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Singh Labs
Singhlabs 01
Singh Labs prior to Season 5 Season 5.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location Kings Canyon

Singh Labs is a Wraith-themed Town Takeover found on Kings Canyon. It was added to the south end of Reclaimed Forest as part of the Voidwalker Voidwalker event.

Gameplay[ | ]

Singh Labs is a mid tier loot zone which connects to Singh Labs Interior, a high tier loot zone. The exterior is a collection of standard buildings surrounding an excavated valley, inside of which is the tunnel leading to the labs. The interior contains a large portal, similar to a Phase Runner, which connects the deepest room to the sky above the area. At the start of the match, players can skydive into the portal to be taken directly to the interior, and at any time can take the portal in the opposite direction to skydive out the other end.

In Season 5 Season 5, the external buildings were redesigned and an additional passageway, the Capacitor Tunnel, was added to connect the portal room to the ARES Capacitor.

Lore[ | ]

Singh Labs was established on Kings Canyon by ARES Division, the IMC's research and development wing, for experimenting with phase tech. It was named after Amer Singh, who worked with Senior Science Pilot Renee Blasey on Project: Wraith, using phase tech to investigate the existence of other dimensions. Blasey volunteered herself as a test subject, and came to lose her memories and apparent sanity as a result. Singh continued to conduct experiments on her, keeping her imprisoned in the labs until the IMC officially shut down all facilities on Kings Canyon.

One hard-to-access room behind doors that must be kicked down contains an audio log from Wraith before the project began:

Senior Science Pilot Renee Blasey, first report. The grant to test our new Phase Shift tech has been approved by IMC's ARES Division. My colleague, Dr. Singh, has his suspicions about them... But honestly, all I care about is whether or not it's true... That our dimension is not the only one. Now we just need some volunteers... Or, I'll have to do this thing myself. There are a lot of roads out there - who knows where they lead? Project Wraith... Active.

Years later, Bangalore came to Kings Canyon searching for information on her missing brother, bringing a decryption drive made by Tae Joon Park. This drive was stolen by the now free Renee Blasey, who used it to find Amer Singh's whereabouts.[1] Upon finding he had died, she jumped into an alternate dimension where he was still alive, and allowed that dimension's Wraith to return to this dimension.[2] The facility was buried in preparation for the opening of the Apex Games, so Wraith signed up to compete, hoping to someday regain access to the labs.

Toward the end of Season 2 Season 2, Crypto could be seen behind the glass in this room. Entering the room would cause him to notice and flee.

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