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Shadowfall is a Limited Time Mode introduced in Season 3 Season 3's Fight or Fright Fight or Fright Collection Event.

In this game mode, the Announcer is Shadow Revenant.

Availability[ | ]

  1. Fight or Fright October 15, 2019 - November 5, 2019

Details[ | ]

Players[ | ]

  • In the first part, sixty Legends compete against each other. In the second part, ten Legends must survive against fifty Shadows.

Gameplay[ | ]

The goal of Shadowfall is surviving, killing enemy players if necessary.

First part
  • Gameplay is the same as Apex Solo.
  • If a Legend dies, they become a Shadow.
    • Shadows are in the same team, and must team up to kill alive Legends.
    • Shadows have 30 health, a melee attack that deals 150 damage per hit and instantly destroys doors, and increased movement speed. They also cannot loot anything.
    • Shadows emit a constant loud, eerie noise, which can be heard to acknowledge their position even when they're standing still.
  • When a Legend dies by another Legend, their killer is marked on their map, which allows for a Revenge Kill.
  • When a Shadow dies, all the Shadows are notified of the position of that Shadow's death on the map.
Second part
  • Once ten alive Legends remain, they are put together in the same team.
  • If a Legend dies, they are out for good.
  • After enough time has passed an Evac Ship appears, and Legends must board it to escape. Shadows must prevent that.

Winning[ | ]

  • Whichever Legend manages to escape wins. Legends that die during the second part lose.
  • Shadows only win if none of the Legends manage to escape.

Badges[ | ]

These are all the badges associated with Shadowfall.

History[ | ]