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Special Interaction by Legends when they all are at specified locations.

Season 5[ | ]

When Wraith and Wattson are at Singh Labs

Portrait Wattson square:

  • "I swear… I saw the apparition. She had dead eyes and appeared out of nowhere."
  • "Look, Wraith. It's where I saw my ghost. (laugh) So glad you believe me now."
  • "The ghost is real. She attacked me… down in that lab."
  • "Wraith, when I was a girl, I saw a ghost here. Nobody believes me so."
  • "Wraith! We can go say 'hi' to my ghost. (laugh) Now you believe me."
  • "You know, Wraith. I once saw a ghost here. I'll tell you about her someday."

Portrait Wraith square:

  • "I didn't expect you to believe in ghost, Wattson."
  • "I promise you. Natalie, you didn't see it-- hold up. We should discuss this later."
  • "I told you - There's no such thing as-- wait. We should talk more about this later."
  • "Now we know the truth. Let's… keep it to ourselves… Focus on the match."
  • "(chuckle) Subtle. Let's keep it between us for now. We talk about it later."

Season 7[ | ]

When Wraith and Rampart are at Oasis, Olympus

Portrait Wraith square "How's life with Mirage? You two certainly seem to be getting along well."
Portrait Rampart square "I haven't moved in - It's just my shop. Sure I pass out at work, but who doesn't."

When Wraith and Horizon are at Rift Aftermath

Portrait Wraith square "How many got hurt to make this damn thing. Oh, anything in the name of science though."
Portrait Horizon square "Oh, dinnae be so grim, dearie. Aye, science can be used for ill-but so can a spoon."

When Revenant and Loba are at top of Bonzai Plaza

Portrait Revenant square "Look familar, Loba? Aww… shame they lost the elevator."
Portrait Loba square "I'll see you back here after the match. I have something for you. Let's finish this."

When Pathfinder and Mirage are at Hammond Lab, Olympus

Portrait Pathfinder square "This lab reminds me of Ash. You know, we met outside a Hammond Lab? I found her in a dumpster."
Portrait Mirage square "Right. You found her in a dumpster… well, that would've been a real nice story to tell your grandkids."

When Octane and Lifeline are at Bonzai Plaza, Olympus

Portrait Octane square "Che, look! Look look! Blast from the past! Hey, you remember that time when we… ahmmm…"
Portrait Lifeline square "Hard not to, Silva. Got the scars and the gun talk to remember it by."

Bloodhound and Loba at Energy Depot, Olympus

Portrait Bloodhound square (Making a quiet, upset noise.)
Portrait Loba square "You seem tense. Is something the matter?"
Portrait Bloodhound square "No. Nothing of importance. Let us press on."

Portrait Loba square "Beautiful. Whatever is on your mind, you're hiding it poorly."
Portrait Bloodhound square "I… cannot see the ground. It is bothersome. That is all."
Portrait Loba square "Oh… Of course."

When Loba and Bangalore are at Gardens, Olympus only before Fight Night Fight Night Update

Portrait Loba square "I said I don't to talk about it, but… the demonio. I'm going to get what I want by giving him what he wants. The thought of it makes me sick."
Portrait Bangalore square "Mama used to say, Do your business or get out of the Latrine. Make the call soon 'cause stalling's not a good color on you."

Season 8[ | ]

When Loba and Bangalore are at Crashed Ship, Kings Canyon from Season 8

Portrait Bangalore square "All this feels like a big joke. Heh, and right around April Fool's Day. Jackson's favorite holiday. He'd get a sick kick out of these guys."
Portrait Loba square "Haha. He sounds like your worst nightmare."

Portrait Bangalore square "Jackson loves this time of year. April Fool’s. Always down for a good prank. Seems these Salvo types feel the same."
Portrait Loba square "I can see where you get your sense of humor."

Season 9[ | ]

Bloodhound and Loba near The Icarus, Olympus

Portrait Bloodhound square "You are worried… over height?"
Portrait Loba square "My little brush with death there, left quite little impression."
Portrait Bloodhound square "(Oof) You are welcome to it… if that pleases you."

Season 10[ | ]

Bloodhound and Fuse at Climatizer

Portrait Fuse square “Your planet's dyin’, people displaced, and Hammond installs a giant ice cream maker.”
Portrait Bloodhound square “Haha. Leave it to Hammond to ruin ice cream.”
Portrait Fuse square “Did you just laugh? And joke?! I'm… I'm about to get misty-eyed over here, mate…”

Bloodhound and Seer at Epicenter

Portrait Bloodhound square "Look around. All-Father is older. I must atone."
Portrait Seer square "Yet here you are. Saved. The God must will it."

Bloodhound and Loba at Epicenter

Portrait Loba square "Be careful, the demonio is targeting those I care for. You can't imagine what it's like, knowing you're the reason everyone around you will die."
Portrait Bloodhound square "I have walked on my parents graves and never known. Artur to sea, Boone under sand. I know your pain, this life of death. Still, my allegiance is yours."

Rampart, Gibraltar, and Bangalore at Bonsai Plaza

Portrait Rampart square "Two hundred says you'll change Michael's mind by the end of the year."
Portrait Gibraltar square "I'll take that. Speaking of bets, that thing Bangalore told us in the hospital, do you really think she and Loba are 'just friends'? 'Cause I've got five hundred that says she's definitely got a thing for her."
Portrait Bangalore square "I'm on your squad. I can hear you."

Revenant at Harvester

{LegendPortrait|Revenant}} "How does one murder a corporation? One skinsuit at a time." {LegendPortrait|Revenant}} "My old friends at Hammond are at it again, mucking around where they're not wanted. You think I'm done with you? (laughs) I'm saving the best for last."

Horizon at Harvester

Portrait Horizon square "All this from crystals I pulled out of a wee singularity..."

Crypto, Wattson, and Caustic at Caustic Treatment's Control Room

Portrait Crypto square "I'd ask what the point of this oversized gas trap is, but why bother? Any response out of your mouth would be a lie meant to manipulate us, Caustic."
Portrait Wattson square "It doesn't matter. He now understands being cool has consequences… right, doctor?"
Portrait Caustic square "You're both accurate. The old me would suggest asking Ms. Paquette what she knows about my secrets. But as you pointed out, brother…that's probably a lie meant to manipulate."

Season 11[ | ]

Seer at Cenote Cave

Portrait Seer square "Nothing is in stasis. Not even a moon is promised to the sky. What was built can be rebuilt, but it can never be the same."

Seer and Bloodhound at an unknown location

Portrait Seer square "Blodhundr, here would not be such a bad place to call home..."
Portrait Bloodhound square "You see the minds of others clearly. You are right, felagi fighter. I long to give my people a new beginning. Perhaps this is the place."

Bloodhound and Seer at Fish Farms

Portrait Bloodhound square "These lands are vast and beautiful... and at every turn, a hunt awaits. Living here will be a great challenge... and a great home to my people."
Portrait Seer square "I appreciate the poetry in your words, Blodhundr."

Season 12[ | ]

Mad Maggie and Fuse at Crash Site

Portrait Mad Maggie square "Aw, remember when I blew all this up, Wally? Ruined ya day, as I recall."
Portrait Fuse square "Ya ruined a damn sight more than that… A whole lotta people got hurt, Mags."
Portrait Mad Maggie square "And a whole lot more saw the Syndicate for what they really are. Weak… and ready to fall."

Ash and Crypto at an unknown location

Portrait Crypto square "Hey, the algorithm I mentioned... Have you looked into the source?"
Portrait Ash square "Quiet. Your eagerness gives you away."
Portrait Crypto square "Ya, I just... have someone waiting on me."

Wattson and Crypto at an unknown location

Portrait Wattson square "Crypto, are you certain this partnership with Ash is a good idea?"
Portrait Crypto square "She's my only lead. Do you know something about her?"
Portrait Wattson square "No, no. Just... a feeling I have."

Wattson and Ash at an unknown location

Portrait Wattson square "Tell me, what is it about my name that upsets you?"
Portrait Ash square "Your name? (scoffs) Perhaps a history lesson is in order."
Portrait Wattson square "My eyes are open. Do not try anything. If I am someone to you, I will find out who."

Wattson and Horizon at an unknown location

Portrait Wattson square "Dr. Somers? How are you? You haven't seemed yourself lately. Not since... Ash joined the games."
Portrait Horizon square "Oh, I'm quite fine dear. Ash and I have our differences, as I'm sure you two do. And you, Natalie? Doing well?
Portrait Wattson square "Ah, je vas bien! Yes, great. I am great..."

Lifeline and Octane when Care Package is announced during a Control match:

Portrait Lifeline square "Please, wouldn't put Duardo's junk in my veins if he paid me."
Portrait Octane square "Geez old man - the lengths you'll go to cramp my style..."

Mad Maggie when Care Package is announced during a Control match:
  • "So that's how galactic subjugation begins, ay? With a cheesy as slogan."
  • "Man, that announcer goes on and on. Doesn't she ever shut up?"

Season 13 Icon Season 13[ | ]

Crypto and Octane at The Mill (Storm Point)
  • Portrait Crypto square "Your father's the head of the Syndicate now. What's your part in this?"
  • Portrait Octane square "Come on, you still on that? The old man's got his own agenda. I just run and gun, compadre."
Lifeline and Octane at an unknown location
  • Portrait Lifeline square "We coulda stopped yuh da. Now we're all just puppets in his little game."
  • Portrait Octane square "Always think you're right, eh chica? Just like your madre."
Mirage, Newcastle, and Bangalore at Downed Beast
  • Portrait Mirage square "Remember when I beat that sea monster? Good times."
  • Portrait Newcastle square "You, huh? All by yourself?"
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Get used to it."
Newcastle and Bangalore at Ship Fall
  • Portrait Newcastle square "Hestia's still here, huh?"
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Yeah. At least one thing from my past decided to stick around."
  • Portrait Newcastle square "Uh, well... uh. Yeah."
Wattson at an unknown location
  • Portrait Wattson square "Someone new is in charge of the Syndicate. I wonder... how things will change."
Legends at Lifeline's Clinic Staff Lounge
  • Portrait Fuse square "More of acoustic man meself, but I ain't gonna knock these riffs."
  • Portrait Lifeline square "Now we're talkin'. Nothin' here with my ma's grubby hands on 'em. Just my place, my jams. Mine."
  • Portrait Octane square "This is definitely the chica's place. Humph. Would've been nice to hang here with her".
    • "This is definitely the chica's place. Oh man. It would've been nice to hang here with her."
  • Portrait Pathfinder square "I heard these songs at the karaoke bar where my best friend Mirage brought me. He did not enjoy my Circuitboard Serenade."

Season 14[ | ]

Fuse and Bloodhound on Kings Canyon
  • Portrait Fuse square "I make a bloody mess of things wherever I go, ay?"
  • Portrait Bloodhound square "Nei. I would say you fix things... In your way."
  • Portrait Fuse square "Houndy the Optimist? Bloody hell. Could get used to that."
  • Portrait Bloodhound square "The last vestiges of Boone's death are buried here. Buried and gone."
  • Portrait Fuse square "Ay, not gone, mate. He's in that big ol' heart of yours. Hopefully there's room for more."
  • Portrait Bloodhound square "Hm. Walter Fitzroy, I believe you are right."