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The Williams Sendoff

The Williams Sendoff was an Apex Chronicle during Season 12 Season 12 that began on March 29th, 2022. It featured Bangalore on the Firing Range.

Completing all of the chapters rewarded you with a Bangalore Thematic Pack Icon Bangalore Thematic Pack.

Chapters[ | ]

Prologue: The Hard Call[ | ]

"A soldier is trained to make the hard call, but..."

13 years scouring the Outlands - no Jackson. Got Wraith working her sketchy connects - still no Jackson. Revenant offered me a one-way ticket back to my family on Gridiron, but how do I make the call, knowing I'd leave my brother behind here? Nana's not getting any younger, but...

Someone's at my door.

Chapter 1: Living With it[ | ]

Lying in my bunk. Might as well be a landmine. If I move... I don't know what will happen. Can't let my guard down. Can't sleep. Can't eat. Can't think. can't feel.

Damnit, Anita. The Williams' don't do "can't."

Gonna go to the firing range and train. Makes me sharp, keeps me in the here and now.

This chapter unlocked on March 29th, 2022. The challenge is "Hit 35 targets in the "Scouts of Action" Challenge" in the Firing Range.

Upon arriving at the firing range as Bangalore, a special Weapon Rack can be found in the center lane. This can only be activated as Bangalore initially. During the first playthrough, Bangalore will talk to herself.

  • Portrait Bangalore square "Anytime I get close to finding my brother, it'd slip through my fingers. If I'd only--"
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Damnit, Williams. Slow it down."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Feel the weight of the gun. Line up the sights. Stop thinking and shoot."

The player has 60 seconds to shoot 35 blue targets. The challenge begins when the first target is shot. During the first playthrough, a voice over can be heard, recounting lines first seen during the events of the Wrong Wraith comic.

  • Portrait Bangalore square "The drive downloading Jackson's video.. was gone, and so were you."
  • Portrait Wraith square "I'll explain later, all that matter is I think I can help you..."
  • Portrait Wraith square "I help you find your family, you help me find mine."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Okay... I can live with those terms. We're partners."

Once completed, your score will be shown.

  • Portrait Bangalore square "Jackie made his choices."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "I just don't know how I'm supposed to live with 'em."

FLASHBACK. Wraith and Bangalore in Bangalore's room. Bangalore is crying, holding a pair of dog tags. Wraith's hands clasped around Bangalore's hand to support her.

  • Portrait Bangalore square "Maybe it's not him?"
  • Portrait Wraith square "The body matches Jackson's age, height, weight -- even blood type. And it had his dog tags. I should've found the records sooner, but Solace morgues are... well, morgues on Solace. No regulations, no protocols... and he was found more than 5 years ago but was just filed as "unclaimed." "
  • Portrait Bangalore square "I need to see him."
  • Portrait Wraith square "Anita. Unclaimed bodies on Solace... they bury after two weeks. I'm sorry but... they lost the records of where in a fire three years ago..."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "What -- I... oh, oh Jackie... Jackie..."
  • Portrait Bangalore square Cries
  • Portrait Wraith square "I'm so sorry, Anita. I--" sigh

Chapter Reward:

Returning to the Firing Range allows players to use any legend during the "Scouts of Action" challenge.

Chapter 2: The Taste of Loss[ | ]

Someone dies and leaves you with a pile of junk. But Jackson didn't pack before we went AWOL. All I've got is his jacket and our Best Williams Sibling scorecard.

Heh. Fought a lot about who won that, but there's one I know I won. "Who can get more bullseyes in a row with a bow and arrow?"

Let's set that straight. Once and for all.

This chapter unlocked on April 1st, 2022. The challenge is "Deal 1000 DMG in the 'Jackson's Bow-out" Challenge' in the Firing Range.

Upon arriving at the firing range as Bangalore, a special Weapon Rack holding a Bocek can be found in the leftmost lane. This can only be activated as Bangalore initially. During the first playthrough, Bangalore will talk to herself.

  • (Bangalore took out her own taped-up "Best Williams Sibling" scorecard)
  • Portrait Bangalore square "I know Jackie cheated. Knocked my elbow on my last shot, and beat me by one."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "I can still see him, smiling without smiling, hands up like I was gonna put an arrow in him."
  • Portrait Bangalore square (LAUGH) "And I was."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Hope you're watchin, Jackie, 'cause I'm about to beat you."

The player has 60 seconds to shoot for 1000 damage. The challenge begins when the target is shot. During the first playthrough, a voice over can be heard:

  • Jackson: "I have a 406-T on the outer hull in Airlock Bravo. Engaged. I repeat, engaged."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "A 406-- That's a--"
  • Jackson: "Damnit, 'Nita, get the hell away from the--"
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Jackson! Just hold on!"
  • Jackson: "I can't! I need a grip but-- I can't hold--"
  • Portrait Bangalore square "Hold on to me-- NO! Jacksoooonnn!!!"

Once completed, your score will be shown.

  • Portrait Bangalore square "This is where you say, "You did alright, 'Nita. By my measure, you always do.""
  • Portrait Bangalore square Sniffle Thanks, brother. And... goodbye.

FLASHBACK. Jackson and Bangalore are in a room on a ship. Jackson, standing, had just finished baking a Red Velvet Cake, with a slice cut and plated on the table. Bangalore sat across from him, her legs crossed.

  • Jackson: "C'mon, just a bite. I promise I used sugar and not salt this time."
  • Portrait Bangalore square "I said I'm not hungry, Jackie."
  • Jackson: "'Nita. What's goign on?"
  • Portrait Bangalore square "It reminds me of Grandma too much, of home. And you're acting like you don't care that we'll never see them again. Like you forgot them already..."
  • Jackson: "No... listen 'Nita. Letting go of something doesn't mean losing it. When I taste this cake, I see the mole above Grandma's left eyebrow, I smell the chocolate chips she hid in her apron pocket, I hear the rasp in her laugh-- her real laugh. You know the one--"
  • Both laugh
  • Jackson: "Hey listen... I know I won't see her again, but I know I'll never forget her, because she's a part of me."
  • Portrait Bangalore square Sigh "I... I can't Jackie. I won't let go."
  • Jackson: Sigh

Chapter Reward:

Returning to the Firing Range allows players to use any Legend during the "Jackson's Bow-out" challenge.

Chapter 3: Broken Hearts Break Hearts[ | ]

I've faced down platoons. Pilots. Titans. But a thief in high heels had me shook like a greenhorn on my first deploy. Burnt gold eyes shooting straight through me...

I've got to focus on what's really real: my family. If I stay, I lose them. If I leave... Ugh. What the hell, Anita? Gotta clear my head and trust myself.

This chapter unlocked on April 4th, 2022. The challenge is "Deal 1250 DMG in the 'Smoke Show' Challenge" in the Firing Range.

Upon arriving at the Firing Range as Bangalore, a special Weapon Rack holding a P2020 equipped with a 1x Digital Threat sight can be found between the center and leftmost lanes. This can only be activated as Bangalore initially. During the first playthrough, Bangalore will talk to herself.

  • Portrait Bangalore square Grandma used to say, "You can't prepare for the unpreparable. You just gotta listen to your heart."
  • Portrait Bangalore square But my heart got me into this damn mess, Nana...
  • Portrait Bangalore square So I do what I do when I don't know what to do: I shoot.

In front of the player stands a low-health DUMMIE. Upon shooting it, the challenge begins. A plume of smoke appears across the Firing Range, with DUMMIEs randomly spawning within. The player must use the Digital Threat scope to find and shoot the DUMMIEs. They have 60 seconds to deal 1250 damage. During the first playthrough, a voiceover can be heard:

  • Portrait Loba square Sweet, Anita, but let a girl buy you dinner before going all Mama Bear on her.
  • Portrait Bangalore square Follow protocol and I may let you.
  • Portrait Loba square Careful, Sergeant, I think you just agreed to a date--
  • ...
  • Portrait Bangalore square Girl, you better check that at the door. Loba and I...? We're just friends.

Once completed, your score will be shown.

  • Portrait Bangalore square My heart's broken. I can't expect Loba to help me heal it.
  • Portrait Bangalore square Only family can do that. The only family I got left.
  • Portrait Bangalore square (sigh)

Loba and a distressed Bangalore sit together at a bar.

  • Portrait Loba square You want my advice? This is a joke, right?
  • Portrait Loba square Hahaha! Gridiron's 20 years away, and you hate flying.
  • Portrait Bangalore square I'm not playin', Lo. With stuff that's happened, there's... nothing left for me here.
  • Portrait Bangalore square And someone offered me a ride.
  • Portrait Loba square Who? Pathfinder's cousin or whatever he's looking for now?
  • Portrait Bangalore square No... uh... Revenant.
  • Loba angrily slams the countertop.
  • Portrait Loba square ...EL DEMONIO?! He's going to find his head! And you're leaving with him?!
  • Portrait Loba square You want my advice? Here it is:
  • Portrait Loba square In the hospital on Olympus, I heard you say that you and I were "just friends."
  • Portrait Loba square But you were wrong. We were never "just friends." And we never will be.
  • Portrait Loba square So leave. Because you're right, there is nothing for you here.
  • Portrait Bangalore square I didn't-- wait, you were eavesdropping on me??
  • Portrait Loba square I was coming to see you, to... Ugh!
  • Portrait Bangalore square Things worked out better for you though, didn't they?
  • Portrait Loba square You think you know what is best for everyone, but you don't. Not even for yourself.
  • Portrait Loba square Farewell, Sergeant Williams.
  • Portrait Loba square Out of my way.
  • Loba storms off while mechanical footsteps tread toward Bangalore.
  • Portrait Revenant square Little "soul-search" over? Are you coming or not, girlie?
  • Portrait Bangalore square Yeah. Let's go.

Chapter Reward:

Finale: Bottlecaps[ | ]

Told Revenant I'm in. I swear there was a grin on his metal face. Makes me sick, but I'm going home. Murderbot's sourcing Jump Drive fuel. It'll cost a fortune, but it'll get us there faster than 20 years...

I've got time to tie up loose ends, but I think I've burned them all. All except one. Off to Storm Point to have a proper send-off for Jackie. Proper as I can manage, anyhow.

This chapter unlocked on April 4, 2022. The challenge is "Say Goodbye."

Upon entering the challenge, the player spawns on the coast of Ship Fall on Storm Point.

  • Portrait Bangalore square Well, Jackie. Never thought I'd be doing a Williams Sendoff again, but I figured I should because I'm shipping out, and it's what we do.

Walking forward, they can interact with a small table holding a case of beer.

  • Portrait Bangalore square But there ain't gonna be a song, no dancing, no red velvet cake...
  • Portrait Bangalore square Because this is a funeral, and I don't have the footage from your first Sendoff to watch, so...
  • Portrait Bangalore square This'll have to do.
  • Portrait Bangalore square All these years without a family, I never felt lonely so long as I kept hoping you were out there, brother.
  • Portrait Bangalore square Annoying people, knocking their elbows before a shot, making 'em feel better...
  • Bangalore takes a sip of beer and wipes her mouth on her sleeve.
  • Portrait Bangalore square Only thing I know is you belonged out here. Felt you were needed.
  • Portrait Bangalore square Felt a way I couldn't, and never will.
  • Portrait Bangalore square So this last one's for you, Jackie. For your last assignment...
  • Bangalore flips a bottle cap in her hand.

The player is then prompted to press the Fire key. Upon doing so, Bangalore throws the bottle cap into the ocean.

  • Portrait Bangalore square You don't need to find your way home, because you're already there.