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Storm Point
Storm Point MU2
Map of Storm Point as of Season 19 Season 19.
Gamemode Battle Royale
Location New Antillia, Gaea
Codename mp_rr_tropic_island

The subject of this article appears in Apex Legends.

Storm Point is a map released in Season 11 Season 11 located on the planet Gaea.

Lore[ | ]

This deserted island wasn't always so deserted. Part of the New Antillia Archipelago[1], this beautiful island teeming with plentiful resources was one of the first places where early IMC expeditions made landfall on the planet Gaea. However, the area was isolated and beset by tropical storms. A permanent settlement was established on a nearby coastline – today known as the city of Suotamo – and power-generating storm catchers were built on Storm Point to meet the growing city’s energy needs.

When the IMC pulled out of the Outlands, the storm catchers fell into disrepair. Eventually, one finally stopped working – but not on its own. It had been pulled down, and its absence exacerbated the storm that surrounded the island. A survey of the area revealed the remains of several unique settlements built across the centuries, but no survivors. One such settlement was erected around 2716, after the IMS Hestia-01, an IMC vessel, crash-landed on the southern tip of the island. [2] The people of Gaea abandoned the island for many years, apart from the occasional scavenger or pirate group that attempted to loot what was left behind. Until, of course, it caught the eye of the Mercenary Syndicate, who saw it as a perfect location for the Apex Games.

Season 13[ | ]

During what was believed to be Bangalore's final match, a large crustacean-like creature came ashore and began to attack the island. As a result, IMC armories began to emerge from the ground at various locations across the island, guarded by Spectre combat proxies. Through the combined efforts of the Legends, the creature was defeated, and its body became part of the arena.[3]

Season 17[ | ]

In 2735, a dangerous storm ravaged Storm Point[4], destroying much of the energy infrastructure on the island that powered the nearby city of Suotamo. Wattson quickly volunteered to assist with repairs, constructing various energy facilities across Storm Point. ECHO also arrived to assist in recovering from the environmental impacts of the storm.[5] The remains of the Hestia-01 were also destroyed in the storm.[6]

Locations[ | ]

Locations in bold are marked on the map screen. Non-bold locations' names can only be seen in the top-left corner of the HUD when entering these areas.

Name Loot Tier Description Supply Bins
Alex's Crossing Basic The bridge connecting Cenote Cave to Barometer. TBD
Antenna Mid A massive communications dish with a network of catwalks built over it. TBD
Barometer Mid A large island with a research tower and a spinning platform. Located in the southwest. TBD
Black Sand Islands Basic A chain of islands between North Pad and The Wall. TBD
Black Diamond Basic TBD
Bunny Slope Basic TBD
Cascade Falls Mid A settlement in the center of the map beside a waterfall. TBD
The Caves Mid An underground passage from the Forbidden Zones to the river to the north. TBD
Cenote Cave High A large island in the southwest corner of the map, composed of massive cenotes. TBD
Checkpoint High A complex suspended high above a dense forest in the northwest. TBD
Colony East Camp Basic TBD
Command Center Mid A massive complex built into the mountains in the northeast. Has a chute to the top of the mountain, allowing squads to drop inside at the start of the match. TBD
Cory's Crossing Basic The bridge connecting Barometer to Southern Point. TBD
Dave's Crossing Basic The bridge connecting Cenote Cave to The Mill. TBD
Davis' Crossing Basic The bridge connecting Barometer to Shipfall. TBD
Downed Beast High A small facility built inside a crustacean beast's carcass. Has multiple ziplines connecting to the top of the beast. TBD
East Lift Basic The steep zipline connecting The Lagoon to Storm Catcher. TBD
East Trail Basic TBD
Fish Farms Mid A collection of small islands in the southeast corner of the map. TBD
Forbidden Zone High A caged-off enclave near the center of the map. Prowlers who populated fled the area once a storm hit. TBD
Forest Mid The forest beneath Checkpoint. TBD
Gale Station Mid A settlement next to Fish Farms. TBD
Highpoint Mid A settlement at the northern end of the map. Contains the map's only Jump Tower. TBD
The Lagoon Basic The river settlement north of Antenna and Launch Pad. TBD
Launch Pad High A launch site near the end of the eastern river. TBD
Lightning Rod High A cliffside facility at the highest point of the island in the northeast corner. TBD
Lonely Island Basic TBD
McCord's Landing Basic A cluster of buildings at the northernmost point of the map. TBD
Medina Island TBD TBD
Meridian Outpost TBD TBD
The Mill High A small settlement on the western coast, distinguished by the windmills atop the buildings. TBD
Mountain Cave Basic TBD
Mountain Lift Basic The steep zipline connecting River's Center to Command Center. TBD
Mountain Top Basic TBD
North Pad Mid A launch site right on the ocean on the northwest corner of the map. TBD
Oasis Basic An island in the river next to Cascade Falls. TBD
Prowler Island Basic An island in the western river with several Prowler dens. TBD
Prowler Den TBD TBD
River's Center Basic A settlement southeast of Cascade Falls. TBD
Siren Isle Basic The peninsula east of Shipfall. TBD
Southern Point Basic The island south of Barometer and west of Shipfall. TBD
Storm Catcher Mid A large ring-shaped facility with steep hills on either side. TBD
The Ridge Basic The beach cliffs north of Fish Farms. TBD
Thunder Watch High A settlement near the northeast overlooking massive hills. TBD
Trenches Basic A series of trenches that connects North Pad to the rest of the map. TBD
Uncharted Cliffs Basic TBD
The Wall Mid A large facility overlooking the northern beaches. TBD
Water Hole Basic TBD
Wattson's Pylon High TBD
Zavala's Crossing Basic The bridge connecting Barometer to Forbidden Zones. TBD

Map features[ | ]

Gravity Cannons[ | ]

With only one jump tower on the map (at Highpoint), legends will cross large areas of the map mostly with the use of Gravity Cannons, which launch them to a predetermined location. When being launched, players will have their full arsenal available.

Wildlife[ | ]

Players will encounter three different types of wildlife; Prowlers, Spiders and Flyers. Prowlers and Spiders have their own nests where killing them will cause them to drop loot based on a players' equipment loadout. Flyers, similar to those in Kings Canyon, will drop death boxes carrying random loot. Damaging any animal will grant a small damage percentage increase on players' evo-shields. Clearing a nest will provide a squad with crafting materials divided amongst them.

IMC Armories[ | ]

Scattered across Storm Point are four IMC Armories, elevated bunkers containing several Weapon Racks and multiple initially locked Supply Bins. After activating the security system, players will have to fend off several waves of Spectres. After surviving for 60 seconds, loot will be revealed, with more loot being gained with more Spectres defeated. Players can then leave through a jump pad. As of Season 19 Season 19, the Armories no longer function, but still contain loot.

Layouts[ | ]

Teasers[ | ]

  • As part of Season 11 teasers, an escape pod found on Olympus contains a holographic interface which can be interacted with. Doing so will play a message from Anita Williams who was stationed at the IMS Hestia-01, requesting immediate evacuation to Storm Point, Gaea.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Storm Point has the longest vertical zip-lines in the game. Found in the "Command Center", this allows you to reach the very top of the mountain.
  • The five bridges in the southwest corner of the map are named after developers; four are named after level designers Dave Osei, Alex Graner[7], Cory De La Torre, and Davis Standley, and one is named after lead environment artist Jose Zavala.
  • It is the largest map, being about 15% larger than World's Edge.[8]
  • The IMC Armories were previously seen on Salvo after an invasion by the IMC.[9]

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