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Team Deathmatch, also shortened to TDM, is a game mode. It was introduced as a Limited Time Mode in Season 16 Season 16's Anniversary Icon 4th Anniversary Collection Event, then added permanently to the game on March 7, 2023 through the Mixtape playlist.

Overview[ | ]

  • Two teams of six Legends fight to be the first team to obtain 50 combined kills.
    • A team is made out of two different trio squads, so multiple instances of the same Legend may appear. The same Legend cannot appear more than once in the same trio however, which means there can be up to two of the same Legend.
  • Players can change Legend while awaiting respawn.
  • All Legends are pre-equipped with a Body Shield Body Shield, a Helmet Helmet, infinite ammo, infinite Shield Cell Shield Cells, and infinite Shield Battery Shield Batteries. They can also respawn indefinitely.
  • A Legend's damaged health automatically starts regenerating after not taking damage for 6 seconds.
  • Five weapon loadouts are available to select from, and can be changed while awaiting respawn.
    • Weapon optics can be changed while selecting a loadout.
  • Care Packages will drop periodically, containing Fully Kitted or Supply Drop weapons.

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