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Shadow Revenant
Shadow Revenant
Real Name Kaleb Cross
Gender Male
Age 359
Relatives Unnamed father (deceased)
Homeworld Solace
Occupation Ruler of the Shadowfall dimension
Mercenary (formerly)
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Voice Actor Darin De Paul
Appearances The Broken Ghost

Kaleb Cross, also known as the Shadow Revenant, is an alternate version of Revenant who rules over an alternate Kings Canyon.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

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Kaleb Cross was born in 2356 on Solace. Following a similar trajectory to his alternate self, he eventually was transferred into a set of simulacrum bodies and became an expendable hitman for the Mercenary Syndicate. At some point, he claimed rulership over his world, potentially as a result of Loba Andrade's quest for revenge.[1]

Season 3[ | ]

In 2733, Revenant, much to his chagrin, met an alternate version of Pathfinder.

The Broken Ghost[ | ]

Later, the Legends entered the Shadowfall dimension to try to recover pieces of an artifact. While initially annoyed at their intrusion,[2] Revenant eventually assisted the Legends in gathering the final piece.[3]

Appearances[ | ]


References[ | ]

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