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Located on Kings Canyon
Loot Tier High Tier

Thunderdome was a location in Kings Canyon. It was destroyed in Season 5 IconSeason 5.

Lore[ | ]

The Thunderdome was a fighting arena located on the southwestern coast of Kings Canyon. Constructed in 2703, it served as a popular form of entertainment and a good way for soldiers to blow off steam on the then-IMC-controlled island. The Thunderdome proved to be a very popular destination, with Mirage visiting often during his childhood[1] and Gibraltar holding a job as a concessions seller.[2] The most famous competitor at the Thunderdome was Kuben Blisk, who fought there until 2710, after which he departed to fight for the IMC in the Frontier War. August Brinkman was another early star of the Thunderdome, competing until his bombastic antics caused the death of Kit Siang Phua in 2718.

In 2733, Loba Andrade entered a facility beneath Kings Canyon in an attempt to destroy the simulacrum hitman Revenant once and for all. After losing access to his source code, the facility detonated. The resulting explosion destroyed a large portion of Kings Canyon, with the Thunderdome being among the wreckage.[3]

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