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"Rowenna grew up in the midst of war, but in a move that turned the tide, one Monarch Titan sacrificed itself to end the fighting. After that, her home of Nexus established ties across the Outlands, introducing Rowenna to the Apex Games. The Games represented everything she aspired to - heroism, hard work, sacrifice - and she became a dedicated fan.

When her elder sister Diwa suffered a terrible injury at work, Rowenna resolved to support her family no matter what. She stole the battery from the Monarch still rusting on the hill and had a combat rig built with the battery at its core. She used it to qualify for the Apex Games, and even though the battery exposes her to poisonous radiation, she refuses to give up. No one else was going to get hurt to support her family. It's Conduit's chance for a day in the sun."

Shine Bright: Conduit
File:Shine Bright: Conduit.png
Shine Bright: Conduit tab overview.
Season Season 19 Season 19
Treasure packs 45
Style Image
Previous quest "Kill Code: Revenant Reborn"

Shine Bright: Conduit is a quest in Season 19 Season 19.

Treasure Pack Rewards[ | ]

Players can find Treasure Pack Treasure Packs in-game, once per day (players can also purchase all the available Treasure Packs for Apex Coins 25).

Treasure Pack rewards vary, and include Charm Weapon Charms, Challenge Stars 2, Crafting Metals 15 and Apex Pack Apex Packs.

All of the rewards need a total of 45 Treasure Packs to unlock.

After all the Treasure Packs are collected, the player gets three rewards: the Celtic Thunder HAVOC Rifle Skin, an Apex Pack Apex Pack, and Challenge Stars 10.

Story Progress[ | ]

Unusually for a season quest, Shine Bright: Conduit does not contain new story content; rather, a selection of still images from For Us, Utang na Loob, the season's Stories from the Outlands short, is unlocked right from beginning.

Quest Rewards[ | ]

Weapon Skins[ | ]