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Health 150
Wields R-301 Carbine
Hemlok Burst AR
Appears on Storm Point

Spectres are automated infantry units used throughout the Frontier. In-game, they are NPC enemies found on Storm Point.

Behavior[ | ]

Spectres spawn continuously inside of Storm Point's IMC Armories, beginning when a player activates it and ending after 60 seconds. Spectres will slowly walk around the inside of the armory, shooting at players with a Hemlok Burst AR (though each bullet only deals 13 damage) and performing melee attacks if they get close. Each Spectre has 150 health; if they have <50 health remaining, players can perform Finishers on them. Upon death, they drop a box of ammo.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

The BRD-01 Spectre was designed by the IMC's defense contractors as a militarized version of the MRVN, being officially classified as automated infantry by the IMC. Mainly used for urban warfare, Spectres are deployed as expendable additional infantry.

As a result of conflicting military and corporate politics, Spectres retain a critical data port vulnerability that was present in early MRVN units, as a Data Knife can be used to hack one's systems and cause it to begin fighting for the other side.[1]

Two main models of Spectre are known to exist. First-Generation Spectres have a wedge-shaped head, while Second-Generation Spectres have a box-shaped head. Second-Generation Spectres additionally have upgraded firmware, giving them heightened combat capabilities.

The first known combat deployment of the Second Generation Spectre was in 2710 during the assault on Colony G21 on Troy. Afterwards, they would find heavy use among both the IMC and the Frontier Militia - especially among the former due to heavy attrition.

Sometime before 2420, the Spectre was used as a basis for the first iteration of what would eventually become known as the simulacrum.[2]

In the present day, despite the absence of both the IMC and the Militia's armed forces, Spectres are still popular among mercenaries and gangs.[3]

Season 13[ | ]

After Unknown 045 attacked Storm Point, various IMC Armories unearthed themselves across the island. These armories contained hordes of Spectres, prepared to fight off the creature and any intruding Legends.[4]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Interestingly, despite being associated with the IMC, the Spectres within IMC Armories use the coloration used by the Frontier Militia.

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