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Silva Pharmaceuticals
Silva Pharmaceuticals Icon
Leader Torres Silva
Eduardo Silva (formerly)
Headquarters Psamathe
Industry Pharmaceutical biotechnology
Founded Prior to 2658

Silva Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company headquartered on Psamathe. Its CEO, Torres Silva, is Octane's grandfather.

History[ | ]

Silva Pharmaceuticals was founded by the Silva family sometime prior to 2658 - that year, Torres Silva made investments in Project Iris' branthium research and made a significant profit for the company.[1] Its products include medical supplies, baby products,[2] and a variant of stim invented by Torres.[3] At some point Eduardo Silva, Torres' son, took control of the company and had a child, Octavio Silva. After Eduardo died of a terminal illness some number of years ago, Torres covered up his son's death and assumed his identity, with help from a special strain of stim that keeps him physically young.

Funding from the company was used to back Torres' plots to undermine the Mercenary Syndicate and elect him as their new leader. Silva Pharmaceuticals commandeered the ICS Icarus and docked it on Olympus[4], they sponsored a podcast hosted by Lisa Stone to denounce the Syndicate's leadership,[5] and they directed funds towards the Frontier Corps so that Torres would have enough sway to take control of the organization after his accession.[3]

The company also officially sponsors the Control gamemode.

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