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Grounded supply ship

The Supply Ship after reaching a destination.

The Supply Ship is a mobile hotspot that harbors valuable loot found in Kings Canyon.

Location[ | ]

At the start of a match, the Supply Ship would begin navigating across Kings Canyon until it reached a designated destination where it would land and remain until the match is over. The Supply Ship's current location and destination will always be marked on the map. Once the Ship has landed, players may travel inside using ziplines placed by the Ship. Another supply ship will arrive sometime after.

Loot[ | ]

The items provided by the Supply Ship are available at all times. Players who free-fall on top of the ship may easily head further inside to reach the better loot before the ship lands.

Tips[ | ]

  • Thrill-seeking players may land on top of the Supply Ship at the start of the match. Be ready for a fight.
  • The ship may be empty upon landing if players have looted it during the free-fall stage.
  • If you have landed on the ship, consider staying for a little while to use it as an airborne vantage point.