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The Widow
The Widow
Alias The Widow
Gender Female
Status Alive
Real-world Info

The Widow is a criminal active on Psamathe.

Lore[ | ]

Background[ | ]

The Widow is a notorious, deadly criminal known to operate on Psamathe. She worked with Loba Andrade and Jaime for a long time.

In 2726, The Widow contracted Andrade and Jaime to steal two gems from the Chenosky Auction House on Psamathe.[1]

In 2733, she visited Jaime at his and Andrade's apartment, interrupting him as he was packing the pair's spoils. Unbeknownst to her, Andrade had ended their contract with the criminal. Before departing, she warned Jaime that Andrade would simply use him and throw him out, stating that she would not kill him if their paths crossed again.[2]

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