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The Icarus
S9 icarus after
Located on Olympus
Loot Tier High Tier
Area Replaced Crossroads
Supply Bins Yes
Respawn Beacons Yes

The ICS Icarus[1] was the flagship of its namesake Icarus Fleet and a location in Olympus added in Season 9 Season 9.

Lore[ | ]

The ICS Icarus was the flagship of the Icarus Fleet, which consisted of at least another 3 Essex-class cruisers and 1 Malta-class battleship. The fleet and the Icarus herself were used by a group of scavengers looking to sift through the wreckage of Typhon. It was during this scavenging run that the fleet obtained Medusa vines, a plant indigenous to Typhon. Unbeknownst to the crew of the Icarus, the vines were a bioweapon created by the ARES Division. Codenamed "Project Legacy", the Medusa vines were virtually impervious to fire, bullets and even liquid nitrogen.[2] The genetically modified vines additionally emitted a potent antigen, causing severe allergic reactions that caused death within 72 hours of infection.[3] It was this infection that killed the original crew of the Icarus Fleet.

It eventually came under the control of Silva Pharmaceutical's Torres Silva who, wanting to subvert the authority of the Mercenary Syndicate, directed the ships to dock on Olympus in the hope that when the infection takes hold of the visitors, he could make a quick profit by manufacturing the cure and making the Syndicate look bad in the process.

While the infection was cured by the Legends, the near-indestructible vines themselves were too firmly embedded within Olympus to be removed without significant damage to the city, making the Icarus herself permanently docked to Olympus. The rest of the fleet was destroyed after Horizon sent the ships to the black hole she had been stranded on.[4]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Icarus was relocated in Season 12 Season 12. Alongside Bonsai Plaza and Solar Array, it was the first location to be relocated without being destroyed first. [5]

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