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The Truth
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Release date Jun 22, 2021
Production GoldenLane Studio [1]
Length 6:17

The Truth is an animated short released on June 22, 2021. It is an animated adaptation of the final chapter of Pathfinder's Quest, made by GoldenLane Studio.

Synopsis[ | ]

At a ceremony on Olympus, a statue is dedicated to Pathfinder to honor his role in saving the Outlands. Pathfinder gives a speech to the crowd, explaining what happened 75 years ago.

He explains that an energy crisis was threatening the Outlands, and that a group of scientists, Project Iris, was assembled to find a solution. In their research towards finding a way to refine branthium, they needed a MRVN on the inside of the reactor where humans couldn't survive, so they built Pathfinder. After they had developed a reliable method, the facility was taken hostage by a team of Apex Predators lead by Dr. Ashleigh Reid, one of the team's own members. She and the other mercenaries seize the branthium supply and plan to send it through a phase runner to their buyers on Gridiron. Pathfinder manages to slip away unnoticed, and disables the phase runner. The mercenaries notice him on the catwalks above and try to capture him, but he releases heavy boxes from the ceiling and breaks the catwalk, then steals an assault rifle from one and escapes. Later, the phase runner is reactivated, and when Pathfinder returns to shut it down, he is attacked by Dr. Reid with a sword. After a short fight, Reid downs Pathfinder with two shots from a Mozambique, but while distracted gets stabbed through the back by Dr. Amélie Paquette. With more Apex Predators on the way, the group decides their best option is to instead use the phase runner to distribute the branthium throughout the Outlands, then set the building to self-destruct. The facility detonates, creating the Rift on Olympus, and organizations like the Peck Foundation successfully receive the branthium.

Pathfinder learned all of this from a file obtained from Kuben Blisk. In the bar where they met, Blisk asks if he ever found "the other one", another robot made from his spare parts. Pathfinder interprets this to mean he has a child, and proudly declares in his speech that he'll be searching for his kid.

Details and easter eggs[ | ]

  • GoldenLane Studio was hired to create this short after the writing team saw their fanmade animation "MEET BLOODHOUND".[2] It was created in five months.[3]
  • Most of the dialogue and actions by Pathfinder's creators in the book have been cut out of this version, presumably for time or budgetary reasons.
  • In the bar scene with Blisk, the "Scorch's Grillhouse" banner from Titanfall 2 can be seen in the background.

References[ | ]