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The Magistrate
The Magistrate
The Magistrate ordering the execution of Mad Maggie.
Gender Male
Occupation Judge, government official
Status Alive
Real-world Info
Appearances Season 12 Launch Trailer

The Magistrate is the title of the Mercenary Syndicate official that presided over the case of Mad Maggie.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

The Magistrate is a Mercenary Syndicate official active in the Outlands, serving as a judge in criminal cases. He took an active interest in the case of Mad Maggie, wishing to see her punished for her crimes against the Syndicate.

In 2734, after Maggie fled from one of her rampages, she was found to be escaping in a custom Goblin fighter. The Magistrate directed a team led by Zhou to apprehend her. Zhou succeeded in shooting down Maggie's aircraft, and the cockpit was extracted through phasing. The Magistrate then apprehended Maggie on Olympus.[1]

Judgment[ | ]

After Maggie's arrest, she stood trial for her crimes. The Magistrate presided, charging her with 27 counts of sedition and branding her a coward for using violence in the name of "freedom." A spiteful Maggie then bit the metal bar in front of her, dislodging a tooth and spitting it into the Magistrate's eye, partially blinding him. Maggie was then carried out of the courtroom, ordered to be executed.

The Magistrate was all too happy to execute Maggie, until it was canceled at the behest of Torres Silva. In lieu of this, the Magistrate ordered her to be forced into competing in the Apex Games, stating that the other competitors would become her executioners.[2]

Appearances[ | ]

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Transition Blurbs
  • Season 12 The Capture of M. Kōhere

References[ | ]

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