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Teaser is a general term for sniplets of images, audio recordings or videos that were released on the game's official social media channels, where the main purpose is to tease events or next seasons, with some lore contents. They are either made in-house by Respawn Entertainment or commissioned from members of the Apex Legends community. This content is considered canon to the lore of Apex Legends.

This page lists them by order of release and does not include Stories from the Outlands, comics, motion comics, paid content like Pathfinder's Quest, or any of the trailers.

Invasion of Kings Canyon[ | ]

These set of image teasers, released weekly starting on June 13 until June 26, 2019, features the events prior to the fall of Repulsor Tower and the invasion of wildlife into Kings Canyon.[1][2][3]

Data Log 147 61137[ | ]

This image teaser for the Voidwalker Stories from the Outlands, released August 29, 2019 features information from the IMC's Project Wraith concerning Wraith herself.[4]

Crypto Teasers[ | ]

These set of image teasers, released from September 25 to 27 2019, feature Crypto's attempt to get information about World's Edge.

Additionally, an alternate reality game was held, and the following transcript was released:[10][11]:

Skills and Good Looks Award[ | ]

These set of image teasers, released on December 06 and 12 2019, feature Mirage and contains testimonials from people in-universe.[12][13]

The Forge Interview[ | ]

This is a set of images, released from January 25 to 28 of 2020, concerning Forge and his entry to the Apex Games.

The legend matchups and the subsequent replies are set right before his interview with Lisa Stone, while the last one is a statement made by Outlands TV following his murder by Revenant.

Hammond Break-Ins[ | ]

This set of teasers chronicles the break-ins on Hammond Robotics facilities conducted by Revenant after his murder of Forge and before his entry to the Apex Games.

Project 617[ | ]

These set of images, released from April 28 to May 4 of 2020, contains files related to "Project 617", and shows how Revenant comes to be.

A Letter to Loba[ | ]

This image, released on May 08, 2020, features Alanza Andrade's letter to her daughter Loba.[24]

Rampart Audio Teasers[ | ]

This set of five audio teasers were released for Rampart.

A Messy Desk[ | ]

This image was released on October 28, 2020 and features Wattson.[30]

Valkyrie Teasers[ | ]

This set of images were released as teasers for Valkyrie. They were illustrated by Alise Gluškova.

Seer Audio Teasers[ | ]

This set of three audio teasers were released as a teaser for Seer's abilities and lore.

Crisis Into Opportunity[ | ]

This video, released on July 29, 2021, is presented as official communications from Hammond Robotics for the changes incoming to World's Edge on Season 10 Season 10.[37] It also has additional narration from Bloodhound.

Unravelling the Syndicate[ | ]

This is a set of audio clips that are related to Eduardo Silva's plot to overthrow the Syndicate,

Backs\ash[ | ]

Two set of images were released on January 25 and 26, 2022.[41][42] The images showcase a Salvonian zine.

Season 13 Teasers[ | ]

The following set of images serves to continue the Bangalore's storyline post-The Williams Sendoff, and a stealth lead up to Season 13 Season 13 and announcement of Newcastle.

Vantage's Diary[ | ]

This set of images, depicting entries in Vantage's diary, serves as teaser for her appearance in Season 14. They were released on July 21, 2022.[47]

GDS Vantage Distress Signal[ | ]

This audio log, depicting the receipt of a distress signal sent from Págos, was released on July 23, 2022.[48]

Vantage Appeal Form[ | ]

An appeal form from Vantage, stating why Echo, her bat, should join the Apex Games with her. Released on July 26, 2022.

Season 15 Teasers[ | ]

The following images serve as a lead up to Season 15.

Season 16 Teasers[ | ]

The following images serve as a lead up to Season 16.

Season 18 Teasers[ | ]

Floor 17[ | ]

Prior to the launch of Season 18 Season 18, these images were distributed to various social media personalities in the Apex Legends community.

Visiting Hours[ | ]

Season 19 Teaser[ | ]

The following images serve as a lead up to Season 19.

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