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The Endorsement
YTtn sfto theendorsement
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Release date Aug 11, 2020
Production Passion Pictures [1]
Length 2:18
Promotes Season 6

The Endorsement is a Stories from the Outlands animated short released on August 11, 2020, to promote Season 6 Season 6.

Synopsis[ | ]

In her weapon modding shop on Gaea, Ramya Parekh shares a drink and some friendly banter with Bangalore and Gibraltar. After the two are gone, she closes up shop, but five gang members come in and threaten Ramya. She presses a button on the underside of the front desk, setting off explosives around the assailants, then shoots them down with ease. She approaches the second-in-command Frances and demands to know where their boss Big Sister is, only for her to appear right at the front door. Rather than attack directly, Big Sister summons a Stalker, which crashes through the roof and fires two Spitfires at Ramya. Ramya raises an Amped Cover Amped Cover and opens fire on the bot with Sheila, but Frances flanks behind and knocks Ramya out with a blow to the head.

Ramya reawakens to find her shop in flames. Kuben Blisk appears in the flames, compliments the fight she put up, and offers her a spot in the Apex Games.

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