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YTtn sfto survive
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Release date Jul 25, 2022
Production The Sequence Group [1]
Sound Design Barking Owl Inc.
Length 4:55
Promotes Season 14, Vantage

Survive is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on July 25, 2022, to promote Season 14 Season 14.

Synopsis[ | ]

In the icy wilderness of Págos, Xiomara Contreras shoots down a bat with her sniper rifle. Going to examine the body, she brushes away the snow beneath it and finds a metal plate labeled "G.D.S. VANTAGE". The bat, injured, bites Xiomara on the hand and escapes into a hole. Before she can pursue, her mother Xenia Contreras summons her back to their camp. While bandaging her hand, Xenia explains that the G.D.S. Vantage is just an empty cargo ship that crashed some time ago, and insists that Xiomara not go near it.

Regardless, Xiomara goes to investigate the ship herself, and finds that it is a prison ship with many corpses, as well as sniper rifles identical in make to her own. She finds the bat she shot before has given birth in the command room, and the bat unintentionally activates the security systems, which identify Xiomara as Xenia and reveals that Xenia was sentenced to life aboard this ship. The security system's arms attempt to capture Xiomara, and although she escapes them, the ship's structural integrity fails and the Gaean Detention Ship falls into a chasm.

Pinned beneath wreckage and close to death, Xiomara is eventually found by Xenia thanks to the young bat leading her to the chasm. With no other options to save Xiomara's life, Xenia activates a distress signal to alert the authorities to her location.

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