverage Controls the coverage of shadows from the sun.
Sun Shadow Detail Controls how detailed shadows are from sunlight.
Spot Shadow Detail Controls how detailed shadows are from lights in the environment.
Volumetric Lighting If enabled, adds sunbeams to simulate light scattering in the air.
Dynamic Spot Shadows If enabled, lights in the environment can move.
Model Detail Controls detail of objects and legends.
Effects Detail Controls detail of visual effects like explosions.
Impact Marks Controls how many impact marks appear from bullets and other attacks.
Ragdolls Controls how physically accurate dead body animations are.

Audio[ | ]

Setting Description
Master Volume Adjusts the overall game volume.
Voice Chat Record Mode Push to Talk: Hold your chosen Push to Talk button to enable voice chat.
Open Mic: Speaking loudly enough will automatically send voice.
Open Mic Record Threshold With Open Mic, controls how loud sounds need to be to enable voice chat.
Incoming Voice Chat Volume Adjusts volume of incoming voice chat.
Sound Effects Volume Adjusts volume of sound effects.
Dialogue Volume Adjusts volume of legend dialogue.
Music Volume Adjusts volume of music in-game.
Lobby Music Volume Adjusts volume of music in the lobby.
Sound in Background If enabled, game sounds will continue to play if Apex Legends is minimized or in the background.