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Ship Fall
S11 stormpoint shipfall
Located on Storm Point
Loot Tier High Tier
Respawn Beacons No

Ship Fall is a location in Storm Point.

Lore[ | ]

Ship Fall is the remains of the IMS Hestia I, an IMC warship that participated in the Battle of Gridiron, the final battle of the Frontier War.

The ship crashed in the vicinity sometime in 2716[1] and the crew of the Hestia I either established or integrated with the settlement around it. This settlement was eventually attacked by Commander Scryer, an IMC Pilot who received the distress call sent out by Anita Williams, one of the crew members of the Hestia who just woke up from stasis.[2] The settlement was damaged but it continued to exist in the subsequent years, the actual wreck of the ship being continually salvaged for parts until barely anything important can be taken from it.[3] It is due to this that one of the Stormcatchers scattered throughout Storm Point started to be scavenged for repair parts, exacerbating the storms common in New Antillia.[4]

The settlement eventually was abandoned, probably due to the increasing storms.[4] The remains of the Hestia I were fully destroyed in 2735 after a disastrous storm struck Storm Point.[5]

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